The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 141

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 141

Chapter 141: This Was Too Weak? “Together, it’s kWh, kilowatt per hour.

” “Alright, then the question is, what is the current amount of electricity produced by the nuclear fusion?” “Let me give you a rough comparison.

” “Usually, our 1.

5-horsepower air-conditioner has a power of 1 kilowatt.

” “In other words, such an air-conditioner can consume one kilowatt-hour of electricity, which is 1 kWh.

“But now, the power generated by this fusion can support 12,000 such air-conditioners for one hour.

“Maybe, you don’t think it’s much, but what if it was all generated in one second? “The power produced by the fusion in one second can support 12,000 1.

5-horsepower air conditioners for one hour!” “I’ll let it sink in!” “There is simply no way for such a massive surge to be released at once.

If there’s an accident… Thunder God did the right thing.

He was smart enough to run!” After Carolyn finished speaking, the bullet comments in the live broadcast room disappeared.




It was as if these netizens had gone to calculate how much energy there was.

However, quite a number of netizens were filled with energy.

Very soon, the reactions kicked in.

[Holy shit! Can such a huge amount of energy be released in one second?] Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM [Oh my God, this is too terrifying! All that in one second! [I really can’t imagine how terrifying it would be if it blew up!] [A nuclear fusion can support the power of an entire country?] [I almost understand why the Thunder God ran!] [It’s too terrifying!] [ I think I can see our planet all lit up in the future!] [Oh yeah, I’ll see who is going to talk about being frugal in the future!] [I know why now, but seeing his panicked look just now was quite interesting!] [Haha, I took a screenshot just now! He looks really good when he runs!] [Big Brother, send me a copy, I’ll exchange my treasures with you!] Seeing that the message had gotten through, Caroline took the microphone.

She continued, “I just saw someone asking if it will cause a nuclear explosion!” “I believe that you are all very concerned about this issue!” “Actually, I can tell you without the shadow of a doubt that this is impossible!” “Nuclear fusion is much unlike nuclear fission.

Nuclear fusion requires high temperature and high pressure!” “It requires a transition of energy to achieve the effect of fusion!” “So, even if this nuclear fusion collapses, there won’t be too big of a problem.

” “At most, it would only affect the surrounding dozens of kilometers!” Looking at Caroline’s relaxed words and the surrounding dozens of kilometers, these netizens did not react in time.

A few seconds later, spit started to spray.

[Mam Carol, say that again, but slower.

] [Oh, dozens of kilometers, no big deal, only a tiny area? Mam Carol, what are you saying?!] [Madam Carol, are you saying that’s a small area?] [Is this how all Americans think? Oh well, no big deal, it’s only a few dozen kilometers…] [I thought Mam Carol had always been a gentle and refined person, but I never expected that…] [Haha, I find her so interesting.

] [Mam Carol, I love you] After being teased by the netizens, Caroline smiled slightly.

Of course, she would rile people up, whether she intended to or not.

After all, Madam Caroline was a researcher, not a show host.

“Come on, it’s about time.

I’m going to talk about the next thing!” “The nuclear fusion reactor is still working, even now.

This means that Thunder God has completely controlled the nuclear fusion!” “So, this technology has been completely mastered by Thunder God!” “However, there’s an awkward problem here!” “It’s the problem of having too much energy that can’t be used!” “Some people might have to ask.

Can’t we just control the energy a little more? Isn’t this a controllable nuclear fusion?” “The controllable nuclear fusion that we’re talking about is actually able to control its continuous energy supply.

It’s not like China’s experiment, which couldn’t last for more than 100 seconds.

” “The raw material used in Thunder God’s nuclear fusion is tritium.

It can be abundantly found in the ocean, but it needs a large amount of extraction.

” “Although it’s already two levels higher than the standard, and the requirements aren’t that high, to make this thing continue to produce a chain reaction, it also needs an extremely high pressure and temperature!” “So, this reactor will definitely continue to produce a large amount of energy!” “Continuously producing heat energy, this is the source of electricity.

” “If the generator doesn’t continue to convert energy, then this energy will spill out.

” “Only two things can happen!” “Either the reactor’s frame will melt, or the wires will be melted.

” “It would spiral out of control!” “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the electricity generator invented by Thunder God actually has another ability.

” “That’s refrigeration!” “If it didn’t have this ability, the current nuclear fusion reactor would have melted by now!” “And now, Thunder God is facing a crucial problem: finding something that can use all that power at once!” Caroline felt a little helpless herself.

In other power stations, the most critical problem was that the electricity generated was not enough.

But Raymond had actually fled away because the electricity generated was too much! This would probably anger a large number of people to death! Electricity, even if it was put in the present, was all about money! [If only I were on the island, I would f*cking plug in thousands of GPUs and mine my crypto, at zero cost!] [Crypto miners… I hate them.

I can’t even play any good games!] [Hahaha, I’m dying of laughter! Thunder God suddenly ran away because he was generating too much electricity!] [Do you think the three power plants on his island could even compare to Thunder God’s nuclear fusion power plant… ] [Isn’t it obvious?] [Why does it feel so surreal? Those power plants are so massive, while this could fit in my backyard…] [Exactly, it feels like two completely different objects!] [Such is the power of science! Look at how big the computer from decades ago were? And now… Technology is developing! ] [It makes sense!] .


McLean was laughing.

“Hahaha, Raymond actually ran away, I’m dying of laughter! He never saw this coming…” “I think he’s still not used to using his artificial intelligence.

If I had that thing to help me, my scientific research ability would have increased by at least two levels!” Shepherd raised an eyebrow.

“Oh please! You don’t even understand his nano-neutrino battery, and you now want his artificial intelligence… It would be wasted on you!” “Can you not be so harsh with your words!” “I’m just telling the truth!” 77 chimed in.