The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 171

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Too Messy! Riven did not exactly give every single detail, but only what was enough to be traced.

She was just waiting for these bored netizens to investigate.

If others came up with similar intel, she would be a lot more credible.

As expected, with the information in the photo, a large group of netizens started the witch hunt.

[Health care number, the first four digits of 8909, that’s Australia!] [65778 would be Queensland, Australia.

] [I’m from Australia, you don’t have to check, I’ve already checked.

It’s valid!] [The question now is to link Tiffany to Cambara.

After all, the medical record photos are not necessarily related to the photos of her in the operating room.

] [Here, here! After some digging, I found Cambara’s Twitter account.

It’s liuh65f08787hh, please do the comparing yourself.

] [Tiffany is 17 years old and studying in the Australian National Middle School.

She has been suspended since September last year.

The reason for her suspension is: sick leave.

] [Cambara’s Twitter has a real-name follower, named Rutley — Tiffany’s chemistry teacher.

] .



It was starting to become dangerous.

But people always loved playing with fire.

More than anything, they loved tearing down and unmasking beautiful faces.

It gave them the feeling of a moral high ground and a sense of accomplishment.

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COM Tiffany was in the crosshairs.

Tiffany, who dropped out of school last September because she was pregnant.

She never returned to school after the abortion.

Tiffany, Twitter: liuh65f08787hh, Cambara.

The photos on Twitter were the exact same as Cambara’s.

Cambara was indeed Tiffany.

[Please, don’t take it away, I finally got a good one!] [You can save the video and not read the post?!] [I want to, but I’m curious! I couldn’t resist not reading!] [Getting an abortion’s fine! She just had a rough, patch that’s it.

] [Yes, Tiffany’s not to be blamed for this!] [You’re just a simp trying to justify it all!] [What’s wrong with you? I think Tiffany’s absolutely disgusting right now! You can’t justify this in any way!] [She’s fine.

It’s not an issue worth stirring shit up.

She screwed up, but she settled it herself too, didn’t she!] [Grow up! This is how society is nowadays.

Tiffany did fine by my book!] [You guys are idiots.

Don’t you see, Riven is the one who’s disgusting! She dragged us into the ditch with her standards.

You’re disgusting @Riven.

] Seeing the wind change again, Tiffany’s worried heart was relieved.

In fact, many people at school knew that she had an abortion.

In order to avoid the pressure, Tiffany chose not to go to school.

She knew how violent the internet was, so she was actually very worried just now.

Fortunately, the netizens seemed to accept her just right.

Perhaps her video had been extremely effective.

The netizens had ended up simping over her.

Now, Tiffany was eager to see Riven being torn to shreds.

– Without waiting for the crowd to start scolding, Riven released a second case and a third case.

The names on the medical record were all the same – Tiffany.

It was the same procedure as well.

As expected, Riven’s methods quickly shut her would-be critiques up.

Once again, the netizens got to work! With experience, this time, they dug it up much faster.

Similarly, this time was also true.

It was just that the timing was different.

With the previous comments, the netizens were much calmer now.

However, some still dissed Tiffany.

[Seventeen years old! She actually had three abortions.

What’s wrong with the world now?] [Am I falling behind? I don’t feel like I deserve to live] [This is really disgusting! Ahh, I see she’s taken down her video.

] [I don’t know what to say.

is Australia so wild?] [I wanna go to Australia now, seems like it’s easy to get laid there.

] [Tiffany, how much did it cost you to get a flat tyre?] [You can contact me if you need money.

] [What’s the matter with Australian education? God gave her such good looks and figure, and she put herself through the blender…] [Whatever, I’ll fap on! I’m not her husband.

It’s fapping material alright.

] [If this still isn’t the end, I would f*cking die here today…] With the increase in replies, people have started switching sides.

If there was a target for the internet to paint red, they would go for it.

So much angst and hate spread around that there wasn’t enough room.

With nowhere else to turn, the haters turned on Riven.


Are you qualified to use this name even? Do you know the name of Thunder God’s second artificial intelligence?] The chatroom blew up.

The crusade against Riven began.

@Riven, you said that Tiffany isn’t worthy, what about you? What qualifications do you have?] [Hehehe! She’s just jealous! Cunning little shit!] [Yeah! No way would Tiffany keep those photos.

If Riven has them, they probably know each other in real life!] [Her saying Tiffany isn’t worthy of Thunder God is just her being jealous of Tiffany! It’s very likely that Tiffany once stole her man!] [Ah, women.

Such deadly creatures! But, why am I liking this?] Tiffany had been paying attention to the changes in the post.

Now, a certain line caught her interest.

“Is it that woman…” “It’s very possible!” “Hmph! In order to ruin my reputation, she actually used such dirty tricks.

It’s really too despicable!” Cambara: “I think I know who it is.

If I confirm it, I will post her Twitter number!] Tiffany’s post immediately attracted everyone’s support.

What Tiffany did was wrong, but it had not hurt anyone else.

However, exposing someone’s real-life identity to the internet was crossing the line.

[I’m a hacker.

Just throw me a breadcrumb, I’ll unearth her family ancestry.

You’re in trouble now Riven.

] [Tiffany may not be perfect, but Riven, your personality is ugly as f*ck.

] [Riven, you say that no one is good enough for Thunder God, but you are? Come on.

Time to show your face.

Let us judge just like how you judged Tiffany.

] Riven: [@everyone, since you want them so badly, here are my photos.

You will never trace them anywhere else on the internet.

This is the first time they have seen the light of the internet.