The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 31

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Superpowers Exist! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Raymond used nearly half an hour to clean and divide the entire tiger.

Raymond estimated his appetite and left a piece of tiger meat behind.

Then, he put the rest into the freezer.

After that, he started to cook the tiger meat.

After cooking, Raymond started to eat.

“Wow, this was originally a survival program, but Raymond changed it into an academic program and a food program.

I’m impressed.

” “I feel that Raymond cooks really well.

It’s as if I can smell the fragrance of meat through the screen.

” “I’m craving for some tiger, but I don’t have tiger meat at home.

I ate my girlfriend.

” “Ate your girlfriend? How did you eat it? Did you use a toothpick?” More than ten minutes later, Raymond was full.

[The host has eaten tiger meat.

The uptime for today’s Ultimate Learning State can be extended by an hour.

] .



“Tiger meat has such an effect?” Raymond was a little surprised.

It was indeed very potent.

After that, Raymond left the hotel.

“He won’t be going back to the library to conduct academic deduction again, right? If he does that again, I’m really done watching.

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COM “I don’t think so.

He doesn’t look like he’s heading for the library.

” When the audience around the world realized that Raymond was no longer headed for the library, their curiosity was once again piqued.

After all, what ordinary people did was already shown in the other four contestants.

Nothing more than destroy and vent.

Now, they want to see what geniuses do.

Under the gaze of the global audience.

Ramon arrived at the Darwin Industrial Park.

Looking at the factories, Ramon smiled.

While he was looking at the building plans, he noticed that all these factories could be used.

Raymond headed into these factories to take a look.

Apart from a few equipments that had been damaged because of the sudden disappearance of humans, the rest were fine.

The situation was not too bad.

He tried to start it up, but there was no reaction.

He went to the distribution box to take a look, but there was no trip.

Raymond guessed that there was a fault at the power station.

“So, any guesses why Raymond came to this industrial park?” “I don’t understand it.

I don’t understand it at all.

He’s too eccentric.

” “Yeah, he didn’t go to a safe place, he didn’t collect good wine and food, he didn’t even vent or smash anything.

He came to this industrial park out of nowhere.

It’s too weird.

” “He must have his reasons.

Just wait and see.

” Just as the global audience was discussing.

Raymond came to a solar power station.

“I kind of get it now.

He doesn’t want the power to be cut off, so he’s here to maintain the power supply system?” “I think so.

This is the only explanation.

” “So, he will stay here in the future? After all, the power supply system needs to be maintained from time to time.

” As the audience was discussing, Raymond found that many of the machines had malfunctioned.

They needed to be maintained.

However, he did not have much knowledge about maintaining these machines, so he could only continue learning.

His learning state was reaching its end.

Fortunately, after eating tiger meat, the system had given him more time.

Following that, Raymond found some relevant information.

He activated Super Learning State and flipped through the pages quickly.

The outside world was abuzz again.

“He’s doing that flipbook thing again.

The first time, he drew the blueprint of the rocket engine.

The second and third time, he deduced all the cosmic velocities.

What will happen after this learning?” “I still feel like he’s putting on a show, but I have a vague feeling that things aren’t that simple.

” “If he’s not putting on a show, if he doesn’t know that he’s participating in the program, then there’s only one explanation that makes sense.

That is, he’s really learning.

” “This kind of thinking makes people shudder.

If he’s really learning, then it means that he has a photographic memory and the ability to quickly integrate knowledge.


“This ability has already overturned our understanding.

It’s more like… a superpower!” “Now, let’s see if he can repair these malfunctioning machines through learning.

” At that moment, the suspense of the global audience was pushed to the limit.

Raymond put down the data, turned Super Learning State off, then found the toolbox and started to repair it.

“Can’t it go any faster? I can’t wait to see if Raymond actually gets it working.

” “That’s right.

If he can really repair it successfully, it means that he really has a superpower!” “Damn, I always thought this was a normal urban world.

Now, there are actually superpowered people appearing? Will there be superpowered people who can hold lightning in their hands and run fast in the future?” “You’re thinking too much.

Let’s see if Raymond even repairs it.

” Most of the onlookers were still waiting to see if Raymond could get the machines running again.

Sensible people had already searched for superpowered people.

For example, the top ten consortiums.

Compared to the audience’s analysis, they had the most professional organization.

Raymond’s performance couldn’t be described as ridiculous.

It was beyond the current understanding of human beings.

After the professional team analyzed Raymond’s behavior.

They came to a conclusion: the probability of the existence of superpowered people was more than 80%! Was enough for them to start searching for other superpowered people without waiting for the machine to be repaired successfully.

At that moment, more than 200 countries around the world began to take action.

The world was in turmoil.

It had been half an hour since Raymond started to repair the machine.

His movements were smooth, as if he had done the repair work countless times before.

This scene also made many viewers excited.

It seemed that the repair was actually possible.

Raymond finally stopped what he was doing.

He looked at the machine in front of him and smiled.

He went to the front of the main switch and turned it on.

Raymond came to a machine and pressed the switch.

The indicator light lit up, shining with a dazzling light.

At that moment, all the viewers around the world exploded.

The bullet screens in the international live broadcast room were filled with “Holy shit!” “So Raymond really has a superpower ability to learn.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken him only half an hour to repair such a huge machine!” “The superpower really exists.

With Raymond’s emergence, other superpowered people should be found soon!” “I suspect that my long-distance girlfriend is a superpowered person.

Every time I call her, she pants into the phone and says that “I’m going to die.

” But every time she can’t die, she must be a superpowered person!” “Poster above, the next time your girlfriend pants and says she’s going to die, I suggest you go there yourself.

You might find two superpowered people there.

” “It’s small, the pattern is small.

It’s possible that a group of superpowered people has gathered at his girlfriend’s place.