My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 182

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 182

Chapter 182: One Mushroom after Another Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Wang Hu nodded thoughtfully.

After being with Silly Girl for so long, he had also gained some understanding of the cultivation realms that came after.

What came after the Divine Body Realm was the Fourth Realm, the Ground Limits Realm; followed by the Fifth Realm, the Heaven’s Vault Realm.

​  Those of the True Dragon bloodline would still attain the Fifth Realm at adulthood even if they didn’t cultivate.

This was just like Big Treasure and Little Treasure’s White Tiger bloodline.

From this, one could see that the two bloodlines were of the same grade.

Going by that, these two dragons were indeed mongrels like what Silly Girl had said.

Of course, it was also because Silly Girl’s horizons were too broad.

In a not-so-powerful world, these creatures that she viewed as mongrels might just be creatures that really possessed True Dragon bloodlines.

How it would exactly turn out depended on the actual situation.

From what he could tell at the moment, the world that these two dragons hailed from likely wasn’t that simple a world—or at least, they were far above the Third Realm.

It was highly likely that Earth would gain another powerful enemy contending for it.




What was making him frown somewhat, however, was that even if the world passage leading to that alternate world wasn’t located in South Korea, it was undoubtedly not too far off.

In that case, there was a high chance that it would implicate his territory.

After all, his territory was also next to South Korea.

“Say, how do you think South Korea will resolve this?” Di Baijun suddenly asked somewhat curiously.

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COM Wang Hu thought about her question for a moment.

Then, he said with some uncertainty, “They are likely at their wits’ end.

All they can do is wait for the two dragons to leave by themselves.

When that happens, it’ll also be time for the other alliances to fire nuclear weapons.

” While nodding, as though something had occurred to her, Di Baijun blinked and murmured, “Dragon flesh is actually very delicious.

Even if they are mongrel dragons, their flesh would still be very delicious.

” Taken aback, Wang Hu looked up at her.

Somewhat embarrassed, Di Baijun turned away slightly and refused to look at Wang Hu.

It was just that she felt like she really hadn’t eaten dragon flesh for such a long time.

Even if those two weren’t True Dragons, they could nonetheless still be considered dragons.

Wang Hu smiled in amusement and said, “Let’s see how things go.

If those two dragons flee to our territory, I’ll catch them and let our whole family eat some dragon flesh.

” If the two dragons flee into his territory, China and the other countries would definitely notify him.

After all, he was different from those small and medium countries in the past.

If they wanted to fire nuclear weapons at his territory, they would have to notify him first.

When that happened, it naturally wouldn’t be difficult for him to catch the two dragons.

Di Baijun’s bright, beautiful eyes lit up, and she revealed a small smile.

A while later, Di Baijun remarked, “Eh? This channel about the fighting dragons has actually started a live stream in Seoul.

” Wang Hu wasn’t surprised.

There were quite a lot of people from Chinese companies related to live streams in Seoul.

There would always be people that wanted money and didn’t fear death, so it wasn’t anything strange that someone would start a livestream there.

The shocking battle was still ongoing.

As though they were overturning seas and rivers in the great ocean, the two behemoths left a trail of chaos behind them wherever they went.

Tragic, miserable cries and sobs were everywhere.

In spite of that, the South Korean senior officials chose to ignore the situation and simply watched on as the two gigantic dragons fought with each other, waiting for them to leave by themselves once they were done fighting.

Voices questioning the government’s actions constantly popped up on the local Internet and argued nonstop with those trying to defend and absolve the government of blame.

No matter how fiercely they argued, however, the two dragons’ battle continued, regardless.

After another short while, at last, amidst innumerable South Koreans’ anticipative gazes, the black dragon couldn’t hold on anymore.

The golden dragon sent him flying again, causing him to crash through a building.

Hatred flashed across the black dragon’s eyes as he gritted his teeth.

Nevertheless, it seemed like he had made up his mind.

