The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 64

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Making Unplanned Changes! Gayle Gadot’s thoughts came to an end after Jin Xishan finished showering.

“Ayeee, sister, do you have any extra clothes? I don’t even have any clothes to wear!” Jin Xishan wiped herself dry and asked a question.

“Wait a moment, sister will go get them for you… Don’t come out on your own.

” Other than this bathroom, the outside was filled with cameras.

Out of kindness, Gorgado did not want Jin Xishan’s body to be photographed and spread.

“Okay!” It was not a big problem to find clothes.

Gayle Gadot had taken the time to get a lot of clothes in the morning.

It was enough.

She had also prepared some female care products.

But… .



Jin Xishan’s growth was a little too excessive.

No bra around could accommodate her.

After struggling for a few minutes, Gayle Gadot gave Jin Xishan a black shirt.

Raymond probably wouldn’t be able to tell! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM As for the lower half, it was easy to deal with.

Apart from the necessary lining, a skirt and a pair of slippers did the trick.

But even so, Jin Xishan was too beautiful.

A bunch of perverts in the live broadcast room saw Jin Xishan come out and turned against her.

They expressed that they couldn’t take it anymore.

They added another name to the list of their wives.

These refugees were criticized by a bunch of female netizens.

Time slowly passed, and it was time for dinner.

This time, without Gayle Gadot’s reminder, Raymond came over to eat on his own accord.

Most importantly, Raymond wanted to know the background of this woman.

However, as soon as Raymond came over, Jin Xishan pounced on him like she had gone crazy.

“Brother!” However, the robots did not grant Jin Xishan his wish.

They caught hold of Jin Xishan.

“Brother, are these robots yours?” With the robots holding her back, Jin Xishan did not cry or make a fuss.

Instead, she touched them with a curious expression.

She seemed to be very interested in the robots.

It was a world of difference from when they first met “Brother? …” Raymond had a face full of question marks! What was going on? Tuesday had drawn some conclusions and shared her thoughts with Raymond.

‘Something has jogged her mind, and her memory has reverted back to her childhood.

’ Tuesday had examined Jin Xishan from every angle and was certain that she was not faking it.

“Then why did you stop her?” “Sir, in her current state, she can’t completely control her strength.

If I hadn’t stopped her just now, you would have had a 92.

6% chance of getting knocked down on your ass.

” “Is she very strong?” “At least twice as strong as you!” Raymond: “…” I’m not a freaking unit of measurement, don’t take me as the base number.

Seeing Raymond mumble to himself, Gayle Gadot was not the least bit surprised.

She knew about Tuesday’s existence.

But Jin Xishan was different.

“Brother, is there something wrong with your brain? Why are you still mumbling to yourself? Hey!” Raymond didn’t mind it.

He pointed at his wireless earpiece.

“I’m talking to Tuesday.

” “Oh, it’s like a phone call!” Jin Xishan seemed to understand.

“Brother, can you give me one of these robots? It’ll be fun!” “Sure!” Raymond agreed immediately.

Jin Xishan was an unknown factor.

With a robot by her side, she could be a spy.

Raymond hated unaccountable factors.

Raymond and Jin Xishan sat down, while Gayle Gadot went to fetch the food.

She turned around and Jin Xishan sat beside Raymond.

If it weren’t for the fact that Raymond only had enough seats for one person, Gayle Gadot would have suspected that Jin Xishan and Raymond would be squeezed together.

Hugging Raymond’s arm, Jin Xishan leaned on Raymond’s shoulder.

She turned around and sniffed the smell on Raymond’s neck, looking intoxicated.

“Ah… brother’s body smells so good…” At that moment, Raymond was really a little confused.

These days, he had learned more and more things.

The range of things he had learned was also getting wider and wider.

Mathematics, physics, optics, programming, psychology.


Logically speaking, there should be one field among all these specialties that could guide him in dealing with the problems he was facing now.

But the key point was that the touch on his arm made him a little absent-minded.

Hormones were rapidly secreting.

He raised his cudgel.

Moreover, he could accurately feel that only a layer of fabric was between Jin Xishan and himself.

There were a few moments when he even felt Jin Xishan’s hardening nubs.

If Raymond had a cooling fan in his head, the rotational speed at this moment would probably be comparable to Tuesday’s computational ability.

“We…” When Raymond saw Gayle Gadot come out, he felt a little awkward for a moment.

At least Gayle Gadot was more attractive.

He wanted to pull his arm out.

Jin Xishan wrinkled his nose as if she had gotten what Raymond wanted.

She immediately increased her strength.

Then, Raymond’s hand was forcefully placed on Jin Xishan’s thigh.

Luckily, Jin Xishan had a dress on.

“Xishan, let go of your brother.

It’s time to eat.

” Seeing the state of Raymond and Jin Xishan, Gayle Gadot didn’t look happy nor worried.

“No way! Brother smells so good…” Jin Xishan took a deep breath in front of Raymond’s nose.

This action only worsened the agitation in Raymond’s heart.

‘This woman’s appearance will seriously affect my progress… I have to…’ “Tuesday, take her…” Raymond stopped mid-sentence.

He was in a dilemma.

On one side was the threat of the meteorite.

On the other side was the temptation of the woman.

This was a difficult choice to make! “Hurry up, behave now.

Eat your meal!” Gayle Gadot’s tone hardened.

Looking at Gayle Gadot, Jin Xishan pursed her lips in protest.

However, Gayle Gadot’s expression did not change, and Jin Xishan had to relent.

“Alright…” She slowly let go with a reluctant look on her face.

When Jin Xishan let go, Raymond was not happy, but at the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief.

This woman was poisonous.

In the international live broadcast room.

“It’s over, it’s over! The Thunder God Monarch has fallen!” “Ahhhh, I like Jin Xishan so much.

She’s so cute!” “I like this type the most.

Moreover… Her body is an adult, but her mind is so immature.

This is so interesting!” “By the way, don’t you think it’s suspicious? A woman with an oriental face actually appeared on the island, and the program team doesn’t even know about it.

” “If there’s something wrong with this woman, I suggest you let me handle it.

I will interrogate her for answers!” “I suggest you send her directly to my home.

I’m willing to do anything for Thunder God…” “Why do I feel like Jin Xishan’s intelligence has plummeted since her first appearance!” “Could the two ladies have made some secret pact in the bathroom?” “+ 1!” “Be more daring.

I think Jin Xishan is a fan of Thunder God.

She snuck into the shooting location.

Then, she disguised herself and made a deal with Gadot.

” “Disguise? By throwing away all semblance of cleanliness?” “F*ck, what do you even mean?” “She did it to herself.

If she’s not disgusting and filthy, then what is it?”