The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 186

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Arriving In China Russia and China were neighbors.

In the past, the two countries had a good relationship.

However, over the past few decades, there were some changes.

They were no longer as close.

However, they existed in relative stability.

This time, Chekov agreed to the conditions that China had set for Joseph and his men to participate in their research.

Russia would also benefit from sending a top scientist like Joseph to help.

However, China had ended up benefiting more with the mere mention of Shepherd.

Naturally, Chekov had a plan.

The United States had alien spaceships.

If they ever made anything out of them, it would put Russia in danger, among others.

Their international status would inevitably decline.




But China had some alien spaceships of their own, and Russia had aligned themselves with China.

The United States would not act so rashly with that in mind.

Most importantly, they would be kept guessing precisely what assets Russia had now obtained.

This was what Chekov wanted.

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COM The feeling of the unknown was most terrible.

So, the United States would not dare act rashly.

The comfort of a dedicated helicopter was excellent.

In the past, Joseph had experienced this several times while he worked on the field as a soldier.

But now, he was in great discomfort.

He found the ride jarring and bumpy.

After going through several instances of turbulence, Joseph almost vomited.

It may be uncomfortable.

But it was blazingly fast.

It did not take long for Joseph to see the landing point while underground.

A few red flares surrounded the ground in a circle.

After a few minutes, Joseph and his group went underground.

“Oh! Dear Wang, I missed you so much!” Joseph saw an acquaintance and immediately ran over to embrace him.

The Chinese scientist was obviously a little embarrassed and smiled awkwardly.

After Joseph hugged him, Wang seemed to finally react.

“Comrade Joseph, this should be right up your alley!” Wang took out the Chinese national wine.

Upon seeing the wine, Joseph immediately became interested.

He didn’t care about the taste and immediately opened it and took a sip.

“Oh! Wang, I remember telling you that I liked your country’s Erguotou the most.

Why did you…” “Ahh, I’m sorry to disappoint!” After a short period of awkwardness, Wang jumped to life.

He immediately took out a small bottle of Erguotou from his pocket.

“Yes, yes, yes! This is it.

I like this the most!” Joseph opened the Erguotou and immediately took a big gulp.

“Ah ~ ~ ~ this is it! I like this the most!” “Alright, Joseph, let’s get down to business!” “Okay!” Time was tight, and the group immediately took action.

However, Joseph never got to see the alien spaceship.

Instead, he was led into a conference room.

The big screen was playing Raymond’s live broadcast.

At that moment, Tuesday had already finished setting up a portion of the weapons.

Someone immediately spoke up.

“Ha! Such primitive weapons won’t damage alien technology!” The person who spoke was somewhat contemptuous.

Joseph immediately gave Wang a questioning look.

Wang said, “Brute force is undoubtedly the dumbest method, but we’ve got to take it step by step from the dumbest ground up.

” “Joseph, to tell you the truth, in order to open the alien’s spaceship, we even used a nuclear bomb, but… it was useless!” Wang was not afraid of revealing anything that he should not have said.

The Chinese kept their intel watertight.

The fact that he could say something like that proved that he was within his authority.

As the top scientist in Russia, Joseph was recognized by China.

There was no need to hide some things from him.

Sometimes, hiding some secrets might even backfire.

“Even a nuclear bomb was useless?” Joseph opened his eyes wide.

“Is the yield insufficient?” Without waiting for Wang to speak, the talkative scientist from before walked over.

“It’s not the yield.

For energy weapons, it’s almost impossible to harm an alien spaceship.

This spaceship has a kind of shield that can not only resist energy weapons, but also absorb energy.

” “Most importantly, that thing can actually absorb nuclear radiation!” “F * ck, nuclear weapons are supposed to be the most terrifying weapons at our disposal, but in front of this thing, it’s turned into clean energy!” “If it wasn’t for the fear of being discovered by other countries, this thing would’ve been a proper radiation cleaner!” The talkative man never once faltered.

It was as if he had written a script in his stomach.

“Joseph, allow me to introduce you.

This is our academy’s Deputy Dean, Su Chen.

He barks a little too much, but he bites just as well!” Wang took this opportunity to introduce Joseph to him.

“Hello, Hello! I’m Joseph!” Joseph casually stretched out his hand.

“Hello, Hello!” Su Chen stretched out his hand.

“I heard from Old Wang that you like Erguotou the most?” “That’s right, I like Erguotou the most!” “Hai Ya! Me too! However, Old Wang doesn’t know much about wine.

He probably gave it to you in a transparent bottle.

Let me correct that mistake! Erguotou is still as delicious as the Red Star, but it has to be in a gourd.

I don’t know how much you can drink, but I usually drink half a kilogram! Moreover…” Wang looked at Su Chen’s continuous output and knew that he was acting up again.

“Vice president, enough.

We’re on official business! Besides, Joseph hasn’t come to our country for a long time, so he might not be able to understand you completely.

” “Alright, official business is more important, official business is more important!” Su Chen immediately returned to his seat.

However, he gave Joseph a hand signal.

Joseph didn’t understand it at first.

But after a few minutes, Joseph understood it.

It was obvious that he wanted to have a drink with him when he was free.

Because at that moment, a box of wine was placed in Joseph’s hands.

If it weren’t for the fact that there were too many people in the meeting room, he would have taken out a bottle to taste it.

Although Joseph hadn’t been to China for a long time, he hadn’t forgotten their language.

So, he understood everything Su Chen said.

But it was precisely because he understood that he was sad.

If he hadn’t understood, he wouldn’t have wanted to drink at all at the moment.

But soon, Joseph’s addiction to alcohol disappeared.

Raymond had almost started the experiment.

Joseph preferred research over his addiction to alcohol.

If he had to choose between research and addiction to alcohol, Joseph would choose research.

It had to be the kind of research he wouldn’t hesitate to do.

After all, alcohol was good for the body.

Research was good for the mind! .




The robots under Tuesday’s direct control had almost finished setting up the weapons.

Riven was back in a hurry.

The two giant swords were not on her back, she held them in her hands.

If Raymond gave her the go, she would have dashed at the droplet!