The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 187

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Is The Live Broadcast Going To Be Shut Down?? In Riven’s mind, getting her own greatswords was a small matter.

She did not need to report it to Raymond.

But using the greatswords to cut water droplets was a big matter.

If she did not ask for his express permission, it was very likely that her power supply would be yanked out.

In fact, that was not even her greatest fear.

She cared more about Raymond’s opinion of her.

If Raymond didn’t like her anymore, then she would truly be useless! “Master, can I try first?” Riven took the initiative to ask.

“Sure!” Raymond coldly said one word.

He knew of the droplet’s defensive power, and that the water droplet’s armor was capable of regenerating.




So, he wasn’t afraid that Riven would cause any problems.

If Riven took that huge iron doll and caused serious damage to the droplet with large planks of metal, that would be surprising.

Riven was very excited to receive Raymond’s approval.

The Gundam was already very close to the droplet, but Riven ran back a distance.

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COM She seemed to be thinking of charging at the droplet.

This scene was played out simultaneously in the live broadcast room.

[Why do I feel that Riven just wants to test her strength?!] [Omit the “feeling” part.

It was her plan all along.

] [Do you guys think that Riven can hack open the spaceship?] [Probably not, after all, it is a technology of a spacefaring race.

If physical brute force is all it takes, that’s a big meh.

] [You can’t say that! Look at our space stations, those things are so fragile and light!] [Quick, Riven’s working hard.

At least the ship’s responding!] [Even the slightest bit of change is a good sign! If she worked on a single spot she’ll eventually hack her way through!] [Aren’t you guys jumping ahead? We haven’t even confirmed if that’s an actual alien ship.

] [Hey! It’s late at night.

I can’t see shit.

The program team’s camera is shit!] [How big do you think that giant egg is?] [Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!] Many people immediately viewed the live broadcast room of Jelly Media.

Madam Carol was already in the middle of talking.

“From the looks of it, it really does look like an alien spaceship.

” “But!” She whipped out her plot twist card again.

“One cannot work on assumptions!” “The first point of contention is that this egg-shaped thing is extremely huge.

” “Just based on the size of what that we see above the water surface, this huge egg can be more than 40 meters in height.

” “Even if the egg is really a sphere, its actual mass is undoubtedly huge.

” “It looks man-made.

” “I know.

Many people might be confused.

Why did I say that?” “From the data I can get, Raymond’s Island was analyzed a year ago.

A thorough sweep of the entire island would definitely not miss out on this large object.

This large object could have only appeared within a year.

“If it appeared within a year, such a large object with such a large mass would definitely trigger the tide detector.

“But unfortunately, the tide detector did not show any abnormal data.

“According to my guess, this giant egg is most likely the creation of some country.

Its purpose is for Raymond, or for Raymond’s technology!” When Caroline said this, the majority of the netizens immediately went into a frenzy.

That’s right! This thing looked odd.

However, when did humans make things according to common sense? During World War II, there were even things like flying saucers.

Why wouldn’t a thing that looked like an egg be made by humans? Tuesday was very smart.

However, he had too little contact with the outside world, so he would think it was an alien spaceship.

On the other hand, Raymond had been led to believe that other humans had been taken away by aliens.

So, Raymond would have subconsciously believed that it was an alien ship.

[This… feels like Jelly Media’s live broadcast room is about to be shut down!] [ I’ve already recorded the video.

Such a statement is bound to cause a backlash.

] [If it’s man-made, Riven should be able to crack it open with a few swings.

] [Mam Carol always makes sense.

] [If countries are getting involved with Raymond, this can’t possibly end well.

] [You guys just wait and see, the United States has made a move! We’re a step from World War III!] [I don’t know which country actually dared to extend its hand toward Raymond’s body!] [Think about it, objects moving under the sea must have to bear the pressure of the sea.

This thing has to be sturdy.

Riven will have to work hard.

] [Made in China!] [Which developing country would have this technology?] [You are probably brainwashed by the media.

Are you underestimating China?] A large group of people began speculating.

Some were convinced that it was an alien spaceship.

However, others thought that it was some stunt by some country.

However, they did not have any actual evidence.

Everyone was making wild guesses.




McLean and Shepherd were called out by the Director of the space agency again.

“How is it, McLean? Do you have anything else to say?” The director raised his head.

He looked imposing and authoritative.

“Director, you’re amazing.

You actually guessed correctly!” McLean felt helpless.

What could he do? He had actually guessed correctly.

“I didn’t guess correctly.

I analyzed it!” The director said confidently.

“Analyzed? Director, how did you analyze it? How exactly did you analyze it?” McLean’s words made the director freeze.

He had indeed analyzed it.

However, he could not tell McLean about Tuesday’s threat to the White House.

So, he was stuck.

From another angle.


As the director was thinking, he saw 77.

“First, I analyzed it from Tuesday’s tone.

Based on Tuesday’s track record, he would not lie.

Moreover, he had been through a lot of data.

” “Second, 77.

77 looks very ordinary, but I have been carefully observing her for a long time.

You and the Shepherd are no better than her.

She had placed down the book in her hand and watched the live broadcast with great interest, so there is only one possibility… so, McLean, what else do you have to say?” Although the director’s analysis was only superficial, McLean really had nothing to say.