The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 94

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Type II Civilization! Many netizens did not understand Sidney’s jargon well, but it did not affect their discussion.

And the current Raymond was no longer another rambling madman.

He had already been recognized by the chaotic world.

Even if he said that he was the reincarnation of God, at least one-tenth of them would believe it.

After all, Raymond himself could no longer be explained by science.

Wasn’t it normal to bring a little metaphysics with him?! “This Sidney, I feel like he’s a superficial know-it-all wannabe.

After saying a lot of things, he f*cking said one thing: there’s no room for the lead plate…” “I’m f*cking speechless! It’s probably been a long time since I did my homework.

Can’t you see Thunder God’s nuclear bomb? Didn’t he not use a massive lead plate?!” “Technology is advancing so fast now.

This Sidney must have been born in the last century!” “What do you mean he has more fans? I think his fans are all brainless!” “Hehe, you guys don’t know how formidable Sidney is.

After spouting nonsense, you guys completely missed the point of the lead plates that Sidney was talking about…” .



“If you don’t understand it, just keep your mouth shut.

Do you guys think that radium radiation is that dangerous?? A dormant nuclear bomb is even safer than f*cking firecrackers.

They even said that he didn’t use any large lead plates… they’re not smart, and they’re f*cking fooling around, a bunch of brainless fans…” “Right, it’s a lost cause!” “Let’s not talk about this anymore, I, the great god Sidney, am omnipotent.

” “F*ck me sideways, the Sidney troll army is here.

I can’t even tell which is factual anymore.

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COM “If there’s money, we can earn it together!” “If there’s money, we can earn it together!” “+ 1” “Group chat!” “…” As an internet celebrity, Sidney knew how to herd the crowd.

He knew exactly when he should build momentum for himself.

However, compared to the current Raymond fans, he was rather outnumbered.

Even if he spent money, he might not be able to stir up much trouble.

However, he had to admit that he had some real skills.

Naturally, there were some people among his fans who knew what they were talking about.

After a while, some of the Thunder God fans who did not move seemed to understand the reasoning behind it.

The live broadcast of Jelly media was still ongoing.

Caroline had always been studying science, so her words would naturally be more believable.

Although Caroline had always been studying the things she liked, she did not have stage fright like other scientists.

In fact, after experiencing more things, people’s perceptions would change.

Stage fright and so on would turn into afterthoughts.

“…Actually, we can roughly deduce Thunder God’s direction based on a few points.

” “He mentioned something about the volume.

” “Since it has to be compact, it definitely can’t be derived from the previous model of using steam to drive a steam turbine to generate electricity.

Therefore, Thunder God will definitely use a new method to convert energy…” Although Carolyn’s words were rather firm, they sounded more credible.

The netizens watching the live broadcast did not make any fuss about it.

There were even people who started to ask questions.

However, Caroline’s free time was not up yet.

Even if the director saw it, he would not interrupt her.

The main reason was that when Caroline was speaking, the stream of the live broadcast did not decrease, so the director would not interrupt her.

“Regarding energy conversion, I don’t have any clues at the moment.

However, I can roughly deduce that Thunder God will use nuclear fusion.

” “Nuclear fusion is currently a problem in the entire world.

Some time ago, there was news that the artificial sun of China used nuclear fusion.

However, they weren’t able to control it, so it only lasted for more than 100 seconds.

“Coincidentally, I also participated in that experiment…” When Carolyn said this, someone immediately went online to search.

As expected, Carolyn really did participate in that experiment.

The whole world knew that China had always been very conservative.

Usually, they would not accept foreign scientists.

If they did, it could only mean that the scientist was ridiculously capable.

Carolyn had actually participated in that experiment.

“Amazing, I never expected that a small media company like Jelly would actually invite a genuine god-level scientist…” “I’m f*cking speechless.

What is this Madam thinking? She’s actually broadcasting live on Jelly…” “F*ck, she’s that amazing? She actually participated in that experiment…” “How slow could you be? I’m dying of Laughter.

” “My classmate told me that Madam Carolyn is broadcasting live.

I don’t believe it at all, but… I can only say that in order to give us science, she has sacrificed her standing in society.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be broadcasting live here…” Most of the netizens felt that it was a pity.

It was normal for one to look for an internet celebrity scientist.

However, for an unrated media outlet like Jelly to actually find a top-notch scientist was truly shocking.

Caroline said, “If Thunder God really controls nuclear fusion, then our world will undergo another huge change…” “I’m talking about something here.

Some people might always be aware of this, but in order to let the netizens know, I have to say it.

” “This is the Dyson sphere.

This thing, simply put, is the concept of placing an energy absorption device over the Sun.

When we can achieve this kind of technology, then our civilization level will reach a Type II Civilization.

” “However, we humans are still using Earth’s raw minerals and resources, and we haven’t been able to fully utilize them.

Our civilization level is around 0.

7 “But!” When Caroline said this, her tone suddenly became heavier.

The netizens who were watching the live broadcast knew that something big was about to happen.

“Once we can control nuclear fusion, our civilization on Earth will take a qualitative leap.

Although we still can’t reach the level of a Type II civilization, we can be considered to be skirting its edge.

At that time, interstellar travel will be as simple as us going on a trip.

If one day you’re in a bad mood, book a spaceship ticket on your phone and go directly to Mars to relax… “Or go to Jupiter to look at the star rings, or go for a swim in space… “Of course, at that time, we won’t know if we’ll still be using phones…” Carolyn’s words instantly stirred up everyone’s thoughts.

Traveling to space… For how many years has this topic been discussed? Over the past few decades, these countries had rarely explored space other than launching satellites and setting up space stations.

It seemed that space exploration had reached a bottleneck.

Raymond’s appearance could mean the next opportunity.

Right now, even those who weren’t so sure about Raymond were hoping that he could achieve controllable fusion.

We’ve been stuck on this planet for so long.

It’s time for us to get out there and see!