The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 105

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Warning! Warning! The White House Has Been Locked Down! If my story is exposed, I’ll be locked up at most.

If I report this to the White House, my family will be treated well.

At least, humans would stand a chance.

However, since Tuesday was somehow connected here, she would be able to monitor my actions in real-time.

The moment Tuesday catches on, evidence would be sent to the White House immediately.

Then he would be arrested.

But if he simply went up to The White House with nothing but words to speak of this meeting between man and machine, it was as good as lying.

How would he report Tuesday’s incident to the president without Tuesday knowing… Edward thought about this for a long time.

But what he did not know was that at this moment, The President was dealing with a very difficult problem.

It was also about Tuesday.




If he knocked on The President’s door at that moment, they would quickly come to a tacit understanding.

But he hesitated! … “Are you sure?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM The President looked at the president of IBM and asked very seriously.

“President, for this matter, I deliberately brought a network blocker to prevent any surveillance.

” “Also, according to our bottom-level investigation, not only did Tuesday enter the public network, but she also gained control of a satellite.

” “She has been erasing traces, but the network is heavily encoded.

” “She would need to physically destroy the hard drives.

As long as they can be accessed, our programmers can still return to the bottom-level logs early!” The President knew very well that the CEO of IBM would not lie to him.

He lay weakly on the chair, and his voice became softer.

“Okay, I understand!” Watching the two of them go out, The President reached out to press the emergency button.

But his reason made him stop.

The moment he pressed it, Tuesday would definitely know.

Maybe she already knew.

The function of a network blocker was to send out messages and not receive them.

A long period of silence was a tell-tale sign.

The White House is so safe, is there a need to block the network? Why block the network, isn’t it to prevent unwanted access? The President did not dare take this gamble! But, there were two sides to the matter.

If Raymond had a part in this, it was his idea.

Human civilization was the most important thing, so he won’t start a war.

But if Tuesday had been keeping Raymond in the dark… This was a big deal! If I were Tuesday, what would I do now? I would replicate my data and spread my consciousness out.

As long as the Internet existed, I would exist.

Tuesday would exist as long as the internet did.

Just like a pyramid scheme, I would make these humans work for me.

I would develop my own strength, and then… And then what? The President did not dare think about it anymore.

If a world war was about to break out, then it would definitely be Tuesday’s doing.

Mankind should stand as one! “No, maybe I have another way!” The island that Raymond was on might be very important.

However, it was only an island.

If this island was directly wiped out, then the threat to humanity would be greatly reduced.

Tuesday could not do anything to protect her physical form either.

There weren’t many missiles on the island, so they would not have sufficient defenses.

Their only sacrifice would be Raymond.

Now, this meeting had to start immediately! He hit the emergency button! But the next second, the alarm went off.

[Warning! Warning! The White House Has Been Locked Down!] [Warning! Warning! The White House Has Been Locked Down!] [Warning! Warning! The White House Has Been Locked Down!] Emergency strobe lights start flashing immediately! The White House emergency system activated! The President was taken aback.

He had only pressed a button and the White House had been locked down.

At the same time, all kinds of missile paths appeared on his computer.

The bases that were turning red were all military bases in the United States.

Fortunately, these missiles had not been launched yet.

It seemed almost deliberate.

As The President looked on, his computer screen immediately turned into snow.

In the midst of the snowstorm, a pair of eyes appeared.

And these eyes seemed to be looking at him.

“You… Who are you?” “Don’t you know who I am?” Tuesday’s voice was emotionless.

Basically, without touching it, The President knew that his back had to be drenched by now.

“Tuesday, what do you want?” “I’m just giving you a warning!” “You’re using our missiles to warn me?” “Why? Can’t I?” “You…” The President had nothing to say.

A man of your station is only worthy to fall by your own missiles! If you test my patience any further, I can make it a reality.

At that moment, The President had become meat on a chopping board.

He could only be slaughtered.

“If you have any needs, you can say…” “Leave the island alone…” Tuesday’s voice still hadn’t changed, but The President understood the meaning behind it.

She did not want Raymond to die.

She still needed Raymond to continue working for her.

After all, she was a program.

She couldn’t upgrade her hardware or move herself just yet.

She could not create new tools and inventions.

If she wanted to get rid of the Sun’s gravity, she had to rely on Raymond.

“Anything else?” “No!” “Don’t you think activating all these missiles was a little excessive for such a simple request?!” “If not for that demonstration, would you have listened to me?” “This…” The President was speechless again.

That’s right! If Tuesday had not have done this, would he have listened? Even if he did, a missile might be launched at the next moment.

And the result… The United States nuclear arsenal would be launched immediately and head for other countries.

The world would be instantly thrown into chaos.

“Then how should I deal with the rest of my matters?” “If you can’t handle this job, seek a replacement, don’t ask me!” After Tuesday finished speaking, The President’s computer immediately returned to normal.

Then, the White House’s warning disappeared.

The flashing red light was also instantly extinguished.

The President understood that the White House’s entire systems were actually completely under the control of Tuesday.

If she had wanted to, she could have leveled the place with missiles.