Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 165

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 165

Chapter 165: No Matter How Hard He Thought, He Could Not Think of Anything After Jack finished speaking, he placed all the wolfdogs in the cage into the barbed wire.

Once these wolfdogs entered, they looked to their left and right, raising their heads to observe their surroundings.

Soon, they discovered the maggots on Adolf’s body and rushed over with a howl.

“F*ck! What should we do!” “Don’t move! Let them lick it.

It’s not real anyway.

It’s just an image.

When they realize that they can’t eat it, they will leave.

” “Why do I not believe it?” “Listen to me.

If you don’t move, it’s over.

Don’t chase them away, and don’t pull the device in your hand.

” “There’s a barb in the device.

It’s like a fish hook.

If you pull the bracelet, the iron hook will pierce through your collarbone.

Your hand is free, but if you want to remove it from the Iron Hook, I’m afraid it’ll be as difficult as climbing up to the sky.

” The four people looked sad.

At this time, the wolf-dog could only see so many maggots, and its eyes lit up as it pounced on them.

Woof, Woof, Woof! The wolf-dog drooled.

Without even thinking, it started licking them.




“Ah, f*ck, get lost! Those are my legs!” “Stop licking! I’m feeding you guys every day, you bunch of ungrateful things.

” The four of them cried out in pain.

Originally, the netizens in the live broadcast room felt that the punishment was not severe enough, but they soon realized that they were wrong.

The seven or eight wolf dogs licked them fiercely, like a crazy meat grinder, tearing their flesh and devouring them layer by layer.

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COM Moreover, these wolf dogs realized that the maggots were licking them more and more, as if they were endless.

They were also enraged.

Dragging their tongues, they suddenly spun crazily on their legs, trying to pull out the maggots that had burrowed into their flesh, digging into their flesh with all their might.

The screams of the four criminals echoed throughout the live broadcast room.


These wolfdogs are really strong.

Their tongues are like a juicer.

” “Isn’t that right? Look at their legs.

You can already see their white bones.

” “Awesome.

No matter what, the host’s design is really brilliant.

To let their dogs bite them, they really deserved it.

” Seeing this, the officers of the Zero Major Crimes Unit also sighed.

After Monica listened to the rules of the game, she kept frowning.

“I keep feeling that this game is weird.

If the hand breaks free of the collarbone, it will pierce through.

This isn’t jumping from one pit to another.

What’s the point of doing this.

Do we really have to wait until the dogs are full or the power is out? Then why aren’t their feet bound?” Listening to Monica muttering to herself, Ross’s brain was also working rapidly.

“It seems like what you said makes sense.

In that case, the key to solving the problem is the legs.

What can the legs do? Why can’t the dogs lick them?” Monica shook her head and furrowed her brows tightly.

Countless possibilities had been simulated in her mind, but they did not quite fit the reality.

She had even thought of using her feet to unlock this weird solution, but she had rejected all of them.

What can my legs do? Or is my train of thought limited? Otherwise, what would be the result.

Monica patted her head in pain, feeling that her mind was in a mess.

What exactly is the Death Inquisitor’s goal? Why can’t I think of anything? Ah, ah, ah! She felt that her brain cells were about to be squeezed dry.

Ross saw that she was in pain and knew that her heart was the same as his.

Both of them had the strength in their hearts, but they did not have the ability.

“Do you think it will be like last time? This is just an independent game.

We can only find out his intentions after we contact him.

Or maybe this is just an ordinary independent game,” Ross asked.

Judy heard their words and rolled her eyes.

She said, “Aiyo, why are you guys thinking so much? Even if you think about it, there’s nothing you can do.

Why don’t you just stay quiet and watch the live broadcast? Just be a bystander.

” Ross’s face darkened.

At this time, Willie interrupted, “Judy, I’m going to criticize you.

We are the police, not bystanders.

We have to think from the perspective of the Death Judge.

Only then can we know ourselves and the enemy, find the loophole of the other party, and then defeat him.

” Judy knew that Willie was here to rescue her, so she did not say anything.

She rolled her eyes and turned around to continue watching the live broadcast.

Monica shook her head hard.

She felt that she had fallen into a fixed mindset.

She wanted to throw out all the thoughts in her mind and start the whole thing from the overall situation.

She found that it was as if she had been poisoned too deeply.

Her entire head was filled with how to use her two legs.

“Maybe! Let’s see.

He always reveals his intentions anyway,” Monica muttered.

Ross grunted and his gaze fell on the screen again.

Adolf and the others only bled at first.

Their injuries were not serious, but they soon realized that when their legs turned bloody red, the maggots that were just images turned white with a tinge of red, which stimulated the nerves of the wolf dogs even more.

The frequency of their tongues increased, crazily devouring their flesh and blood.

They even barked from time to time to express the joy in their hearts.

The four of them could no longer bear the pain.

The immense pain slowly eroded their consciousness bit by bit.

When their skin was torn open, the flesh and blood inside were like tofu.

With a light touch, they were devoured by the wolf-dogs.

Some of them fell to the ground and piled up into a small hill.

“My leg! Help!” “Quickly think of a way.

If this continues, I won’t be able to keep my leg.

” “Get lost.

Don’t lick me.

F*ck your grandpa.

” “I feel like I can’t take it anymore.

I’m a little dizzy.

If this continues, I’ll definitely bleed to death.

” At this moment, the four of them felt like they were going crazy.

Being executed by the wolf-dogs that they had fed, this was completely beyond their imagination.

Fear, humiliation, grief, and indignation surged into their hearts.

Although Jack had already left, they could feel a pair of eerie eyes staring at them in the darkness outside.

F*ck! F*ck your grandpa! The four of them were on the verge of breaking down.

When they looked at the wolf-dogs that they had fed before, they turned around and compared themselves.

Not only were they in great pain physically, but they were also unable to bear it mentally.

However, when they saw their miserable state, the people in the live broadcast room felt extremely refreshed.

“The louder you guys shout, the sooner your deaths will come.

” “This kind of feeling…I can say that watching a live broadcast is better than having sex.

” “Hey, brother, I suggest that you watch and masturbate at the same time.

It feels even better.

” “I don’t get it.

Is there anyone who can beat me up to explain how to solve this game?” The netizens were discussing intensely.

In an instant, the bullet screens increased and covered the entire screen.

However, no one was able to describe the specific solution to the game.

It was also at this moment that Adolf finally couldn’t take it anymore and said, “F*ck! I’ve had enough.

I want to open the iron wrist in my hand.

” As soon as he finished speaking, Warner, Jeremy, and Yme all looked at Adolf.

Not only did they not stop him, but their eyes were filled with encouragement.

That was because they had had enough.

Adolf opened his hands, grabbed the device in the middle of the iron wrist, and forcefully pulled it to both sides.

Crack! The iron wrist opened slightly, but at the same time, the hook on the collarbone pierced into his skin and drilled into it by one centimeter.

“Ah, f*ck!” Adolf cursed angrily.

It hurt so much that his whole body was trembling, but he didn’t give up and continued to pull the iron wrist.