The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 224

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Biologist Edwin! “Nelsen doesn’t know anything about hibernation pods!” This kind of news was obviously targeted.

Such a thing was already common on the internet.

Usually, they came from those bloggers who deliberately tried to defame others for the sake of their own popularity.

However, this news was immediately promoted by many netizens.

This had not been done for the sake of popularity.

This news had been published by the British Morning Post.

The writer was not a reporter.

Instead, it was a biologist who had received the Nobel Prize certification.

[Congratulations to all the netizens who have come in.

You have at least developed dialectical thinking.

This kind of thinking is undoubtedly very important.

If you blindly listen to the words of others, you’re nothing but blind mice!] [First of all, let me introduce myself.

I Am Edwin, Professor of biology at Imperial College.

You can call me old AI! As for my background, this is not something that I should say by myself! But why did I take the initiative to publish this article? So that you would not be misled by the wrong knowledge.

] .



[Next, let me get to the main topic! Can the hibernation chamber be applied to humans? No.

However, this isn’t the main point I need to talk about.

Because Nelson also said the same thing.

As I said earlier, the purpose of my post is to prevent you from being misled by the wrong knowledge.

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COM So, I’ll explain in detail to you why it’s not feasible for humans to hibernate.

We humans are carbon-based organisms, formed from cells.

However, our cells are divided differently, which is why we are able to stand up and become the ruler of this planet.

My point of contention is what Nelson said about body fluid replacement.

He wasn’t wrong.

However, I can clearly tell everyone that it is possible to be revived after body fluid replacement.

We have already mastered the body fluid replacement technology! It can completely freeze humans! After resuscitation, they can still live normal lives.

To know more, you can take a look at my paper published in the Journal Nature.

I’ve been watching the live broadcast of Jelly Media.

I have to say that Ms.

Caroline is very professional.

Although she can’t accurately predict Raymond’s actions, she won’t randomly spout off about things that she doesn’t understand.

] “But Nelson is different.

He has already lost the basic qualities of a scientist! Moreover, I suspect that Nelson is not a scientist at all! “Because be it in the world or in the United States, there is not a single bit of information about him!” [Although he predicted that Thunder God could learn to program DNA on his own for the first time, it doesn’t mean that he is a trustworthy scientist or a liar.

[As for why he is so highly regarded by the director of Jelly Media, that is still open to discussion…] Edwin’s article wasn’t long.

However, most of it was pertaining to Nelson’s identity.

Was he a real scientist? It was a well-founded question.

Moreover, Edwin was a real biologist.

He had published papers in various magazines.

Moreover, he had been nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Nelson, who had appeared out of thin air, was immediately outclassed.

The news was quickly read by a large number of netizens.

However, this was only a starting point.

Most netizens might be fooled, but there were also more diligent people.

They read Edwin’s papers and fact-checked Nelson’s identity.

As a result, Edwin was absolutely right.

The technique of body fluid replacement had indeed been certified.

Moreover, the exact answer had already been obtained from mice and gorillas.

If necessary, the next step could be tested on humans.

As for the hibernation pod, Edwin naturally didn’t agree.

After all, everyone’s body fluid needed to be specially mixed, and the hibernation pod couldn’t fit just anyone.

This technology needed to be practically cultivated.

Edwin’s news quickly spread to the live broadcast room of Jelly Media.

Many netizens began to doubt Nelson.

Moreover, the director of Jelly Media’s live broadcast room also took a lashing from the netizens.

They hoped that he would tell the truth.

Viral news was almost unstoppable.

Jelly Media’s major shareholders all turned to the director.

“Sid, you didn’t want to tell me how Nelson found you.

Looking at the situation now, if you still refuse to tell me anything, I am only left with the alternative to replace you and Nelson!” The majority shareholders started to threaten him.

“Alright, I’ll tell you the truth!” As the director spoke, he took the initiative to walk to the door of the office.

He opened the door and looked outside before closing it carefully.

“Actually, Nelson found me on his own! You might be wondering why I admired him so much and even let go of my status!” Without waiting for the major shareholder to speak, Sid took out his phone.

“You can take a look at this secretly recorded video of me.

The weapon that Nelson showed in the video is undoubtedly an alien weapon.

He told me that he is a scientific researcher from Area 53, so his matter can not be exposed.

” “And you know very well the status of Area 53 in the United States!” “The key is that he actually demonstrated the effect of the weapon for me! As if he was afraid that I wouldn’t believe it! To be honest, when I first came into contact with him, I really didn’t believe it!” “But, the effect of the weapon was exactly the same as when Raymond first tested the weapon.

” “I have no choice but to believe it!” “The most important thing is that I have checked all over the United States, but there is no information about him!” “With all these factors combined, how can I not believe it?” Sid threw the question to the major shareholder.

The major shareholder thought for a moment, then looked at Sid’s phone.

“Sid, are you sure that you personally saw Nelson use that weapon?” “Yes, I can’t lie about this!” “Then…”the major shareholder paused for a moment and said, “Nelson’s identity may be true, but this time he encountered a subject he didn’t know very well, which allowed Edwin to take advantage of the loophole!” “Yes, I think so too!” “What do you want to do next? If this matter escalates, our stock price will fall again, and those consortia who had our backs will start second-guessing us!” “Actually, I think this might be an opportunity! Edwin might know a lot about hibernation, but in terms of weapons, he is not Nelson’s match.

Why don’t we let them broadcast live!” Sid came up with a bold idea.