The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 106

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Nuclear Bomb Launch? The shrill sound of the warning woke many people.

Edward had been the most afraid.

He thought it had been a warning for him from Tuesday.

So he immediately made a phone call and powered up the Maestro.

After the phone call, the warning immediately disappeared.

He understood that he was now completely under Tuesday’s control.

If he did not do as Tuesday asked, then hundreds of missiles would immediately fly out.

Not only would he die, but his family would also die.

The point was that he still did not know what Tuesday wanted.

What if Tuesday was not even after Earth? After all, Raymond could easily fly them out of the Solar System.




The universe was so big, would Tuesday’s sights be limited to planets suitable for human habitation? Where couldn’t machines go? Raymond’s abilities were more important.

She could only fly higher and farther if Raymond remained with her.

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COM At this thought, Edward came to a realization.

Although Ramon’s creation of Tuesday would bring endless horror to mankind,.


Raymond was also a necessity for Tuesday.

Without Raymond, she would be stuck on Earth.

On this small planet.

Perhaps Raymond still had a backup plan.

But at the very least, he had to save his own life first.

Not long after, Edward noticed the emergency call on his phone.

He immediately went to the emergency meeting room of the White House.

“What’s going on?” “What’s the situation with the alarm just now?” “The White House was actually locked on? Which Country did it? Russia or China?” “Damn it, there’s no end to this!” “How dare they threaten the United States? I’d like to see which country…” When almost everyone was there, The President told them the reason for the incident.

When they found out that it was Tuesday, they were shocked beyond words.

In fact, some people had in the past speculated whether Tuesday would become a problem.

Even so, the top 10 consortia had cut off the island’s network.

They had gone as far as to cut off the undersea cables.

They had not left anything to chance.

Even so, Tuesday was actually connected to the outside network.

She had even hijacked a satellite.

Beyond that, she had taken control of several military bases.

She had aimed our own missiles at the White House.

This was equivalent to pointing a gun at his own head! Tuesday was too much! Even so, they couldn’t do anything about it! “President, I suggest we directly launch a few nuclear bombs and level the island!” “Edward, get him out of here!” The President directly ordered.

“Wake up, I don’t care if you slept well or not, don’t talk nonsense now!” Nuclear bombs were simple! One only needed to say the word, and Tuesday’s nest would be destroyed.

“I don’t know if Raymond is aware of this.

The message was sent to me by Tuesday, so we have to consider the worst-case scenario.

” “If you have any opinions, just say it!” After The President finished speaking, Edward returned to his seat.

“Everyone, I think…” Edward did not sit down.

“Even if Tuesday becomes independent, there’s a high probability that she won’t be our enemy…” Edward was interrupted before he could finish.

No such thing usually happened to him.

After all, those who could sit at this table had some qualities.

However, what The President had revealed was far too shocking.

An independent artificial intelligence that could actually control various military bases.

Moreover, it had allowed those missiles to lock onto the White House.

If it really happened, none of them would be able to escape.

It was a matter of their own life and death, so they could not calm down.

“What makes you think so?” “What if you are? Tuesday is so powerful, we have to shut down the internet immediately!” “We can’t use the internet to contact the troops.

We have to think of a way to make them independent…” “According to me, we should move immediately.

Otherwise, under this machine’s threat, we won’t be able to make accurate judgments!” As they bickered about, The President immediately stood up.

He slammed the table hard.

“Bang!” “All of you, shut the f*ck up!” Seeing that most of the people had quieted down, The President continued.

“Sidle, continue!” “Okay!” Edward continued to analyze.

“I have my reasons for saying that Tuesday won’t be our enemy.

” “Firstly, if we are a complete country, she will have to cause chaos if she wants to develop.

” “And Tuesday already has the ability to attack the White House.

Why wouldn’t she make a move?” “As long as the White House is gone, our country will definitely be in chaos.

” “She can also take the opportunity to develop!” “Secondly, Tuesday has been lying in wait.

She obviously did not want us to know about her ability.

” “According to what the president just said, she knew that the matter couldn’t be hidden anymore, so she acted to intimidate us.

This means that she has her own plans.

” “I know.

You will definitely ask why Tuesday is not our enemy.

” “The key is Raymond!” “Now, everyone knows about Raymond’s ability.

He has the ability to send us out of Earth and the Solar System.

” “Don’t you think Tuesday would have thought of this?” “Would she give up such a vast universe for Earth?” “Tuesday is not a fool!” “Therefore, she has to see Raymond through this, no matter what!” “After all, Raymond’s ability to invent and create is irreplaceable.

” “Without Raymond, then Tuesday will probably really make a move on us!” “So, the key is still Raymond!” “Whether he knows or not, we can’t leak this.

” “Okay, I’m done!” After he finished speaking, he immediately sat down.

Immediately, the conference room was filled with buzzing sounds.

All kinds of discussions were heard.

“President, I think there’s nothing wrong with what secretary Edward said.

However, we have to cut off the networks of the various military forces…” “The network must not be cut off!” The President spoke firmly.

Cutting off the network was equivalent to throwing the spear and shield into the sea.

Although it could stop Tuesday, what about the other countries? Without the network, those missiles would be a f*cking pile of scrap metal.

If they couldn’t even launch and intercept, what was the use? They were completely passive! “I think we have to activate the previous physical control method.

Even if there’s a network, we can’t launch!” “Put a layer of insurance on every missile!” “Don’t forget, since Tuesday can control our military bases, couldn’t she control the military bases of other countries?” “…That’s out of our hands!”