The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 140

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Would This Nuclear Fusion Turn Into A Nuclear Bomb?! The moment Raymond pressed the button, the directional magnetic field generator immediately released its pressure.

Although it was only 0.

001 seconds, the released pressure made the air in the entire laboratory thick.

But that was only for a moment.

Then, the magnetic field generator did its work again, and the pressure inside was locked.

With Raymond’s hand speed, he naturally couldn’t turn it off so quickly.

In fact, Raymond had already set it up beforehand.

The moment the controller received the signal, it would immediately perform two actions.

One was to control the magnetic field generator to turn on, and the other was to turn it off.

At the same time, a large amount of heat was released.

Although the gap between each piece was extremely small, the amount of energy released was so great that the gap between each piece was opened a little.

But this did not concern Raymond.

Obviously, his designs had accounted for such a situation.




At the same time, a large amount of heat was moving outside the magnetic field.

If there was a camera inside the piece, it would be able to see the extremely distorted air inside.

It was not caused by the magnetic field, but by the heat emitted.

The huge heat caused the infrared detector’s screen to turn completely red, and some of it even turned black.

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COM This was as expected! The generator started its work.

It absorbed the heat, and the electrical energy was continuously output.

Outside, because the generator had absorbed the heat, its back began to cool.

The distorted air gradually became clear due to the cooling effect of the generator.

At the same time, Raymond began to pay attention to the output of the electricity.

[5672 kwh ] [9560 kwh ] It was almost one level per second.

In just two seconds, Raymond realized that something was wrong! He didn’t have time to worry about anything else and ran away.

“Riven, press the emergency button and pick me up with the Gundam…” “Connect to the main power grid! Tuesday, Quick!” Raymond was in danger.

It was a life-threatening situation! He ran out of the laboratory frantically.

Before he reached the entrance, the Black Gundam stretched out for him.

Raymond didn’t hesitate at all and directly placed his hands in front of his chest.

Riven, who understood what Raymond meant, grabbed Raymond and ran away.

Although Gundam was very fast, Riven had to level her steps very carefully.

After all, Raymond was still a human.

He could not withstand the violent impact.

[What happened? Why did Thunder God suddenly run away?!] [Did something happen? I don’t understand!] [Hurry up, there’s a problem with the nuclear fusion, but the data is normal.

Why did he run away?] [I… I think I saw the crux of the problem…] [What? What? Hurry up and say it!] [I calculated the power of Grozny’s nuclear fusion carefully — it’s the amount of electricity produced per second.

It’s already more than 10000kwh.

] [Is that a problem?] [ I understand now.

If there is no electricity output and it just snowballs on, it will definitely be a disaster!] [Just kill the power!] [It won’t shut down] [Won’t shut down? What do you mean?] [The high temperature and pressure of nuclear fusion needs to meet a basic requirement for continuous fusion.

Thunder God’s reactor has already met the requirements for sustained fusion.

However, the amount of energy released is too much, and with no outlet for it to be released… it is very likely that it would lead to something far bigger, which was why Thunder God ran! ] [Didn’t Tuesday just connect the cable to the island? Is that not enough?] [100,000 kwh per second… forget it, you won’t understand even if I told you!] .


Caroline was very excited when she saw the power output.

This meant that Raymond had succeeded.

She immediately stood up, held the microphone and shouted loudly without caring about her image, “Great! Thunder God actually succeeded in one go!” “Controllable nuclear fusion is the technology that we have been looking forward to all this time, and today, Thunder God succeeded!” “I can now say clearly that the technology on our planet will develop rapidly, and the energy source will no longer get in the way of our footsteps!” “Today is a day that will be remembered by history!” “Today, the nuclear fusion problem has been completely solved by Thunder God!” “And this problem, Thunder God had solved in only three days!” “Friends, let us cheer… Eh?” “Why did Thunder God Run?” Watching the live broadcast, Caroline was a little dumbfounded.

Was there a problem? Why did Thunder God Run? Wasn’t the power output continuously flowing out? Wasn’t this data normal? No! The power output was too high! They turned it down a little… impossible! Once it was turned down, the reactor would need to be restarted.

But with such a continuous output and the huge amount of electricity gathered together… The result… Caroline suddenly thought of a video on the Internet.

A little bird was standing next to a high voltage cable.

Logically speaking, if it did not step on it, nothing would happen.

However, the weather wasn’t very good at that time, and there were traces of electric arcs.

The electric arcs had struck the bird.

In just a moment, the bird completely disappeared, It was as if it had never existed.

And now! 10,000 kwh per second.

The slightest of problems.

And Raymond and the bird would be no different.

The arcs would vaporize him.

Running was the right choice.

[Carol, Carol, why is Thunder God running?] [Is Thunder God in trouble?] [I don’t see the problem at all.

I’m totally confused!] [Mam Carol, are you reading this? Reply!] [Sigh! I’m so worried!] [Is it because of the fever?] [Would this nuclear fusion turn into a nuclear bomb?] [I feel like I’m standing by the beach, facing down a huge tsunami!] Caroline, who had returned to her senses, looked at the bullet screen.

Then, she sorted out her emotions and said calmly.

“Dear netizens, perhaps your focus is different from ours!” “Before we talk about why Thunder God ran, I’ll have to impart some knowledge to you.

” “Do you see an index on the left side? His number is now 12,780, and the unit at the back is K, W, H.

” “The W in the middle stands for tile! And when K and W are together, they are kilowatts.

” “Usually, the electrical appliances we use, the ones with one kilowatt and two kilowatts written on them, use this unit.

” “Although we usually only call them kilowatts, there is actually a hidden unit!” “That unit is hours!”