Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 133

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Pulling Out His Intestines Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Jack laughed coldly.

He held the bloody butcher knife in his hand as he looked at the people in the room from afar.

“Did you really find the shortcut to the game?” The few of them looked very doubtful.

Rainier opened his mouth and laughed.

He bared his two rows of teeth and said, “Do you still remember the first mission of the fourth small game? The key to rescuing Barzel was under the tree, but Barnett was also locked in the end, but the key opened Barzel’s trap.

The death judge didn’t say that one key could open several locks.

You should still remember this thought trap, right?” “And then? What are you trying to say?” Barzel shook his head as he asked.

He still didn’t understand.

Rainier looked at Barnett on the ground and said, “You don’t need me to tell you that he is dying.

You should understand the rest of the simple reasoning without me saying it, right?” Barzel seemed to suddenly understand and said, “Yes! “The Death Judge said that the key to open the metal ring on our bodies is placed in our small intestine.

That is to say, we can open all the locks with a key, and we will be saved!” “You mean to dig out Barnett’s small intestine and find the key, then the four of us will be saved!” A look of ecstasy appeared on Paulette’s face.

Morse said anxiously, “Then what are we waiting for? He is going to die anyway.

Hurry up! I don’t want to stay here for another second!” .



“Wait!” Paulette said.

“What now? Don’t you agree?” Barzel said coldly.

Paulette said, “Why won’t I agree? But before that, let me cut off his middle finger first.

Let’s make double preparations!” “You’re right! Cut off his finger quickly!” Barzel said in agreement.

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COM So Paulette took out a cigar cutter from the props prepared by the Death Inquisitor and put Barzel’s middle finger in it.

A bloody middle finger fell from his palm.

Barnett, who was originally weak, suddenly screamed.

“Don’t worry about him! Keep cutting! There’s one more!” Barzel said.

Paulette sneered and then put the middle finger of Barnett’s right hand into the bloody cigar cutter.

It was very easy and neatly done.

Two middle fingers dripping with blood were cut off just like that.

Barnett lay on the ground and screamed again, then whimpered a few times.

His fingers twitched twice, but soon there was no reaction.

At this time, the screen flashed.

The fifth game was completed, and the sixth five-minute countdown began.

In the NYPD, meanwhile… Hart’s cell phone also rang.

Before everyone turned to look at him, he had already made his choice.

Looking at Hart who had made his choice, Monica was a little jealous, but at the same time, she was a little nervous.

She really wanted to participate in the selection game.

On one hand, she had been frustrated with the way the Death Inquisitor’s case had been handled, and she was already so eager to determine the Death Inquisitor’s identity.

If she were chosen to participate in the game as a lucky participant, she could at least convince herself that the Death Inquisitor took notice of her.

This could at least make her comfort herself that the Death Inquisitor treated her as an opponent, rather than directly ignoring her.

On the other hand, if she could participate in the game, she could imagine standing next to the Death Inquisitor, watching the same scene.

With that, she would be able to better understand what the world in the mind of a genius like the Death Inquisitor was like.

She was nervous because although she had not been chosen several times, there were a total of ten small games.

If nothing unexpected happened, she would definitely be chosen.

If she was chosen, she would stand in the same perspective as the Death Inquisitor, and she could look into the inner world of the Inquisitor.

She did not know if she could understand it.

Perhaps she would feel despair at the gap between herself and the Inquisitor, or she would become a believer of the Death Inquisitor.

This made her nervous and even afraid of what was coming.

In the other room, the criminals were looking at the screen that showed the mission.

They watched as the countdown immediately began, and their hearts were broken.

As before, the lucky participant chose the most difficult game.

It was the sixth game.

Mission 1: Perform surgery on Morse and remove two of his testicles.

Mission 2: Rainer will cut off his own genitals and eat it.

Choose a mission within ten minutes to complete or all of you will be punished with Mission 2.

Looking at the contents of the mission, the faces of the four people turned extremely ugly.

No matter who did this mission, they would become a transvestite.

Moreover, if they could not complete it, everyone would be punished by Mission 2.

Didn’t this mean that everyone would become a transvestite? “F*ck! Quickly pull out Barnett’s intestines!” Barzel shouted.

Rainier took a step forward and directly pulled down Barnett’s pants.

“F*ck! This bunch of people are really inhumane!” “They’re going to kill their own accomplices just like that?!” “Animals are indeed animals!” “Look at their expressions.

I can’t believe that they’re in cahoots!” “They’re killing their partners just to keep their dicks.

What animals!” “I can’t believe there are such people in this world!” “They’re not human! They’re just a bunch of animals!” While the viewers in the live broadcast room were posting bullet comments, Rainier had already opened up Barnett’s anus.

Because of the violent opening, the skin around him was torn open.

Immediately, bright red blood flowed out, dyeing Rainier’s hand red.

However, the corner of his mouth revealed a trace of joy.

Then, he dug inside for a while and pulled outwards.

A section of red rectum was pulled out.

Then, with another pull, the colon was pulled out.

Then, it was the appendix.

Barnett, who was about to die, suddenly widened his eyes and screamed as he sat up.

His bleeding face revealed an extremely painful and twisted expression.

“Hold him down! Don’t let him move! We don’t have much time!” Rainier said as his hands began to pull crazily.

Under the lubrication of the fresh blood, the bright-red small intestine was pulled out one by one.

Barnett seemed to have gone crazy.

His only left eye was about to pop out of its socket, and his teeth were biting so hard that it made a sharp sound.

“F*ck! How disgusting!” “So beautiful! Didn’t you like doing that to your victims? I’ll gut you now!” “Looking at him, I can’t help but think of the three girls.

They must have suffered more than this!” “That’s why the five of them should be tortured like this!” “I believe in the Death Inquisitor.

This game is not over yet.

It’s best to gut them all!”