The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 192

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 192

Chapter 192: He Is Exceptionally Strong.

However, even so.

Everyone was still unable to believe this answer.

Those who had done the experiment knew clearly.

There were many variables in the experiment.

Whether Raymond could open the door of the alien spaceship was not something that could be controlled by luck.

However, at that moment, no one stood out to refute 77’s words.

After all! Raymond was a person who could not be looked at with common sense at all! This person.


Made people jealous! The problem was that he had the capabilities! .



This… God, it has always been unfair! The Audi approached the droplet.

The camera on the car could clearly view the cabin door of the droplet.

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COM It was one thing to see it, but it was another to see if it could be opened or not.

Actually, Raymond could have asked Alice to open the door.

However, he was working on a narrative for the cameras.

If he opened the door with a wave of his hand, everyone on the planet would think that Raymond was an alien.

That way, things would be fun.

But he had to open the door in a reasonably believable manner.

‘Tuesday had used brute force to open this door back then!’ Raymond began to think.

‘The History Department had opened the first droplet by sheer luck!’ ‘If they were lucky, why can’t I be?’ Thinking of this, Raymond immediately made a decision.

However, he needed to pass the information to Tuesday.

“Tuesday, inspect this hatch!” “Yes, Sir!” Tuesday began to check the hatch.

The audience in the live broadcast room started to get nervous watching Tuesday’s actions.

[If it were me, I would definitely design an anti-theft weapon near my hatch!] [Hurry up, he’s in danger!] [That’s not a matter of danger, but a matter of life and death!] [Can someone warn him before he gets himself killed?!] [The show won’t give a shit about his life, trust me.

After all, the current Thunder God is a threat to the powers that will be! The big ten are not going to let him run rampant any longer!] [Have the US launch a nuke on that location before he lets some nasty shit out!] [If he dies, we won’t have any means of defending against the extraterrestrial attack!] [My father is from the CIA, I’m already ringing him up!] Netizens, how could the United States not think of the things that they could think of? However, the higher-ups of the United States actually didn’t want Raymond to live either.

After all, Tuesday’s threat had already scared them out of their wits.

It had gone out of control.

But the nukes were no longer in their hands… However, was Raymond even aware of Tuesday’s actions… It was best to eliminate it! Unfortunately, Tuesday was always watching the internet.

In the beginning, he had actually walked into the wrong area.

That was because he already knew that the droplet was useless and that there was a hidden danger.

What Raymond needed was to convince everyone about the alien spaceship.

However, it was not too late.

“Sir, for your safety, I suggest that you stay away from it!” “Alright!” The smart Raymond immediately reacted.

Furthermore, Raymond began to reflect on his past actions.

His reactions didn’t seem like a person who had just come into contact with an alien spaceship.

Even if he had the system, he shouldn’t have reacted like this.

However, since he had already done it.

He might as well be ruthless.

“Tuesday, there’s no point even if I move back.

I know your worries.

If this spaceship has a defensive ability, then it’s useless no matter how far away I am.

” After Raymond said that, he stopped moving.

Tuesday did not reply.

Raymond’s logic was reasonable, and this way, the netizens could be convinced.

It was just that Raymond had gone slightly off their agreed script.

A few minutes passed quickly.

This answer, in the opinion of the Chinese experts, was reasonable.

After all, over the years, the Chinese people had not found any mechanism that could be triggered.

“Sir, there is nothing there.

This door has the same ability as the other protective armor!” “Yes!” Raymond acted like he was in deep thought.

“Keyless activation? Or does this spaceship have its own crew scan?” “Sir, is it possible that it is voice-activated?” Tuesday came up with a constructive suggestion.

“It’s not impossible!” Raymond nodded.

“Throw all sorts of noises at it.

Every frequency, every decibel.

We have to try something!” “Yes, Sir!” The audience in the live broadcast room were all overjoyed.

[Haha, keyless activation, does he think it’s a car.

] [Tuesday is actually quite cute.

Voice control haha, does it think it’s calling for Siri?] [Actually, I think Thunder God’s speculation is not without reason!] [He’s really stumped this time, could he be thinking of some ridiculous weapon to tear it open?] [If he could invent more powerful weapons, he would have done so ages ago.

] [Actually, you might be mistaken.

In fact, aliens don’t necessarily use high-end designs.

The simpler something is, the less likely it is to fail.

If you understand the concerns of industrial design, you’ll understand!] [There’s no problem with that.

Although I’m involved in the conceptualization of designer handbags, we too think that the simpler the better.

This is the inevitable situation, even aliens have to follow the same rules!] [Even if what you say makes sense, I don’t see it opening!] [Carol also said that Raymond’s not wrong to work on it this way.

Moreover, she also said that the aliens’ technology is amazing, so they will follow the principle of no-maintenance!] [No-maintenance principle?] [Is he giving up?] Seeing Raymond sitting on the Audi, the netizens were a little disappointed.

But there was nothing they could do.

After all, Raymond could not even see their bullet screens.

Fortunately, some cameras had remained focused on Tuesday’s robots.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to see the following scenes.

Tuesday had planned for this If they couldn’t let the masses see it, then nothing would work.

We’re going to split the broadcast.

We’re going to watch the apocalypse robots try and fail.

And we’re going to watch Raymond.