The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 65

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Jin Xishan Takes The Initiative! After dinner, Raymond went to read a book for a while.

Seeing that it was almost time, he went to wash up.

He had just laid down and barely even reached down for his blanket.

Jin Xishan opened the door.

She stuck her head out by the door.

“Brother… Do you need me to turn off the lights for you?” Seeing Jin Xishan, Raymond’s head was full of question marks.

He picked up his earpiece and asked immediately.

“Tuesday, what’s going on?” “Sir, your testosterone has been a little high these two days, so I think her coming here will help your health…” Jin Xishan entered the room before Tuesday could finish.




She closed the door and turned off the lights in one go.

Then, she took the quilt that Raymond was reaching for and went to Raymond’s side.

She did not care about Raymond’s reaction and immediately laid down by his side.

She hugged Raymond’s arm and took a breath between his neck.

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COM “Ah… brother’s smell, it smells so good!” She was only doing what she wanted to do.

Moreover, according to Jin Xishan’s understanding, this wasn’t a problem.

But! She had caused more trouble for Raymond by doing this.


Americans were very open.

But that was under the circumstances of mutual consent.

But now! Jin Xishan’s intelligence was regressed.

Even if she wanted to, it would not work.

Moreover, as Raymond learned more and more things, he also had a set of ideas of his own.

If Gayle Gadot came to him voluntarily, he did not mind doing her.

After all, Gayle Gadot wanted something from him.

Whether or not she could get what she wanted was entirely up to her.

But Jin Xishan was different.

She had lost her social awareness.

Ethically, what she did was illegal.

Even if Tuesday just made that ridiculous suggestion.

Some lines must not be crossed.

His mind kept drifting.

But Raymond could not control his body’s reaction.

To cover up his embarrassment, Raymond instinctively turned his back to Jin Xishan.

Jin Xishan had no idea why.

“Brother, why did you turn your back?” As she said this, she pulled Raymond’s shoulder, intending to turn him over.

“Does brother hate me?” Indeed, she was way stronger than Raymond.

Therefore, even if he was unwilling, she forced him to turn.

“No, I don’t hate you.

It’s just that I’m a little tired.

It’s been a long day.

Sleeping on my side can make me feel more comfortable.

” “Then brother, you can sleep on my side?” “I’m used to sleeping on my right side.

” “Oh…” Jin Xishan Thought for a while and dragged Raymond over with all her might.

Then, many spots were left on Raymond’s right side.

‘I may be like a child now, but I’m not stupid.

I was careless.

’ Since he had already said it, Raymond could not take those words back.

He could only let Jin Xishan run to his right side.

“Brother, why does your body smell so good…” It seemed that Jin Xishan was just as confused.

“I… I don’t have any smell on me, right?” “Yes, there is.

This smell, in other words, it’s… I don’t know what to say, but I like it very much.

” “Alright, go to sleep.

I still have something to do tomorrow, Don’t disturb me.

” “Okay!” Jin Xishan agreed immediately.

However, her hands and feet were not honest.

She immediately grabbed Raymond’s neck and put herself close to him.

Then, her foot pressed into Raymond’s body as well.

This series of movements seemed to have been rehearsed beforehand, without any delay.

Meanwhile, Raymond’s breathing only grew more intense.

At this moment, he could completely feel Jin Xishan’s breathing.

It was not just the air she blew out through her nose.

He could clearly feel her lungs expanding and shrinking.

Most importantly, his blood-filled, organic body felt pressure concentrating on one spot.

The pressure was just right, causing him to feel an intense desire to release his male hormones at that moment.

‘The heavens have given me a great responsibility, so I have to put in a lot of effort first…’ Before Raymond could finish his thought, Jin Xishan seemed to feel uncomfortable.

“Brother, put your hand out.

I don’t feel very comfortable…” “Jin Xishan, that’s more like it.

” “No! Hold me.

It’s more comfortable that way…” “I…” Raymond moved slightly, and Jin Xishan immediately felt something unusual about Raymond.

Then, she immediately touched it with her hand.

“Brother, what’s that…” “Don’t move…” Out of curiosity, Jin Xishan’s hand grabbed that thing.

“Don’t move…” Raymond immediately reached out and hugged Jin Xishan.

Raymond, who had never touched a woman before, was instantly energized.

Subconsciously, he felt like moving his waist.

However, he quickly suppressed his instincts with his rationality.

Jin Xishan did not resist when Raymond exerted his strength.

she revealed a satisfied smile and ignored the thing that had appeared between his thighs.

She closed her eyes and carefully enjoyed the scent on Raymond’s body.

One minute, two minutes.


After five minutes, Raymond regained his inner peace.

Jin Xishan’s breathing also became very stable.

She seemed to have fallen asleep.

However, Raymond did not dare to move at this moment.

This seemingly shallow sleep belonged to Jin Xishan.

If he woke up, it would be even more difficult to end it.

Moreover, it was quite comfortable to sleep like this.

Let’s call it a night! It was really difficult to hold the line when facing such a woman! Not long after, Raymond’s breathing also stabilized.



Jin Xishan was gone! She just went to the bathroom, how did she disappear? Did Raymond discover something and take her away? At that moment, Gayle Gadot’s mind was in a mess.

She could not take this risk.

She knew Ramon’s learning ability and practical application ability.

If she extrapolated from what Tuesday had said.

Jin Xishan’s mind was protecting itself from some trauma.

Being the intelligent man he was, Raymond would have realized this.

If Raymond started reading up on the art of hypnosis… Gayle Gadot would not be able to bear the consequences.

“I hope she just went out to play!” Gayle Gadot thought so, but she went straight to Raymond’s residence.

She could not afford this risk.

Once Raymond knew the truth, the entire world would go up in flames.

With Raymond’s ability, at the very least, he could make the top ten consortia shed a layer of skin.

At the very least, he would start a World War.

The closer she was to Raymond, the clearer her understanding of him would be.

Gayle Gadot is not exaggerating.

What she did not know was that Raymond already knew everything.

Besides, Jin Xishan and Raymond were already sleeping together.