Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 64

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 64

Chapter 64: What’s Going On? Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL “There’s finally going to be a first survivor! This will be of great help to us in solving the case.

With help from the survivors who have come into contact with the Death Inquisitor, we will definitely be able to catch him this time!” Hearing this, Bowman nodded, then sighed and said, “That’s right.

The probability of solving the case is much higher.

It’s a pity that I’m missing a corpse!” “There are still ten seconds left.

Will she faint directly? If she faints, then it’s over!” “No, she has already held on until now.

One’s will to survive is strong.

Moreover, if she can hold on until now, her will to survive must be much stronger than the average person! At least she can hold on for another hour or until the doctor arrives!” Bowman explained.

At this moment, Ross, who was staring at the big screen with a frown, suddenly said, “No! Adalind is still going to die!” As soon as he finished speaking, he heard the Death Judge in the live broadcast room counting down to one.

The timer on the TV set also began to ring rapidly.

Then, he heard a loud buzzing sound.

The chainsaw had been activated, and the motor gave out a loud roar.

Adalind used her remaining eye to look over, only to see that the chainsaw standing in front of her started to tremble violently, and then the sawtooth began to rotate.

“F*ck! It’s activated!” .



Adalind was so frightened that she was about to get down from the chair.

Only then did she realize that her left hand was still pierced by the needle.

At that moment, she wanted to use her left hand to directly pull the needle down.

Only then did she realize that the needle was reinforced and could not be pulled at all! As soon as she finished cursing, the sawtooth quickly approached Adalind.

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COM Feeling the wind on her face, she instinctively leaned back on the chair, but there was no space left.

The camera zoomed in instantly, giving a close-up of death.

The rapidly rotating sawtooth started between her legs and instantly tore apart her pants.

Then, flesh and meat, mixed with blood, splattered out from the sawtooth, her originally open stomach was now sawed apart vertically from the middle without any resistance.

Her intestines were also sawed apart by the chainsaw.

They flowed out from her stomach and scattered all over the ground.

It was as if a bunch of snakes had crawled out from her stomach! The scariest part was her head.

The chainsaw went straight into her nose, followed by the terrifying sound of the sawtooth grinding against her bones.

Her teeth were broken into pieces by the high-speed rotating chainsaw.

As the chainsaw rotated, it was thrown everywhere.

The skull on her forehead was as fragile as a bubble in the face of the roaring chainsaw.

It was instantly cut open, causing sparks.

Bright-red blood mixed with gray-white brain matter flowed down from the middle.

Finally, the chainsaw cut through the entire skull and spine into two halves.

The two bodies that lost support instantly fell to the sides, and two gray-white semicircles fell from the skull.

It was Adalind’s brain! The entire room was dyed red by the blood that spurted out from the chainsaw.

The roar of the chainsaw motor gradually quieted down until it stopped.

“What happened? How did she die?” “Right? Didn’t the scales tilt? Why did the chainsaw start!” “That’s not right.

The iron lock was already open.

Why didn’t she run?” “No matter how she died, it doesn’t matter! This scumbag is dead.

I’m happy that she’s dead! I’m giving her a gift!” “Right! It’s good that she’s dead! We couldn’t have let her live!” “Is there anyone with a high IQ who can explain this! What’s going on?” “I don’t care how she died.

As long as she’s dead, I’ll give her a gift!” “In the future, if the judges encounter any trouble, he can ask the assistance of our gang! For details, look at my profile!” The viewers of the live broadcast room were crazily sending gifts.

In the office of the New York Police Department’s Special Task Force Zero… Everyone in the office, except for Ross, was very surprised to see this scene.

However, Ross had successfully predicted Adalind’s death, so everyone’s gaze fell on him.

“Didn’t she already succeed? Why did the machine start up again? Did the Death Inquisitor lie?” Anthony asked.

Ross said calmly, “No, he didn’t lie.

Think carefully about what the Death Inquisitor said.

” Anthony thought for a moment, and his expression suddenly changed.

He said, “Right.

He said that if the scale loses its balance, it will connect to another circuit and open all the iron locks on your body.

He didn’t say that the chainsaw won’t start.

On the contrary, the balance is slanted to connect to another circuit in order to start the chainsaw in ten minutes! If she didn’t do that, she would have bled too much.

If she had held on for a little longer, she might have been saved!” “Yes! That was it.

This was the real trap.

If she had lost her balance, she would have bled too much and died.

If she couldn’t have left in time, she would have been cut in half by the chainsaw.

The Death Judge told her that she would soon go into shock after losing too much blood.

It was not to remind her.

It was just another thought trap! In the end, Adalind used a needle to pierce through her palm to stop the bleeding.

In the end, she was trapped by a needle.

She couldn’t escape in time and was cut in half by the chainsaw!” Ross said as he understood everything.

“She unlocked the iron locks but was trapped by a needle instead.

How ironic!” Ross added.

Although he had gotten the outcome right, it was stil an incomprehensible situation.

If he was the one being tortured, would he have died as well? Thinking of this, Ross felt a chill run through his clothes and spread through his entire body.

He trembled violently.

Jack looked at the scene of death covered in blood and broken limbs with great satisfaction.

This was a feast of blood.

It was also the art of death! Adalind’s two halves lay on the iron chair.

Bright-red blood flowed along the two sides of the body onto the black silk.

Finally, it dripped onto the ground.

The device that was used to fix the high heels was also cut in half by a chainsaw.

At this moment, the high heels fell into the pool of blood, and it dyed the high heels a brighter shade of red! “This time, it should be excellent.

” As Jack thought of this, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

He spoke slowly in a cold and hoarse voice.

“Today’s death trial ends here.

Let’s meet again next time.

Thank you for watching.

” The live broadcast was turned off.

“This death trial has ended.

The verdict has been successful.

” “The difficulty level of this death trial is being reviewed.

” “The review has been completed.

The difficulty level of the death trial is good + 10.

” “Reward obtained: 1,500 judgment points.

Unlocked scenario: None.

” “The live broadcast will be 5,560 dollars.

” Jack had a helpless look on his face.

He did not know what to say.

How much more could it be? Could it be that he had to increase it all the way to 100? Most importantly, it doesn’t matter if there were no good reviews.

This time, no scene was unlocked.