Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 63

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 63

Chapter 63: The First Survivor Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL A shrill and ear-piercing scream came out from Adalind’s throat.

At this time, her left eye had already become a pitch-black hole.

A few drops of blood flowed out from the hole and slowly slid down her face.

She looked like a malicious spirit that crawled out from a horror movie! “F*ck! That’s too scary! Quickly send some bullet screens to cover her!” “I fell off my chair from the fright! She really looks like a female ghost!” “F*ck! She’s shouting so loudly! Just now, my dad knocked on my room door and told me to watch this kind of movie with a lower volume in the future!” “Me too! Fortunately, my parents also know about the live broadcast of death! Otherwise, it would really be hard to explain!” The audience in the live broadcast room was completely shocked by the scene in front of them.

One by one, they sent bullet comments crazily.

They were especially disturbed by that scene showing a portion of the optic nerve threads hanging from Adalind’s eye sockets.

It looked really scary! “You want me to die, but I have to live! Ah, uh, uh…” Adalind let out a strange laugh.

She held the broken eyeball in her right hand, as if she was staring at the camera.

The scene was extremely strange.




Adalind placed the eyeball in her hand on the slide rail.

The eyeball rolled on the slide, rolling faster and faster.

The eyeball fell into the glass beaker, splashing some snow.

The eyeball in the glass beaker, which had a bit of blood in it, was quickly smashed down.

It directly saw the outside of the scale, which actually reduced a part of the weight of the beaker.

The scale started to sway slightly from left to right, becoming more tilted, but in the end, it was still a little bit away from breaking the circuit.

The circuit was still connected.

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COM “Ah! Just a little bit more!” “If there wasn’t that little bit of blood that was splashed out, she could have broken it.

Just a little bit more!” Adalind let out a strange cry and waved her right hand crazily.

“Great! Just a little bit more!” “It’s that little bit of blood that was splashed out.

Otherwise, the circuit would have been broken!” “Idiot! Wouldn’t it have stopped the splash of blood if she had pried the eyeball open!” “It can only be said that this is fate.

Fate wants her to die there today!” “Not necessarily.

She still has time! Don’t be too happy yet.

She might still be able to grab some internal organs and put them in!” Just as the audience was celebrating over the coincidence and crazily sending bullet comments, Jack’s cold and hoarse voice sounded again.

Hearing Jack’s cold voice, Adalind, who had been in a frenzy just now, instantly woke up.

Adalind glanced at the timer on the TV.

It was the same as the Death Judge’s report.

She didn’t have much time left.

She looked at the chainsaw in front of her again, and her body trembled.

She stared at the balance in front of her with the only eye she had left.

It was just a little bit more! If she put in a few more of her internal organs, the circuit would be cut off, and she would be able to escape! “That’s right! I want to live! I can’t die yet! I still want to go out and use all my strength to kill you! Death Judge! I will be the first person to leave your livestream room alive! I want to live! I want to live! I want to live!” Other people could only hear a strange scream, but only Adalind knew how strong her will to survive was! She reached out her right hand to her abdomen, gently placed it on the liver, and grabbed it hard! A small piece of the liver was grabbed off.

Without caring about the pain, Adalind put her hand on the slide rail and let go.

With a soft sound, the liver did not fall onto the slide, and it directly fell to the ground.

“Hahaha! She’s missing an eye, so she can’t see the distance clearly!” “This stupid pig! She’s so stupid!” “It’s not that she’s stupid! It can only be said that this is Fate’s work!” Adalind’s foolish behavior was met with a wave of ridicule from the audience.

In the video, Adalind realized what she had done.

She let out a shrill scream.

She did not even scream that much when she had taken out her liver.

Jack’s cold countdown continued.

“I want to live! I want to live!” Only the strong will to survive could support Adalind in a situation where she had lost too much blood and was seriously injured.

She could not be angered by her actions just now and faint.

Enduring the intense pain from the loss of her liver, Adalind reached into her abdomen again and gently placed her hand on the liver.

The intense pain made her tremble.

This time, she learned to be careful and did not insert her nails into it.

Taking a deep breath, Adalind directly inserted her right hand into the remaining liver and ruthlessly cut off a small piece.

This time, not only did Adalind use her eyes to look, but she also placed her hand directly on the slide before she dared to let go.

The liver rolled down, but the small piece of unformed liver did not roll down as fast as the oval eyeball.

It slowly slid into the glass beaker and did not splash blood.

The balance tilted, and the circuit was cut off.

The iron lock on the iron chair that was holding Adalind loosened at this moment.

“Hahaha! I won! I won! Death Judge! I’m the first person to get out of your live broadcast room alive! Just you wait! I’ll use all my connections to kill you!” Adalind laughed bitterly, and at this moment, she revealed a twisted smile.

The optic nerve was hanging in the dark hole on her face, and there was a large opening in her stomach.

It was filled with blood, and her internal organs were very damaged.

Only a small piece of her liver was left.

Seeing this scene, the tens of millions of viewers in the livestream room did not feel fear but anger.

“There were only ten seconds left! How did she unlock it!” “I’m so angry! How can such a scum like her be allowed to live!” “What a pity! There were only ten seconds left!” “I’m so angry that I can’t sleep tonight! In the past, I was so scared that I couldn’t sleep, but I didn’t expect to be so angry that I can’t sleep tonight! I’d rather be scared!” “Ahhhh! I can’t take it anymore! Judge, send out the address! You need to follow the rules of the game, but I don’t need it! I’ll call my gang members and kill her directly!” “That’s right! Everyone, petition for the judge to send the address! I’ll also call my gang members to kill her! All the gangs in New York only need to come tonight! All of them lived together peacefully with only one goal, which is to kill this scumbag! Any grudges can be avenged later!” The audience in the live broadcast room was fuming, and some gang members even wanted the judge to send the address and directly bring people over to kill Adalind.

Meanwhile, in the office of the New York Police Department’s Task Force Zero… Anthony took a deep look at Ross and let out a deep sigh of relief.

To the audience, Adalind indeed deserved to die, but they were police officers.

In the death broadcast case, Adalind was a victim, and now she had survived, the police had a better chance of solving the case.