My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 183

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Snakes are Restrained by Cats Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios The cabinet elder named Liu also revealed a somewhat strange smile upon hearing the report.

“Compared to when he was in Seoul, that black dragon has likely become wary of and less contemptuous toward humans after witnessing the nuclear explosions that day.

​  “Coupled with how he isn’t sure whether the golden dragon is still pursuing him or not, he has been very cautious during the last few days.

Even we are having difficulty locating him accurately and can only locate him by following the traces he leaves behind.

“It’s really unexpected that he’s actually gone over to the Tiger King by himself.

It looks like we can relax a little now.

” The middle-aged man also revealed a smile.

He said, “Indeed.

I wonder what’s with the black dragon, though.

He’s actually going over to the Tiger King? We don’t understand why either.

” The elderly cabinet elder named Liu mused for a moment.

Then, the strange smile on his countenance widened a little, and he said, “We may be aware of the Tiger King’s partial combat power, but it doesn’t mean that the black dragon is also aware.

He has likely also personally witnessed the humans’ nuclear weapons, so he doesn’t dare to come near us anymore.

“Maybe he’s going over to the Tiger King because he thinks that the Tiger King isn’t his match.

I have to admit that he has really gone straight to the right person, hahaha.

” As he spoke, he joyfully burst into laughter.

The middle-aged man also laughed.

He couldn’t help but be somewhat amused when he thought of what might be happening next.




There was also another very important thing—now that the black dragon had gone to the right person, China wouldn’t need to fire nuclear weapons anymore.

If they could help it, the various countries would never want to fire anything like nuclear weapons, especially in or nearby their own countries.

“Since he’s already gone over to the Tiger King, then it won’t be appropriate for us to track him anymore.

I’ll inform the Tiger King about it.

As for you guys, continue to investigate the area around there,” instructed the elderly Cabinet Elder Liu.

“Understood,” replied the middle-aged man.

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COM More than ten minutes later, Wang Hu received a call from Li Aimin.

A small smile formed after he hung up.

“Do you think he’s a delivery man, Baijun? He’s found us so quickly.

How impressive of him.

” Di Baijun, who had initially been fairly anticipative, couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Then, battle spirit surged up in her eyes.

“Let me do it this time.

I’ll show that little mongrel worm what a top-notch Paragon bloodline is like.

” After considering it for a moment, Wang Hu nodded and replied, “Okay.

” That black dragon wasn’t weak.

Judging from the videos, he reckoned that his combat power was at least Fifth Floor or even Sixth Floor.

However, Silly Girl was no longer the same Silly Girl that had just recovered her vitality back then either.

If she wanted to have some fun, then he would let her have her fill of fun.

Besides, he was there to back her up anyway.

“Baijun, wait at home for now while I go and look for him.

I’ll come back and let you know once I find him.

” Di Baijun answered, her battle spirit surging.

Wang Hu smiled.

Then, he transformed into golden light and disappeared.

More than half an hour later, a black figure in their Dao form appeared at a spot more than ten kilometers away from the Tiger King’s Cave.

His aura was a little weak, and he gazed coldly in the direction of the Tiger King’s Cave with his cold, distant, and wary eyes.

A look of contemplation and murderous intent flashed across his countenance.

The Tiger King’s Cave was up ahead.

Based on the information that he had heard during the last few days, the Tiger King was the strongest entity in this world apart from humans.

He even had a Tiger King’s Cave under his command.

Not only did the humans possess such fearsome and mighty nuclear weapons, but they had also been searching for him all this time.

China, in particular, was definitely not to be messed with since the spiritual energy density level in its borders was actually higher than what it was like in other places.

He had to avoid them for now.

This place was part of China, so the spiritual energy environment here was the best in this world.

Moreover, the Tiger King definitely wouldn’t own nuclear weapons either.

By eating this Tiger King, he should be able to recover from the injuries that he had suffered from burning his blood as fuel.

Who knows, I may even be able to replace him, hide in the Tiger King’s Cave, and use the Tiger King’s Cave’s power to catch various animals for my consumption.

At the same time, I can also hide from humans and Jin Qiong, thereby killing a few birds with one stone.

As he thought about it, he also became more and more determined to carry out his plans.

With regard to how strong the Tiger King was, he wasn’t worried at all.

Although he had found out that the Tiger King was hailed as number one in this world after asking around, the South Korean Divine Body Realm cultivator from the other time was also an expert ranked within the top three among the humans of this world.

From this, one could imagine the standard of the Tiger King who was hailed as number one in this world.

The number one among a bunch of trash was also a piece of trash, of course.

Hints of icy-cold killing intent intensified further and further in his eyes.

His lips parted slightly, and he remarked coldly, “If you must blame someone, then blame heaven’s will for letting me come here.

That’s for being the most suitable candidate.

” “The most suitable candidate for?” Suddenly, a cool and distant voice that carried a sense of high and mightiness rang out next to him.

In a split second, as if a thunderclap had boomed out of the blue, the black figure’s expression changed drastically as though he had been greatly shocked.

