The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 191

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Block The Networks Of The Ten Largest Consortia.

“Sir, I have something to report.

” Tuesday transmitted a message to Raymond through the earpiece.

Raymond nodded slightly and listened intently.

“According to my monitoring on the Internet, a lot of netizens want you to know the truth.

Although very few have put it into practice, the ten largest consortia have already begun to be suppressed by the people.

Do you think this matter needs to be dealt with?” A lot of netizens had mentioned it on the internet, but very few of them actually took action.

This was the nature of human beings.

They shouted loudly, but they never moved.

However, Raymond was very gratified that some were actually putting their money where their mouths were.

He knew that the people who needed to be handled the most during the live broadcast were the people from the top ten consortiums.

After all, they were the main culprits who dominated everything.

And to deal with the top ten consortiums, it would take time.




But to use up his precious time on them? Were they worthy? [Block them out from the net.

] Raymond typed a few words on his phone.

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COM “Yes, sir.

” Tuesday immediately set off to work.

These few words contained a huge amount of information.

However, for Tuesday, this matter was very simple.

He was to remove Raymond’s so-called blockade.

Any networks of the top ten consortiums could no longer be used.

Even mobile phones could not be used.

In business and commerce, any delay was a huge blow.

At the same time, all the control rights in the live broadcast room were completely taken away by Tuesday.

However, the program team was not aware of it yet.



Ten minutes passed quickly.

Tuesday cut off the power of the laser cutter according to the allotted time.

Looking at the intact water droplets, Raymond wasn’t surprised at all.

These two steps were just to show everyone how powerful the alien spaceship was.

As for when to tell everyone that the meteorite was about to arrive, this needed a separate, suitable opportunity.

Next, to open the door.

For Raymond, these two steps were already a waste of time.

However, in order to accept the alien spaceship, these two steps had to be taken.

When Raymond stood up, a netizen started the chatter.

[Do you think Thunder God can open up the alien spaceship? If so, how long would it take?] [Open? I don’t think it’s gonna open! After all, Thunder God doesn’t know anything about this alien ship, and it has self-repair!] [From a technological point of view, he will not be able to open the ship so soon.

After all, their tech is literally worlds apart!] With the shield in the way, as capable as Raymond is, it’s not opening anytime soon!] [It won’t open for at least half a year! All his accomplishments had been based of existing theories and science, he has no point of reference for this!] [I don’t care, my Thunder God husband is the most powerful being on earth, he will definitely be able to open it soon!] [Did you guys notice? There’s an obvious line of what looks like a door.

As long as there’s something for him to work on, he will achieve it.

] [Come on! Stop hyping him up.

He probably doesn’t know what’s going on either.

] [I’d better go to Jelly Media’s live broadcast room and see what Mam Carol has to say! ] [Let’s go together!] Caroline didn’t know much about alien technology.

Therefore, she had wisely remained silent.

But the netizens were hoping she had something to say.

Because… they had noticed a pattern.

If Mam Carol says no, Thunder God says yes.

This time, she was silent.

This put them in a spot [Madam Carol, just throw some speculations out.

] [We won’t complain.

] [Don’t worry, we won’t laugh.

] [Please Mam Carol, say something.

If I do end up laughing at you, my dick will vanish.

] [Oh f*ck.

Overboard much? Tired of your dick or something?] Faced with the jokes of the netizens, Madam Carol shook her head helplessly.

Sitting on the sofa, she slightly adjusted her posture.

“I see what you’re all doing.

All of you are waiting to see me make a fool of myself!” “Hmph.

” “This time, I’ll leave you guys in suspense for a bit!” After saying that, Caroline put down the microphone.

She had determined that she knew how the internet worked and now spoke their language.

The netizens did not mind being teased like that.

But stranger comments started popping up in the chat.

Caroline took it all in stride.

But she knew the darker truth behind it all.

She knew that the media and higher powers still had the last say.

She was now no less influential than the top tier of media.

So, she had to ease the atmosphere on the internet.

The alien ship, after all, was demoralizing and terrifying.

If Raymond could open the spaceship.

Then, the probability of Earth being destroyed would be lower.




“Shepherd, do you think Raymond can open the spaceship?” McLean turned to look at Shepherd.

“You’d have to ask 77.

” Shepherd had absolutely no knowledge about this spaceship and could not make any educated guesses.

“Would she talk to me?” “If you don’t ask, how would you ever find out?” “It’s not like you don’t know her.

If she is willing to answer, she will take the initiative to answer.

” “If you don’t give it a try, how can you be sure that you really know her?” Looking at the conversation between Shepherd and McLean, the director’s lips twitched.

These two people did not look like the world’s top scientists at all.

But at that moment,.

77 took the initiative to speak.

“He can!” It was short and to the point.

The two of them immediately stopped speaking.

Everyone present understood what 77 meant.

However, they didn’t feel that this was a suitable answer.

After all, the technology of this spaceship far exceeded the technology of human civilization.

It even rose to the level of science fiction.

And what was the height of science fiction movies… That meant that humanity would not be able to reach it for decades, or even centuries.

But even so, 77 still gave such an answer.

Why? Why? Shepherd asked, “Why?” “Luck!” Everyone quickly absorbed what 77 meant.

Soon, everyone understood.

Yes, Raymond was absurdly lucky.

Out of so many people, the program team had chosen him.

Every experiment could be done accurately without any problems.

For scientists, if an experiment could not go wrong, it meant that they were extremely lucky.

They knew that their experiment had been verified countless times before they carried out the actual experiment.

But even so, the probability of failure was still very high.

As for Raymond? He did not play by the rules! Almost every experiment was accurate and successful.

On top of that, his experimental site never underwent any of the necessary treatments such as dust removal and electrostatic removal.

So, if he was not lucky, then what was luck?