Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 132

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Nightmare Butcher Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL “F*ck! What happened? Didn’t I tell you to be careful?!” “Didn’t you see? That trap fell from the tree.

Who would have thought!” “What now? What about the mission?” Morse dragged a crippled foot and said coldly to Rainier.

Rainier snorted coldly and said, “I will definitely not dig out their eyes! I will go and save them!” Rainier nervously came to Barnett’s side on the road.

He only saw that there were a few beast traps that had not been closed yet hanging around him.

It looked very dangerous.

However, at this time, Barnett’s consciousness had already begun to blur.

His face was even more miserable.

It was as if he had been splashed with blood.

The sharp sawteeth bit deeply into the depths of his face.

Rainier sucked in a cold breath, then used his stick to entangle the beast traps around him and hit them hard.

With a series of sounds, all the beast traps were closed.




After eliminating the danger, Rainier approached Barnett and observed him briefly.

He found that the beast trap on his head also had a lock.

“Key…key…” Barnett suddenly said with a weak breath.

His left eye, which was bleeding, slowly looked down.

It looked very horrifying, like a malicious ghost.

Rainier trembled in fear and then looked down at the key on the ground.

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COM ‘Isn’t that the key to save Barzel? Could it be that, like the previous live broadcast of death, a key can open all the locks?’ Rainer thought for a moment.

After confirming that it was safe, he slowly picked up the key, inserted it into the lock hole, and turned it.

The latch retreated backwards.

Rainer’s eyes shot out a spirited gaze.

“All right, bear with it.

I’m going to open the beast trap!” Rainer said.

Barnett rolled his left eyelid and snorted twice.

However, because the trap was suspended in the air, Rainier did not use much force.

He changed several positions and finally used a wooden stick to push against the tree.

The moment the trap was opened, only Barnett’s face and scalp were torn off.

Rainier then realized that there were some barbs on the edge of the sawtooth of the trap that completely hooked onto his flesh! Barnett, who was originally weak, had a piece of his face and scalp torn off.

The pain made his entire body twitch.

At this moment, the camera zoomed in and gave a close-up.

The moment Barnett’s face was torn off, the audience in the live broadcast room was in an uproar.

“It feels so good to watch!” “Scream! Scream viciously! The more you scream, the better it feels to watch!” “You’re right! It’s so satisfying!” “The trap is for capturing animals! It’s perfect for you! The judge is a genius!” “Don’t insult the animals! But the Death Judge is indeed a genius!” In the end, Barnett escaped.

Rainer pulled out the key and dragged him to Barzel’s side.

“Quick! Save Barzel and we’ll win this round!” Rainer said as he handed the key to Barnett.

When Barnett heard that they had won, his left eye, which was about to close, suddenly opened.

“I want to live! I want to play a lot of people, men and women!” “That’s right! We must live! Those fair and young women are still waiting for us! Hurry up! Open the trap!” Rainer encouraged from the side.

Hearing their conversation, the hundreds of millions of viewers in the live broadcast room were furious.

“F*ck you! You bastards!” “Even if you come out alive! I’ll go over and kill you!” “The law can’t judge you.

If the death broadcast lets you live, we’ll go over and kill you!” “F*ck you! I’m 30 years old and still single.

Not only did you f*cking kill so many people, you also want to play with more people and men? We have to kill you!” However, under Rainier’s encouragement, Barnett suddenly became much more clear-headed.

The animal trap was opened, and the barbs on it also hooked onto Barzel’s flesh and pulled it down.

Waves of screams rang out, but they seemed to spread in the darkness and disappeared without a sound.

When Barzel pulled his arm out, the place where he was caught had lost all his flesh, revealing his pale bones.

Fresh blood kept dripping down from the top, and the scene was very bloody and horrifying.

At this moment, Rainier looked at Barzel and said with a cold smile, “We’re saved!” The two of them then dragged Barnett back into the room.

Under the bright light, the flesh on Barnett’s face rolled up exaggeratedly.

In his right eye socket, there was a thick, translucent liquid flowing from the corner of his eye to his ear.

It was very sticky, the skin and flesh inside the torn face was very horrifying in the blood, and blood kept flowing.

On his face where his nose had completely exploded, blood flowed freely, forming a sharp contrast with the intact parts of his body.

The few of them were watching, and the five-minute countdown on the monitor began once again.

The fourth mission was completed.

In the Zero Major Crimes Unit office at the NYPD, meanwhile… Bowman’s cell phone rang.

Looking at the message on the phone, Bowman’s lips curled up slightly, revealing a cold smile.

The big screen showed the fifth small game.

Mission 1: Paulette will use a cigar cutter to give two middle fingers.

Mission 2: Barzel will pull out his own hair.

He could not burn it, but he could skin it.

Select a mission within five minutes to complete, or all the members would be punished at random.

Barzel looked at his own mission and felt his head go numb.

It was as if his brain was starting to hurt.

“What do you mean when you said that we are saved?” Barzel asked as he looked at Rainier.

Rainier smiled and said, “What I mean is that I have found the Death Inquisitor’s mental trap! I have found a way for us to win this game!” Hearing this, the audience in the live broadcast room could not remain calm.

“What is this guy saying?” “He means that he has found a shortcut to the game?” “I don’t understand.

Is there anyone with a high IQ who can explain it? They won’t really let them win, right? !” “These stupid pigs! Do you think you can win against the Death Inquisitor? Let’s see how you will die!” “The Death Inquisitor really shouldn’t have left them a shortcut! These animals don’t deserve to live!” “F*ck them! We can’t let them leave alive!” “Don’t worry! Even if there is a shortcut, it’s not something stupid pigs like them can find!” In the darkness, the corners of Jack’s mouth rose slightly, revealing a cold and cruel smile.

At this moment, he looked very terrifying.

His large mouth opened naturally, and his two rows of teeth that were as sharp as sawteeth emitted an extremely terrifying aura.

Jack used a Nightmare Butcher’s Skin card.