At the same time, he also swiftly dived toward the opposite direction.

It was only when he realized that he hadn’t been attacked like what he had initially expected that he finally breathed a small sigh of relief.

Then, he looked over.

A figure dressed in gold-trimmed black robes was currently standing there.

The person was looking at him with a sense of high and mightiness, the man’s gaze cold and distant as though he was looking at a mere ant.

Turmoil went through the black dragon in an instant.

He felt as if he really was an ant that the other party could stomp to death anytime they wanted.

The next moment, he hastily shook his head and stabilized his emotions.

However, his eyes were filled with unconcealable alarm and horror.

How can someone like that exist in this world? He stared at the figure whose imposing might was as great as the oceans while the man stood as immovable as a mountain, causing waves of repression to weigh down upon him.

In his trance, he felt as if he was looking at someone like the great, stalwart Fourth Realm cultivators.

How could that be, though? A hundred meters away, the black figure suppressed the urge to turn tail and run… and barked a question in a deep voice.

Expressionless, Wang Hu held his hands behind his back and replied dispassionately, “Weren’t you looking for me?” The black figure stared blankly at him for a moment.

Then, his eyes widened even further, and he asked incredulously, “You’re the Tiger King of the Tiger King’s Cave? How can that be?” “Why not?” Wang Hu’s interest was piqued.

Lost for words, the black figure was filled with graveness and solemnity.

He had only one thought in mind at the moment: was that human lying to him? Or was the Tiger King simply so powerful and the humans simply so weak? How could the number one among a bunch of trash possibly make him feel this way? He gritted his teeth, feeling like he had possibly been deceived by that goddamn South Korean again.

However, this wasn’t the time to be saying these things.

As he looked at the figure standing a short distance away, he calmed himself down and said, “I’m just passing by this place by accident.

I ask for the Tiger King’s understanding.

I honestly don’t harbor any ill intentions and will leave at once.

” Without any change in expression, Wang Hu said dispassionately, “Don’t be so anxious.

I heard you mentioning something about heaven’s will, the most suitable candidate, and whatnot just now.

You were even looking in the Tiger King’s Cave’s direction.

Tell me, what do you mean by that?” As though nothing was wrong, the black figure replied, “It’s nothing.

I was just casually speaking at the spur of the moment.

If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave.

” As he spoke, the feeling instinctively telling him to leave at once became stronger and stronger.

The moment Wang Hu heard his reply, he didn’t bother thinking about the meaning behind what the lowly little worm had said anymore either.

He said dispassionately, “Don’t be so anxious.

I really do have something to talk to you about.

” “What is it?” asked the black figure warily.

As though what he was going to say was something of insignificance, Wang Hu replied, “My Queen has developed an interest in dragon flesh.

I’m also interested in having a taste of what dragon flesh is like, so why don’t you be our meat?” The moment he said that, a savage and ferocious look came over the black figure’s countenance.

Without a second word, he flew right behind Wang Hu and increased his speed to his limit.

Unaffected, Wang Hu waited for the other party to run for a few seconds.

Then, he suddenly vanished from where he was.

Two seconds later, somewhere 1,000 meters away… A crash rang out, followed by a panicked, alarmed, and horrified dragon roar.

As though a fly that had been sent flying by someone’s palm, an enormous creature rolled about as it crashed back whence it had come from, causing chaos everywhere upon smashing onto the ground.

A great part of the mountain and woods were destroyed.

The huge black dragon immediately got up and looked at the front, its gaze incredibly somber and horrified.

The Tiger King was still looking at him coolly and aloofly with his hands behind his back.

The black dragon’s breathing became heavy and ragged as he lost control of the alarm and horror in him.

Just a moment ago, a streak of golden light had flashed across before he could even react.

Then, a great force had assaulted him, batting him back where he had come from.

The Tiger King was so fast that the black dragon could only feel shock and horror at his speed.

The black dragon was no match for this tiger at all.

He gritted his teeth and forced himself to calm down.

His voice deepened in displeasure, and he said, “What exactly does the Tiger King want?” Wang Hu replied dispassionately, “I told you.

Why don’t you become our meat? “However, my Queen has also taken interest in using you, a little worm, as a tool for sparring.

She hasn’t arrived yet, so you can just wait for her here.

” Despite not being his match, the black dragon was nevertheless enraged.

That b*stard! What did he take him for? Not only was this b*stard intending to eat him, but the tiger even called him a little worm and wanted to use him as a tool for sparring.

This Tiger King was too much.

The dragon breathed even more heavily through its gigantic mouth as he glared hard at the figure that brought him such immense pressure.

How he wished he could charge forward and fight the Tiger King to the death.

This was the first time he had been humiliated like this ever since the chance encounter that allowed him to make his emergence and shake off the title of useless trash.

Even the humiliation that Jin Qiong, who called him a damned beast, gave him was far less severe than what he was currently experiencing.

The feeling reminded him of the humiliation that he had suffered back when he was still a piece of useless trash.

After a few seconds of silence, he gritted his teeth and forcibly suppressed the urge in him.

