The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 222

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Confident Angelo Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation When Raymond went to Area 53, he did not have any plans.

Telling Angelo about the meteorite was a spur-of-the-moment idea.

So, Tuesday’s split consciousness was also an impromptu decision to make it an undercover agent in the first place.

Later, Raymond never gave any additional instructions, so Tuesday never updated the copy with any new directives either.

So, even if the neural brain was installed, Alpha and the others couldn’t communicate with it.

Even if Angelo arrived, there was nothing they could do.

However, Raymond had once said to Angelo that if it was ever needed, they could contact him.

Angelo felt that it was too small a matter to bother Raymond with.

Raymond was currently studying the matter of the hibernation chamber.

It seemed inappropriate to disturb him.




However, if he left him as it is, Alpha would burst a blood vessel soon.

After thinking for a moment, Angelo decided to contact Tuesday first.

“Do you require something, Angelo?” After receiving Angelo’s signal, Tuesday quickly responded.

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COM “Why can’t we communicate with the consciousness on the droplet? Do you know the reason?” “Is there a need to communicate with that consciousness?” “Because Alpha and the others saw Raymond’s live broadcast, so they want to study it too!” Angelo decided to be blunt with the AI.

Angelo could not determine the importance of such a matter.

Tuesday processed the information and answered, “I’ve already communicated with that consciousness.

It’s all up to you now.

If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up!” After saying that, he immediately hung up on Tuesday.

He didn’t know how Tuesday communicated with the consciousness in the droplet, but as long as it brought results, he would be happy.

“Now, it’s time for me to show off!” Angelo grinned, already imagining of the shocked expressions of Alpha and the others.

Very soon, Angelo arrived at the bridge of the droplet.

“Patrick, What’s wrong with this nervous brain? It’s one of Raymond’s we should be able to talk to it!” “Director Alpha, you’ve asked this question dozens of times.

Aren’t you tired? If I knew the situation, I would have immediately dealt with it!” Patrick was obviously dissatisfied.

He was snapping back at his superior.

When faced with such a situation, Patrick was also anxious.

He was even more anxious when he could not think of anything.

Moreover, because Raymond had dealt with the neural brain, various research institutes had pushed him to the peak.

If he couldn’t deal with it, then the image that he had painstakingly built up would collapse again.

“Think of something!” Alpha completely ignored Patrick’s anger.

He, Patrick, was indeed respected these two days.

However, Alpha was the director of the first research institute.

No matter how powerful he, Patrick, was, his status wasn’t as high as his.

Moreover, Alpha had many achievements in the past.

Therefore, ignoring him didn’t seem out of place.

“I’m thinking about it!” Patrick was also helpless! But, he still had no idea.

He randomly grabbed his hair and pulled dozens of strands out.

“Do you need my help?” “What can you do? Call Raymond over?!” Alfa looked at Angelo and said, “Raymond is busy studying the hibernation pod now.

I don’t think you can call him over even if we begged!” “Actually… Don’t call Raymond.

I can communicate with this consciousness!” Angelo said confidently.

In the eyes of Alpha and the others, Angelo was just bragging.

But because Angelo was the head of the History Department and controlled their economic lifeline, the other researchers didn’t say anything.

Even if they had 10,000 words in their hearts, they all held it in.

He was Angelo’s uncle, and at that moment, he was anxious.

So, he did not hesitate to start a fight.

“Hehe, Angelo, if you can communicate with this consciousness, I will call you uncle instead! Seriously, you are a minister, how can you say such…” At that moment, Alpha stopped talking.

He had watched Angelo grow up, so he naturally knew him well.

Angelo wouldn’t casually brag about such things.

Perhaps he had been in contact with Raymond and knew things they didn’t.

Maybe he could really communicate with that consciousness.

Thinking of this, Alpha immediately wanted to go back on his words.

However, Angelo didn’t give him a chance.

“Haha! Director Alpha, those are your words! So many people are listening, so don’t think about backing out!” It seemed like he had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

Everyone looked at Angelo’s extremely confident appearance and vaguely felt that there was something wrong with this.

Perhaps Angelo could really communicate with that consciousness.

“Hmph! Get talking with it already if you say you can!” Alpha raised his head and waited.

Alpha knew what was going to happen, but he did not mind sacrificing his pride for progress.

After all, this was his personality.

He would never take back his words.

It was precisely how they lost one of their biggest droplets to Raymond.

Calling Angelo “Uncle” would barely cost him anything.

“Director Alpha, just wait and see!” Angelo was very confident.

Tuesday never once let anyone down.

Therefore, he walked quickly to the ‘fish tank’.

“Hello, I’m Angelo.

May we talk?” Angelo was full of confidence.

However, he did not receive an immediate response.

His smile gradually froze.

“Hello, this is Angelo.

Can you hear me?” Angelo looked at the ‘fish tank’, hoping that the consciousness inside would respond to him.

However, he was disappointed.

After a few sentences, the fish tank did not respond.

“Hehe, you still want me to call you uncle! Angelo, you got way over yourself! I’ll definitely tell your mother about this, just you wait!” Alpha smiled very proudly.

The researchers at the side also tried hard to hold back their smiles, each and every one of them trembling.

Seeing that Angelo did not answer, Alpha continued to attack, “Angelo, do you think that if you get closer to Raymond, you can…” Before Alpha could finish his words, the colors on the bridge suddenly changed.

Alpha’s expression instantly changed!