The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 24

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 24

Chapter 24: At that Moment, the Whole World was Listening! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation At that moment, the scholars and professors in the global space field listened intently.

Of course, many of them were going about it with the wrong attitude.

After all, peers were like enemies, and Raymond was a poor boy from the slums.

The prejudice always prevailed.

At that moment, France’s Henri René Abel Guid Maupassant was one such judgemental individual.

Henri René Abel Guid Maupassant was a rising star in the field of space.

The moment Raymond was working on the third cosmic velocity, he had already prepared to nit-pick at him.

Even as Raymond worked on the fifth cosmic velocity with dozens of A4 paper sheets, he had even tweeted that Raymond was simply writing nonsense, he could not deduce the fifth cosmic velocity.

But now, as he listened to Raymond’s explanation, every sentence was clear and logical.

He could not pick out any mistakes.

“F*ck!” He cursed angrily.




In a space experiment building in the United States.

Upon listening to Raymond’s explanation, several old men in the conference room suddenly felt enlightened.

“I have a feeling now… that the fifth cosmic velocity is not all that difficult to comprehend?” An old man with a long beard suddenly said.

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COM “It really isn’t that difficult.

Of course… the prerequisite is that a teacher has to explain it to us in detail.

” Antonio Ian glanced at him and said faintly.

This was an adjective that Antonio Ian had used at that moment.

If this sentence were to be exposed, it would definitely cause a ripple in the world’s aerospace field.

It was like a heavy object suddenly falling on a calm surface of water.

Antonio Ian himself could be said to be the person with the highest accomplishment in the space industry.

Now, he actually said that Raymond could be his teacher? It was not about origins.

In the path of scholars, the first to reach was the first.

Raymond had more knowledge than them, and now he was explaining it to them in detail.

Even then, Raymond’s actual goal was not them, but the next intelligent civilization.

However, using the word teacher to refer to Raymond was not a problem! Raymond said slowly to the camera, “Thus concludes my explanation.

” “This is my derivation of the fifth cosmic velocity.

I hope that in the future, you will be able to see it.

“Oh right, our species are called ‘humans’, and I, Raymond, am just an insignificant human.

Thank you.

” As Raymond finished his sentence.

For the Global Aerospace Field, the successful deduction of the fifth cosmic velocity marked the next step in the study of human space-faring.

It was another huge leap.

Not only that, for the fields of mathematics and physics, it was also a huge treasure trove! On that night, countless mathematicians and physicists were cheering and excited.

As for the spectators, they were amused by Raymond’s last sentence.

“Insignificant? F * ck, if Raymond is insignificant, then what am I? Am I worthy of being alone?” “I think he is just posturing, but I don’t have any proof because Raymond’s face doesn’t show the sense of accomplishment he should have after posturing.

” “So, about Raymond’s explanation and whether his deduction is correct or not, please explain it to the big shots in the academic world!” The world’s audience didn’t wait for long.

A tweet was sent out from a space experiment building in the United States.

“Through Raymond’s explanation, we have verified the authenticity of the fifth cosmic velocity.

It is absolutely correct!”! The successful deduction of the speed of the fifth universe is without a doubt the highest achievement in the current space industry.

We have witnessed history!” With the release of this tweet, the whole world was once again in an uproar.

Some of the top universities around the world even released an announcement, expressing their willingness to hire Raymond as a professor or even a department head! These announcements naturally caused countless people to be envious and jealous.

“F*ck, I already said that we are here to watch a survival program, not to watch him do academic deductions.

The program hasn’t done anything about it, which makes me very disappointed!” “This string of theoretical formulas looks very impressive, but what’s the use? To us, it’s like a some hieroglyphics.

There’s nothing interesting about it at all!” This topic was brought up again.

Some of the audience might have seen Raymond doing his academic deduction and felt that it was boring.

But the other portion of the audience was purely jealous.

“If he continues to do more calculations tomorrow, we’ll stop watching!” Countless people said this.

“Then you should stop watching as soon as possible.

Go and watch the other contestants.

” “I think it’s because Raymond’s performance was too outstanding that it hurt some people’s hearts.

” “It’s most likely so.

Look at how ridiculous the other contestants’ performances are.

Without comparison, there won’t be any harm.

” The global audience started to criticize each other again.

Raymond was completely unaware of all this.

He was prepared to put away the camera.

However, just as he was putting away the camera, he suddenly had a feeling that he was being stared at by many people.

Raymond looked around and did not find anything unusual.

“It should be a hallucination caused by mental exhaustion.

Looks like I have to rest well today.

” After that, Raymond walked out of school and returned to his home to sleep.

Human under the camera program team.

Several directors watched Raymond go home to sleep.

Their faces were a little gloomy.

At first, when they saw Raymond leave the library, they were relieved, thinking that Raymond had finally stopped doing those boring academic deductions.

Then, they didn’t need to intervene.

After all, the program team’s principle was not to interfere if they could.

Raymond turned around and went to the university, explaining the process of deriving the fifth cosmic velocity.

This scene made the directors’ faces turned green with anger.

Raymond successfully derived the fifth cosmic velocity and made a great contribution to the aerospace field.

He was praised and admired by countless scientists.

But, what did this have to do with them? Moreover, Raymond’s actions also went against the original intention of the program team.

The program team originally wanted to see Raymond make a fool of himself.

They had not expected it to become his personal performance show.

At this time, a man in a white suit walked out of the door.

This person was a representative of the Rose Consortium.

The man in the white suit did not bother with the pleasantries.

He said, “The American space field sent an email, asking us not to interfere with Raymond.

It is best to let him continue with his academic deductions.

The French space industry and the British space industry also carried the same attitude.

“However, this does not go with the original intention of our program.

His performance has already caused a bad effect.

Please have him do something else.

” “In addition, I will arrange for people to spread some unfavorable news about Raymond to achieve the effect we want.