The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 221

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Three-dimensional Scanning Hibernation was not a simple subject, so Raymond did not take it lightly.

Fortunately, humans were already dabbling in this field.

So, he could quickly get started.

Tuesday quickly got the information about human hibernation and Raymond initiated his Ultimate Learning Mode.

However, there wasn’t much information about this, so Raymond didn’t have much to work with.

Moreover, humans were more interested in cryogenics.

For example, freezing a piece of a living creature’s meat.

With the support of the Ultimate Learning Mode, Raymond quickly learned all the knowledge about human hibernation.

Next, he looked at the principles of the hibernation chamber.

While looking at the hibernation chamber, Raymond activated the X-ray again.

“It seems that the self-construction technology of the aliens is very potent.

The hibernation chamber uses this kind of technology!” .



Feeling humbled, Raymond gave an order to Tuesday.

“Tuesday, this hibernation chamber will be scanned in 3D.

I need a complete 3D Model!” “Yes, Sir!” Tuesday controlled a few robots, and they quickly got to scanning.

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COM Raymond did not rest just yet.

He looked at the images that were continuously scanned and built the model in his mind piece by piece.

It was rudimentary and rough around the edges.

He needed to compare it with the model that Tuesday had built.

After all, only a machine could be precise.

The scan was completed quickly.

Next, he had to wait until Tuesday built the model.

“Hee-sun, if you want to achieve your goal, would you be willing to be put into hibernation?” Raymond suddenly asked a question.

Kim Hee-sun did not immediately answer Raymond’s question.

Instead, she thought about it carefully and said, “Brother, if you’re no longer around when I wake, I won’t agree to be put into hibernation!” “Ah, am I that important?” Raymond was a little surprised.

In Raymond’s opinion, there wasn’t too much of a connection between him and Kim Hee-sun.

The two of them hadn’t known each other for a long time.

At most, something that shouldn’t have happened happened.

However, from Kim Hee-sun’s expression, Raymond could tell that she wasn’t lying to him.

Her sincerity came from her heart.

“Brother, if it weren’t for you, the world would be colorless!” Kim Hee-sun replied seriously.

Their short conversation made the netizens keel over.

[I’m so envious of the Thunder God for meeting someone who loves him so much, and… and she’s my Goddess!] [I didn’t like her very much before, but… I was suddenly envious! You just don’t see this in this day and age!] [In the end, she can only rely on Raymond, if Raymond is not there… I can’t live either!] [I don’t know what you’re talking about, I just feel so satisfied!] [I never thought I would see such cheeziness here, I’m f*cking revolted!] [I didn’t come here to get jealous! I was too careless!] [I can’t see, I can’t hear.

I just want to know when Thunder God will officially start work!] [Tuesday, you slowpoke, get started already!] With Tuesday’s server running at full capacity, the 3D model of the hibernation chamber was quickly built.

This model was different from the model that was only a framework.

This model was in full resolution and could be zoomed in down to the barest of structures.

Therefore, even Tuesday’s server running at full power took three minutes to build the model.

“Sir, the model has been built!” “Oh, good!” Hearing Tuesday’s voice, Raymond started his work again.

However, Kim Hee-sun was not satisfied.

She glared at the robot.

As if noticing Kim Hee-sun’s gaze, the robot turned to look at her.

Tuesday could clearly sense Kim Hee-sun’s malice.

However, he could not understand her.

Why was she giving me that look? Did she not like robots? Or did I offend her? Initially, the conversation between Kim Hee-san and Raymond had lulled into a passionate trance.

However, Tuesday’s words shook them out of their reverie.

It would be strange if Kim Hee-sun was not angry! As for the person involved, Raymond.

He did not think about anything else at all.

It was urgent for him to quickly figure out the matter of the hibernation pod.

When they saw the situation in the laboratory, the netizens were overjoyed.

They completely understood why Kim Hee-sun was unhappy.

It was because the third wheel had stuck his nose in.

Kim Hee-sun had the mind of a teenager.

However, girls always developed more rapidly in that area.

Raymond had never been in love.

He would be as dull as a log.

On top of that Raymond still appeared detached and indifferent.

If she meant more to him, Raymond’s brain would naturally develop love hormones.

He would take notice of things he would not have otherwise cared for.

However, in that case, Raymond would not be able put all his energy into research.

After all, when loved ones took up spaces in your heart, the survival of the human race became secondary in nature! .




Things were ridiculously busy for Angelo.

On top of his own tasks and plans, Raymond had piled assignment after assignment onto his desk.

However, he still kept an eye on Raymond’s broadcast.

At that moment, he was able to catch a breather, so he was leisurely watching it.

Not watching it would have caused him no harm, but at that moment, he was giddy with excitement.

Hibernation Chamber! This had to have come from the droplet.

But they never once spotted such technology onboard theirs.

This meant that this thing must have been hidden in that unopened door.

Angelo immediately contacted Alpha.

“What’s the matter? I’m busy right now!” When Alpha received the call, he sounded cross.

Angelo was already used to this.

Although Alpha was not young, he was still very enthusiastic about research.

Moreover, Alpha was his uncle, so he could put up with that tone.

Angelo quickly piqued his interest.

“Are you looking for the hibernation chamber?” “Ya think?” “There’s a neural brain in the droplet, right? Having trouble communicating with it?” “Come and see for yourself! I’m hanging up!” Without a word, Alpha hung up the phone.

Angelo left the office in a hurry, intending to go down and take a look at the specific situation.

Yes! The droplet in front of Alpha had a neural brain.

Moreover, the consciousness inside was a copy of Tuesday.

If Alice could control the water droplet, this one could too.

So why couldn’t Alpha control it?