The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 23

The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World - Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Raymond’s Words for Mankind! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “I don’t know what to say anymore.

Why are you letting all the good food go to waste? Are you waiting for them to be moldy and stink to meet your standards?” “As expected, a denizen of the slums.

Typical poor man’s mindset.

Your thoughts have been confined by an impoverished life for more than 20 years.

You don’t even know how to enjoy life anymore.

” “What the f*ck? How can you spew such things? It’s wrong for you to say that people from poor backgrounds are all crap.

Quickly go and see what your so-called rich contestants are doing.

” “These people are so f*cking disgusting.

Just spew shit like that.

Was your mouth covered in shit when you were born? Did it stink?” Raymond finished the bread and milk.

By this time, he had already arrived at the entrance of a university.

Other than him, there was no one else.

Raymond followed the direction of the road sign and came to a teaching building.

He entered the classroom and placed it on the desk to adjust the angle so that it was pointed at the podium.

This scene once again surprised the audience.




“What is he going to do?” “He should be explaining something.

” “It can’t be about the fifth cosmic velocity, right?” At that moment, the scientists in the global aerospace field once again focused their attention and stood attentively.

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COM After adjusting the camera to a suitable angle, Raymond stood on the lectern.

This was the first time in his entire life a camera had been directed to him in such a serious situation.

Raymond felt a little uncomfortable.

He stared at the camera and was silent for a while before speaking slowly.

“To the civilization beyond my time who find this, hello.

My name is Raymond, and I’m an American.

” This was Raymond’s first spoken sentence today.

All the previous communications with the system had been done in his mind.

His voice was soft from disuse, but it deafened the global audience.

Maggie stared at the screen, her voice trembling and incredulous.

“He is talking to the next civilization!” The global audience widened their eyes, and the bullet screen went blank.

What would happen when humans suddenly became small? On Facebook, a well-known global forum, someone had made a deduction.

Humans disappearing for a week.

Food began to rot, and pets and zoo animals began to escape and roam the streets.

Humans disappearing for a month.

Without human intervention, the nuclear power plant reactors would go out of control and cause devastating damage to nearby lives.

In the following months, a large amount of nuclear pollution would directly affect the global weather.

The temperature would drop sharply, and the world would be covered in freezing snow.

Half a year after humans have vanished, the satellites in space will begin to gradually fall out of orbit.

A year after humans vanish, plants began to permeate the water layer, and cities became wilderness again.

The civilized cities built by humans for thousands of years were eroded, and the predators returned.

Five years after humans vanish, the roads around the world are gradually covered by green plants.

Nature would show an amazing regenerative ability and begin to take over the Earth again.

Twenty years after humans vanish, cities would almost be completely covered by plants.

Most of the high-rise buildings built by humans would end up as habitats for animals.

Fifty years after humans disappear, vehicles would become corroded and rusted.

Many high-rise buildings would begin to collapse from corrosion.

Cities close to the desert are gradually swallowed by the wind and sand.

A hundred years after humans disappear, the global climate would undergo earth-shaking changes.

Some low-lying coastal cities would gradually be submerged.

At that time, the oceans would regain its vitality.

500 years after humans vanish.

The Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge would have corroded to the point of collapse.

1,000 years after humans vanish.

Some landmark buildings would begin collapsing.

Traces of the once glorious human civilization would vanish.

5,000 years after humans vanish.

Animals would reclaim their rule over earth.

Human civilization has been wiped out by time.

10,000 years after humans vanish, concrete has fallen apart.

Steel has turned into dust, and perhaps only the Great Wall and the pyramids remained.

A million years later, perhaps a new intelligent species would be born, and a brilliant civilization would rise again.

It only took 10,000 years for almost all traces of human civilization to vanish.

For the entire human race, 10,000 years was too long, but for the entire earth, 10,000 years was passed in the blink of an eye.

At that moment, most of the audience fell silent.

This was only Raymond’s first day after the disappearance of the human race, but he had already thought this far into the future.

He wanted to preserve something to prove that human civilization once existed.

However, after a short period of silence.

There was another bout of arguments.

“I admit that he has a high level of thought, but it’s completely futile for him to do this.

The hardest pyramids might disappear after thousands of years.

How can a video camera survive?” “Yeah, rather than doing such meaningless things, it’s better to think about how to ensure your own safety.

” “Poor people are like that.

They only think about things that are irrelevant and ignore the present path they can walk on.

” “F*ck, these trolls really charge out with their mouths open.

Regardless of whether what Raymond is doing is meaningful or not, he at least thought this far.

Isn’t he better than the other contestants?” The global audience once again switched on the trolling mode.

On the live broadcast screen, Raymond spoke once again.

“Before we officially begin, I’ll first introduce my environment.

“Today, when I woke up, I discovered that I was the only one left in our species, while the others had all disappeared.

As for why they disappeared, I’m not sure.

As for why I’m the only one left behind, I’m also not sure.

“The beginning of our end starts now as my very cells continue aging.

What I need to do is to preserve a mark of our species.

“And the first video I want to preserve is the derivation of the fifth cosmic velocity…” Next, Raymond began to introduce what the fifth cosmic velocity was and how it could be applied practically.

Then, he explained in detail the algorithm he had come up with.

His expression was very calm.

There was no hesitation or sadness from the disappearance of humans.

There was also no recklessness and ecstasy from breaking free from the shackles of the law.

There was no loneliness or fear.

“I’m starting to think that he’s truly great.

While the other contestants were doing all sorts of things, he has already begun to fulfill his responsibilities and obligations as a human.

” “Yes, very great.

If it were us, we wouldn’t have thought of this, right?” “I suddenly feel that the reason why he went to the library to learn is to raise the level of human civilization so that he can better display it to the next intelligent civilization.

” “Amazing, this person is amazing.

” More and more people in the audience started to marvel at Raymond’s actions.

Meanwhile, scientists in the global aerospace field focused their attention and listened intently to Raymond’s explanation.

The derivation of the speed of the fifth universe was extremely complicated.

There were even many points and theories that they did not understand.

Raymond was very detailed.

From his point of view, he wanted to make it faster and easier for the next intelligent species to understand this knowledge.