The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 170

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 170

Chapter 170: The Terrifying Energy Cube! Raymond had mentioned the meteorite to Gayle Gadot.

But that was when she was under his hypnosis.

Later, Raymond had compelled her to forget those words.

So, Gayle Gadot could no longer understand what Kim meant.

She believed that after this three-month program was over, it would be over.

Seeing Gayle Gadot’s confusion, Kim Hee-sun rolled her eyes.

“Sister, don’t you plan to stay with brother?” “Ah… of course, we’ll stay together!” Gayle Gadot was stunned for a moment before she played along.

However, Gayle Gadot had made up her mind.

Whether they could stay together depended on Raymond’s strength.




If Raymond faltered before the Ross Financial Group, then her fate wouldn’t be in her hands.

The conversation between the two ended hastily.

In Area 53, Raymond’s experiment had reached a critical point.

This was the last criminal.

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COM Things had not happened within his expectations.

It had been supposed to be completed within three attempts at most.

But now, he was on his seventh criminal.

If even this attempt fails, he would have to trouble Angelo again.

It didn’t matter if they would accede to his requests again.

But he had already made big claims in front of several witnesses.

Angelo may not laugh in his face, but he would certainly laugh to himself.

Who knew if Angelo was someone who would gossip either… If he was that kind of person, then let’s use him as the next experiment subject! After carefully checking it a few times, Raymond finally injected the modified anti-fatigue nutrient solution.

“I must succeed this time!” While waiting, Raymond leaned back in his chair.

As soon as he closed his eyes, he fell asleep.

Ten minutes later, he woke with a start.

In a daze, Raymond stood up and probed the criminal’s nose.

“Yeah, he’s still breathing!” “It’s a success!” At that moment, Raymond could not celebrate yet.

Because he still had to look further into this.

Not dying was only the first step.

The follow-up experiments were carried out in an orderly manner.

All 28 experiments were successful.

Without hesitation, Raymond took a tube of the latest batch of anti-fatigue nutrient solution and drank it.

Angelo stood guard outside the observation room.

He saw it and was dumbfounded.

It’s just the first round of experiments and you dare ingest it? Six people had died before! This man may have gotten lucky, you can’t be so sure about this! If you die, our planet is doomed! F*cking hell, humanity will be exterminated! Angelo looked at Raymond in fear, afraid that he would suddenly disappear.

But Raymond could not be any healthier.

He had already worked himself to the point of exhaustion, but as his stomach began to digest the contents, he began to slowly recover his vitality.

To merely recover was to simply regain what was lost.

Slowly, he seemed to return to his absolute prime.

No! It was even better than what his absolute prime was capable of! Basking in the effects, Raymond immediately wrote down the updated formula.

Raymond didn’t know the original formula of the fatigue nutrient solution.

But that didn’t matter.

These aliens left behind enough for him to drink for a year.

A year was enough for Raymond to find an alternative.

After producing more than ten tubes of anti-fatigue nutrient solution, Raymond walked out of the laboratory.

“Angelo, let’s Go! Let’s go take a look at the energy cube!” Raymond said energetically.

“Don’t you need to rest for a while? You’ve only slept for less than two hours!” “No need, I’m feeling great now! The anti-fatigue nutrient solution was very effective!” “Are you sure this nutrient solution isn’t taking some sort of payment, your lifespan, perhaps?” “No, there’s an active solution in it that rejuvenates the cells.

Although I don’t know what it is, I can be sure that it’s harmless to the human body!” At that point, Raymond asked, “Do you want one? It’s very good.

” At that moment, Raymond looked like a drunkard trying to bewitch a person who didn’t drink.

Hey, have a drink! It’s very delicious! Angelo rejected Raymond’s good intentions and frantically waved him off.

“Forget it, you can keep it!” He wasn’t as bold as Raymond, and he didn’t share Raymond’s confidence.

Angelo had seen the various terrifying deaths of the previous failure and didn’t know the specific effects, so he wasn’t interested in trying the fatigue nutrient solution.

After such a long time, Tuesday had already finished his tour of the droplet.

The dangerous rooms had already been sealed.

Raymond and Angelos went to the location of the energy cube.

Because the energy cube was still releasing energy, Alpha and the others did not dare to move it.

As for how to deal with this thing, they were currently waiting for Raymond to arrive before starting on a solution.

“Alpha, have you done the preliminary experiments on this energy cube?” Once Raymond was in position, he asked them.

When he faced the energy cube, Raymond could not help but feel intimidated.

The light emitting from the tiny crack was particularly disturbing.

It made people uncomfortable.

It seemed to be highly lethal.

“Yes, we’re in the middle of it!” Alpha did not mind Raymond calling his name.

“Hardness, similar to aluminum alloy.

No self-recovery ability.

Energy output is mainly based on electricity.

Through the transmission of signals, the cube can output the corresponding electrical energy according to the signals.

Moreover, this cube continuously produces a special simple substance that has never been seen on Earth.

” “The specific properties of this simple substance are still being tested! We have also discovered that this energy cube can actually absorb energy.

I suspect that when we used nuclear bombs to bombard droplets in the past, the radiation was absorbed by this thing! ” Alpha brought Raymond up to speed.

“You used nuclear bombs to bombard droplets in the past?” Raymond asked curiously.

“Uh… that was when our history department was first established.

At that time, when we encountered droplets, there was nothing we could do.

” Alpha smiled embarrassedly, “We tried blowing up the droplets too, but they ended up being capable of self-repair.

That’s why we starting straight-up nuking them.

We quickly learned that the nuclear bombs were useless — not even a trace of the radiation was left! Fortunately, this thing can absorb nuclear radiation.

Otherwise, we would have to expend a lot of energy transporting it away!” Alpha said it all in a cheerful voice.

However, Raymond could tell that the History Department at that time was not as glorious as it was now.

At that time, they probably lived a very painful life! However, they should also have been very happy! After all, the droplets could attract the curiosity of many people.

“Could the core of the energy cube be located?” Alpha said, “No! The surface of this thing is easy to identify, but the composition inside seems to something else entirely.

We can’t go any further!”