He said solemnly, “Your Majesty, may I know if you can spare my life if I am fortunate enough to survive in the hands of Her Majesty?” Wang Hu’s eyes shifted slightly.

The other party surprisingly knew when to yield and when not to.

He was just about to reply, but he stopped… because a cold, haughty, and domineering voice rang out the very next moment.

“Do you think a little worm like you can survive in my hands?” Before she even finished, a streak of white light had already flashed past.

As though a high and mighty empress, Di Baijun appeared and looked at the black dragon as if she were looking at a lowly ant.

A suffocating feeling formed in the black dragon’s chest—his blood was actually slightly trembling.

He suddenly felt like he was being suppressed.

An even nobler bloodline! The Queen has an even nobler and even more powerful bloodline! It’s even nobler and even more powerful than all the bloodlines that I’ve ever seen! This is just a small world.

How can such a noble bloodline possibly appear here? Finding the current situation hard to fathom, a pair of widened dragon eyes stared at the peerless and unparalleled figure in front of him.

When he recalled the information that he had gotten from South Korea again, for a moment there, he felt as if this world had been deceiving him all this time.


How dare you look me straight in the eye.

You ought to die for that.

” Upon seeing that the little worm actually dared to stare at her straight in the eye, fury surged up in Di Baijun, and killing intent circled around her.

She attacked straightaway.

A white beam shot out of her delicate hand and went straight toward the black dragon.

Upon sensing her attack, the black dragon gritted his teeth and charged forward.

Given the speed that the Tiger King had displayed earlier, there was no way he could get away at all.

Even though the Tiger King hadn’t answered him yet, surviving the Tiger Queen was his only way out at the moment.

He might even be able to capture the Tiger Queen and threaten the Tiger King with her.

As he thought about it, he didn’t have the leisure of bothering about his injuries anymore either.

Divine power circulated furiously in him as he charged forward.

However, a minute later, he had despaired somewhat.

His enormous body was already covered in more than ten bloody gashes, including on his head.

Blood flowed rapidly from his wounds.

All of these were wounds that the Tiger Queen had made.

Yet, he hadn’t even managed to touch the other party at all.

Every time he charged forward, the other party would also move bizarrely fast.

He couldn’t land any attacks on her at all, yet she could always ruthlessly strike him as though she was making a fool out of him.

In fact, she hadn’t even transformed into her true form.

Apart from that, he was actually also feeling some kind of suppression—one that came from her bloodline, from her.

It felt like a form of suppression that occurred when low-grade bloodlines encountered high-grade ones.

Yet, they weren’t of the same species, and neither did they possess the same bloodline.

Moreover, he was even a dragon.

He had never even heard of anything that could suppress his bloodline under such circumstances.

No matter how disbelieving he was, however, the facts were right in front of him.

He was no match for the Tiger Queen.

Despair intensified further and further in him.

A sense of savagery soon surged up wildly.

Gradually, even his rationality and whatnot had been suppressed, and he attacked furiously.

However, the outcome was that his injuries became worse and worse, while Di Baijun started to have an easier and easier time.

Wang Hu, who was watching from the sidelines, was rather astonished.

To be honest, the black dragon wasn’t weak.

By right, even if Silly Girl could beat him, it was impossible for her to do it so easily.

However, as he watched, he discovered that Silly Girl was actually restraining the black dragon.

The entire battle was much like when he had watched a cat fighting a snake in his past life.

The snake might seem vicious, ruthless, and powerful; however, it was completely restrained by some cats, resulting in the cat killing it for its amusement.

Moreover, Silly Girl was more powerful than the black dragon right from the start.

The outcome was totally predictable.

This form of restraint also made him realize even more deeply just how strong the White Tiger bloodline was.

He knew very well that this form of restraint wasn’t something that other tigers could achieve.

It wouldn’t work even if one possessed the same level of combat power as Di Baijun.

Even Wang Hu himself couldn’t do it.

Apart from the White Tiger bloodline’s powerful nature, there was also an additional, unique suppression effect.

It was only when the two combined with each other that such a kind of restraint would form.

With another smack of her palm, Di Baijun sent the black dragon rolling another few rounds.

By now, there was no longer any battle spirit on her face.

In fact, there was even some disdain on her countenance as though she was complaining that the other party was too weak.

Flashes of white gold light appeared, turning into razor-sharp swords as she cast the third stage of the White Tiger Battle Art.

Explosions mixed with a shrill dragon roar rang out.

Dragon scales flew about as dragon blood spurted everywhere.

The enormous dragon crashed heavily into the forests on the mountain.

The aura around it had weakened to a certain extent.

However, it had also thoroughly awakened him from his state of despair and lunacy.

He hastily shouted, “Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I can be of use to you.

I can be of great use to you.

” Wang Hu stopped Silly Girl from killing him.

He’d best still get some answers about some things from him.

A look of boredom flashed across Di Baijun’s countenance.

She went over to Wang Hu.

Then, she raised her exquisite little chin and criticized proudly, “A mongrel little worm like him is simply so useless.

He’s so ridiculously weak.