The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 225

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Live? Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation When faced with such a question, the best solution was to tell the truth.

However, Nelson did not want to listen to the director’s opinion.

After all, this involved his pride.

However, if he did not tell the truth, there would be a large loss of traffic.

Without people, Nelson wouldn’t be able to achieve his goal.

After thinking for a while, Nelson decided to apologize.

After all, he didn’t really understand the industry of hibernation, so he had jumped to conclusions.

“Dear netizens, I sincerely would like to apologize to you!” After thinking it through, Nelson didn’t hesitate any longer and directly stood in the center of the stage.

He went straight for the main topic.




“I’ve already read Dr.

Edwin’s thesis.

It’s indeed good stuff! “I apologize for my recklessness! After all, this live broadcast is aimed at a large number of netizens, and the content of the live broadcast will easily mislead you! “I, Nelson, deeply apologize!” Nielsen bowed deeply.

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COM With this bow, he waited for more than ten seconds before getting up.

However, in the next moment, his state changed.

“As for the part where Edwin says that I am not a scientist, I deny it! “Indeed, no information about me can be found in any organization.

But, does not having any information mean that I am not a scientist? “There are undoubtedly many organizations in the world that are not known by others.

Their information can not be found.

Could it be that they are all uneducated? “Perhaps I am not as informed as Edwin when it comes to the hibernation chamber.

However, when it comes to alien energy weapons, other than Raymond, no one else in the world is better than me!” At the end of his speech, Nelson was full of energy, like thunder.

It was as if he was the number one in the world.

“Edwin, I don’t know if you are watching the live broadcast.

If you are watching and you doubt my ability, you can contact our director! Let’s talk in front of everyone!” After the last sentence, Nelson walked straight to the sofa, as if waiting for the next battle to start.

Nelson’s words undoubtedly stirred up a huge dispute.

The heated discussion immediately started.

[I can go and teach! ]! His words made my blood boil.

I thought I was about to go to the battlefield!] [Tsk! I finally saw it clearly.

Nelson’s words seemed to be an apology, but in fact, he was diverting the public’s attention.

People like him who are full of nonsense would never be afraid of live broadcasts.

I still like Madam Carol.

At least she isn’t so full of herself!] [Hehe, Nelson, what a fool.

He thinks that he can inspire the majority of the netizens.

Dream on!] [Do you guys think Nelson has any real talent?!] [I’m confused.

Who is Nelson?!! There’s no social information! Why aren’t they arresting him for fraud yet?] [If what Nelson said is true, then this matter is terrifying! ]! After all, Thunder God only discovered aliens recently, and Nelson has obviously been in this field for a long time!] [Do you think Nelson is from area 53? I’ve always thought that the information about aliens on the Internet was fine!] [I hope Edwin puts him in his place.

After all, I’ve already prepared my snacks.

I’m just waiting for them to start punching!] [No, why are you guys so concerned about the fight? Shouldn’t we be focused on Thunder God’s hibernation chamber?] [You all are losers! Garbage, our great Japan is the best, Our island Hideo has been dormant for several years!] [*sshole! Japan, isn’t your Hideo Kojima Dead? How dare you say he’s dormant? Shame on you!] As the director suspected, Edwin did contact him.

In less than ten minutes, the battle had begun.

“Hello, everyone.

I’m Edwin.

If you want a better picture, you can connect to the live broadcast room of the Times!” The battle between Nelson and Edwin was on the verge of breaking out.

However, at that critical moment, Raymond’s words disrupted their rhythm.

“So it’s that simple?” Raymond said this sentence to himself.

However, this sentence undoubtedly stirred up a thousand waves.

It was like a clap of thunder.

It directly blew up the entire network! Nelson and Edwin had already agreed on one thing.

The hibernation pod wasn’t feasible.

Raymond had called it simple! However, what Raymond said did not have any cause and effect.

So, no one could connect any of the dots.

But at the next moment… “Hee-sun, after I finish the hibernation pod, do you really want to try it out?” This sentence was like a challenge to Edwin and Nelson.

Didn’t you say you couldn’t do it? I’ve already found a way! Raymond was making another breakthrough, so Edwin and Nelson’s spat could not start just yet.

After all, all their attention was on Raymond.

Yes, the two of you are very strong! But, compared to Raymond, what are you? Are you better than Raymond? If it weren’t for Raymond’s downtime, who would be willing to come and see what happens between the two of you! They were talking about Raymond.

Kim Hee-sun answered decisively, “Yes, Big Brother, I must experience it!” “Aren’t you afraid that something will go wrong?” Raymond asked expressionlessly.

“I believe in you! You will never put me in danger! Besides, brother, you created a nuclear bomb, a Gundam, and so on.

A small hibernation chamber is not a problem!” Kim Hee-sun said with a smile.

“Hee-sun, I appreciate your trust! Don’t worry, my inventions are flawless.

Just you wait!” Raymond was very confident.

After all, with the system checking, it was impossible to make any mistakes.

“Brother, that’s the truth!” Kim Hee-sun flattered Raymond unabashedly.

After chatting for a while, Raymond went back to the main topic.

“Tuesday, get the things I need quickly.

” “Find out if there are any large tempered glass panes.

The self-constructed container isn’t big enough.

Try to find it!” Compared to the energy pistol, the hibernation chamber was much bigger.

The equipment from before wasn’t enough.