The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 30

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Genius Marksmanship! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The tiger was still standing there on the other side.

The program team was planning to make it roar a second time so that Raymond would feel a sense of crisis and carry out survival actions.

However, as Raymond moved forward, some people gradually felt that something was wrong.

“I’m a native of Raymond’s city, so I remember this road clearly.

The direction Raymond is heading in is just right for him to meet the Tiger!” “Does that mean that the man and the tiger are about to meet?” “F*ck, this is too exciting.

I can’t wait.

” “F*ck you, motherf*cker.

You dogs can’t wait for something to happen to Raymond.

Where’s the program team? Hurry up and take measures!” “Not necessarily.

Raymond has a pistol on him after all.

He has the ability to fight the tiger from a distance.

” “Yeah, he would have to be a f*cking archer.

What if he’s a warrior, though?” “Is the previous person ret*rded? Let’s not talk about whether Raymond can accurately shoot or not.

The tiger is extremely quick and agile.

If the two meet, Raymond won’t have time to take his gun out before the tiger pounces on him.

” .



Backstage, the executive director, Wilson, was throwing a tantrum and scolding the program team staff.

“What are you doing? Raymond can’t have any accidents yet.

Go and tranquilize the tiger! F*ck!” The staff left in a hurry.

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COM Just as they were about to shoot the tiger to tranquilize it… If they shot the tiger and left the tranquilizer needle on the tiger, Raymond, who was about to arrive, would definitely discover it.

At that time, they would very likely be exposed.

If they did not fire the gun, Raymond might be in danger.

They were facing a dilemma.

The staff considered for a moment and finally decided to report the matter back to Wilson.

Hearing this, Wilson hesitated as well.

Right then, he could not make a decision and could only report to the higher-ups.

It was just that, it was too late now.

Raymond had already spotted the tiger from a distance.

Before the tiger found him, he quietly hid behind a building and secretly observed the tiger.

It must have run out of the zoo.

With the disappearance of humans and the lack of professional staff to maintain the zoo, all the animals would naturally be hungry.

It would be normal for a tiger to be able to swim and climb trees.

Looking at the tiger on his way to the hotel, he would have to make a detour and waste time.

In that case, he would take care of it! However, despite having a gun in his hand, he had not gone through any professional training.

He was not confident that he could kill the tiger with one shot.

If he did not kill the tiger with one shot, the tiger would quickly attack him, and he would be in danger.

Fortunately, he had the system.

[System, do you have any good ideas?] Raymond asked in his heart.

[The system can help the host to stimulate his potential.

In a short period of time, your explosive strength, endurance, agility, instantaneous reaction, dynamic vision, and bone density can be increased to 50 times that of an ordinary person! [However, with your current physical condition, this state can only be maintained for three minutes.

After three minutes, you will fall into a weakened state.

] Raymond was stunned at this moment.

He had always thought that the system could only provide technology that could improve his brainpower.

He did not expect this.

It could also strengthen his body? “I never thought the system would be so secretive.

” Raymond stated in surprise.

[Previously, the host was not required to use this function, so there was no need to deliberately reveal it.

Moreover, this is the only thing that the system can help the host in this situation.

There is nothing else.

] So… the system meant that he should not rely on it too much.

Raymond’s lips curled into a smile.

The entire scene was caught by the eyes of countless viewers around the world.

It made them somewhat confused.

“Wait, did Raymond just laugh?” “That’s right, he laughed, but what’s going on? Doesn’t he plan to avoid the tiger?” “Taking advantage of the fact that the tiger hasn’t discovered him yet, sneaking around is the clear choice.

Yet, he’s observing the tiger.

Once the show is over, he’ll have plenty of time to observe it at the zoo.

” “Haha, I’ve already guessed what Raymond is going to do next.

He might do some learning on the spot and use academic deduction to defeat the tiger.

” However, at that moment… “Activate my potential!” Raymond thought to himself.

Soon after, he discovered that all aspects of his body’s functions had been strengthened and had undergone a qualitative change.

The change made him feel unusually comfortable.

It took him a few seconds to adapt to his current physical condition.

Then, he took a few steps and  appeared in the tiger’s field of vision.

The tiger’s body instantly tensed up, and it quickly pounced on him.

Two bullets hit the tiger’s front legs, while the other two bullets hit the tiger’s head.

The tiger fell to the ground, twitching non-stop.

Raymond looked at the tiger, and the corner of his mouth once again formed into a smile.

Tiger meat was a great tonic.

In the international live broadcast room, all the viewers were stunned at that moment.

“Dead? The program team prepared a big challenge, but the tiger died just like that? It was killed with four shots?” “I don’t think so.

Isn’t Raymond an academic genius? Why is his marksmanship so accurate?” “I’m a former member of the Navy SEAL.

From the way Raymond pulled the trigger, I can tell that he indeed hasn’t received any professional training.

However, the accuracy of his shots is ridiculously accurate.

” “Could this be another act of genius?” Behind the scenes, the chief director, Wilson, had an unpleasant expression on his face.

“When you guys first selected Raymond, didn’t you say that he was just an ordinary kid? Now, he’s made academic deductions and shot a tiger to death.

Is this an ordinary person?” The representative of Ross Financial Group, Sam, was also very confused.

“When we selected Raymond, we naturally conducted an investigation.

All the information showed that he was just an ordinary poor person.

” Their goal had been to see the poor man make a fool of himself and then criticize him.

“What should we do now? With his shooting skills, it’ll be easy for him to survive.

I’m afraid that your goal won’t be achieved,” Wilson said.

“I’m very suspicious of his background now.

Is such a person really from the slums?” Sam was deep in thought.

“Such a person seems to have undergone some special training, and then… Hmm, special training?” Sam suddenly had an idea.

“I understand now.

Raymond is most likely an agent who’s been sent by someone.

It’s the only thing that can perfectly explain his information, and it’s also preventing us from finding any real data on him.

” “I’ll report it to the higher-ups and see what instructions they have,” Sam finally said.

Raymond found a trailer and spent some effort to get the tiger into the trailer before he dragged it to the hotel’s kitchen.

Then, he began to peel the skin and cut the meat.

“He wants to eat tiger meat!” “Tiger meat is a great tonic.

I’m craving it.

” “I actually think that Raymond’s process of killing the tiger is wonderful.

Brothers, am I a weirdo?”