The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 93

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 93

Chapter 93: The Story That Raymond And I Have To Tell!! “Hey, what’s the name of the Iron Man core again? Tell me about it!” “I’m a big fan of Marvel.

That thing is called a reactor core!” “F*ck you, fake fan, I don’t remember that name!” “Let me do it! There are a few names for this thing.

Uh, chest cold nuclear fusion? That can’t be it.

I think it’s an arc reactor.

” “Look, that’s a real boss.

Stop competing over something so stupid.

You all are great, all of you are the best, ok?!” “Forget about nuclear fusion.

We just don’t have the technology for such a thing.

” “Yes, nuclear fusion is like a big fireball.

Have you seen the sun? That thing is basically it!” “Who cares? Thunder God is awesome and that’s it!” “Do you think there will be any media denouncing his latest claim again?” “Of course there will be! If Thunder God is doing nuclear fusion, I can tell you with certainty that he definitely can’t do it!” Listening to the wind is like listening to the rain.

This was something that attracted the attention of the media.




I don’t care if it’s right or not.

I have to get the news out first.

As long as you watch it, I can make money.

Besides, there were so many new media outlets nowadays, and unreliable news was everywhere.

So, the news started again.

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COM “Shock! Thunder God says he wants to build the Iron Man Core!” “The Gundam that you want to drive is here, Thunder God whispers to his girls!” “Kim Hee-sun: the story that Grozny and I have to tell you about nuclear fusion!” Gadot, do you like the arc reactor I made? Grozny’s breeding plan: First Step: Build a reactor.

A great change in the technology world: Thunder God’s reactor is about to be born.

News that supported Raymond, news that wrote nonsense, and news that listened to the wind and rain were everywhere.

It seemed that serious news was rare.

But Jelly media did the opposite.

Write whatever you want, nobody will be convinced.

I’ll hire some professionals.

In this case, they’ll be nuclear physicists.

The traffic will be different.

In order to generate income, it’s alright to throw in some expenditure hiring these professionals.

Within half an hour, a temporary live broadcast room was built.

Raymond was still learning and improving on his ideas.

So, there was still a lot of time left for Jelly media.

Originally, Jelly media did not intend to invite too many professors.

They felt that one guest to a talk show would have been enough.

However, after hearing about this matter, several professors took the initiative to step forward.

The passive maneuver suddenly became active.

The professors did not just approach Jelly media, they approached just about everyone who was willing to listen or host them.

Hurst was a visiting professor at the University of Luxembourg who had won a Nobel Prize and published a total of terrifying 134 papers.

Sylvester was a well-known German physicist, professor of nuclear fission research, and an in-service professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who had published 13 papers on nuclear fission.

Caroline was a female physicist, a nuclear fusion reaction expert.

She had once gone abroad to guide nuclear fusion experiments in China.

She was also a former NASA researcher and a pioneer in quantum mechanics.

She was also and a researcher of Bruegel’s uncertainty hypothesis.

Sidney was a famous American physicist, nuclear fusion advocate.

He had a Twitter with over a million fans.

He was the scientific world’s internet celebrity and had released about 380 unsigned papers.

A Berkeley senior civil science nuclear reaction researcher, a snake expert, a nuclear fission research professor, a physicist .


A pile of well-known scholars’ documents sat before Jelly Media’s board.

They soon selected the people they liked.


Although she wasn’t well-known, she was a woman.

It would gain traction.

Sidney, this big shot was extremely active on Twitter.

His appearance would definitely attract a large amount of traffic.

Moreover, he spoke in an eccentric manner.

It would be good marketing.

The grass-roots team quickly stood up.

Jelly Media’s live broadcast began immediately.

A big headline spread like wildfire on Twitter.

‘The story that Raymond and I have to tell!’ A good headline could determine the amount of traffic of an article… Similarly, the number of people watching the live broadcast was also related to the headline.

At the very least, this headline had attracted a lot of uninformed viewers.

“Hello everyone, I’m Nana, your host.

Today, we, Jelly Media, are fortunate to have invited two famous scientists!” The female host pointed at Carolyn.

“This is Carolyn, a famous physicist, nuclear fusion expert, former NASA researcher, quantum mechanics pioneer…” Nana walked towards Sidney as she introduced him.

“As for this one, many netizens may know him as our Sidney.

He’s a well-known physicist in our country! Welcome, everyone!” “I won’t say anything else.

I’ll directly throw out a question.

Professors, do you think a core reactor like Iron Man’s can be achieved?” Sidney practically grabbed the microphone.

“As a scientist, I actually admire Raymond.

Even if he has superpowers, he’s the only one who has made so many great contributions to mankind.

” Sidney immediately expressed his opinion.

“However!” “If we’re talking about a nuclear reactor like Iron Man, it’s absolutely impossible.

” “Of course, our honorable Raymond also said that he can’t make a mini version of that reactor.

” “But he said that it would be 100 times the output of that thing.

” “Let’s be generous and say he manages something with 200 times the output.

” “Then how big is the volume?” “We can roughly see that an Iron Man’s ark reactor is about the size of an adult’s fist.

Let’s continue on and calculate the size of two fists.

Then how big is the volume?” “Forget it, I’ll tell you the results myself! Even if we calculate it this way, the volume that Raymond needs is only 30 cubic meters.

” “And what would these 30 cubic meters look like?” “It’s about a 3.

1 meter long, wide, and high object.

” “If it’s so compact, you can easily put a few in your room!” “However, I have to point out that based on this volume, his anti-radiation lead plates will end up taking all the space.

” “So, my conclusion is that the reactor Raymond mentioned this time is not feasible!” “Absolutely not! I, Sidney, am saying it!” After saying that, Sidney handed the microphone to the host.

Nana glanced at the director, then walked over to Carolyn with a smile.

At that moment, regardless of whether the audience agreed or disagreed, the boss of Jelly media was quite happy.

After all, the current Jelly media’s traffic had reached a new height.

It was a little more than 11 times the usual traffic.