The next instant, black flames started to blaze all over his body.

A foreboding feeling arose in Jin Qiong the moment he saw the flames.

Just as he was about to launch another attack, the other party transformed into a streak of light that raced into the distance at such a high speed that he couldn’t even quite react in time.

Fury arose in him.

He thought: That b*stard.

Does he think he can get away from me just by using some kind of forbidden escape technique? It is but just a delusion of his.

Once you lose steam, killing you would be a piece of cake.

As he thought hatefully to himself, he transformed into a streak of golden light and went after the black streak of light, vanishing from sight in the blink of an eye.

At the sight, everyone in South Korea heaved a sigh of relief.

“Did you see that? That’s how noble Master Ryu and Master Lee are.

By pretending to be so vulnerable that they couldn’t withstand even a single blow, the two dragons left right after they were done fighting with each other.

They were being considerate toward more citizens.

” “Hah, just tell it like it is—they couldn’t beat them.

Why bother defending them again? I’ve really had enough.

All of this must be the senior officials’ instructions.

They’re making fools out of the public.

” The uproar on the Internet in South Korea aside, after the two dragons flew out of Seoul, the related departments from the few major countries immediately became even more focused.

Several seconds later, astonished voices rang out from the related departments.

“Oh, no, the black dragon is too fast.

Our satellites can’t lock on to him.

The nuclear bomb probably won’t be able to hit him.

” Some more seconds later, voices that sounded even more astonished rang out.

“It’s not working anymore.

The black dragon’s speed has exceeded the satellites’ surveillance.

We’ve lost him.

” Voices expressing the same thing appeared in the few major countries’ related departments.

“Get rid of the golden dragon first, then.

” Several orders were given.

More than 10 minutes later… “Coordinates ####, Missile #3, fire.

” At numerous extremely hidden and obscure locations, missiles loaded with nuclear weapons and accompanied by sparks and fairly loud and powerful rumbling rushed into the sky at high speed.

In the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the horizon.

Elsewhere, Jin Qiong diligently followed the black dragon’s trail and chased after him.

Suddenly, alarm and trepidation arose within him without reason when he passed by an area devoid of any cities within several hundred kilometers.

The next instant, his expression changed, and he looked into the distance.

Just as he looked over, a missile loaded with nuclear weapons also came close to him.

Its speed was so fast that it was as though it had shuttled through space-time itself.

Jin Qiong’s expression changed drastically.

The feeling of danger made him set all the divine power in him ablaze.

He increased his speed to its limit and flew toward the side.

Terrifying flames rushed high into the skies together with an earth-shattering explosion.

At once, temperatures that reached as high as millions of degrees Celsius evaporated everything within several hundred meters of the area.

Powerful shock waves swept toward all directions as though they wanted to destroy everything, and a gigantic mushroom cloud formed high in the sky.

Innumerable senior officials from the major countries stared hard at the sight in the videos at this instant.

All of a sudden, a furious dragon roar rang out from within the sound waves… which then propelled a huge dragon that glittered gold all over into the distance.

It was then followed by another infuriated roar that showed no signs of weakening at all.

In front of many screens, the various countries’ senior officials’ expressions turned incredibly grave and solemn.

In the capital of China… In the video on the screen in front of Dong Pingtao, a voice was speaking rapidly.

“Our preliminary judgment is that the other party is too fast and had already discovered the missile when it was closing in on him, causing him to promptly fly to the side.

Coupled with the time it took for the nuclear weapon to explode, his flight during this extremely short duration of time had allowed him to evade the missile explosion’s central region, as well as the resulting high temperatures there.

“The other shock waves and nuclear radiation were useless against the golden dragon.

“The golden dragon is extremely strong.

It’s the first Divine Body Realm being on Earth that has survived a Missile #3 after being hit.

“It is foreseeable that nuclear weapons will become less and less effective as our enemies become stronger and stronger.

” Toward the end, the voice had already become as heavy and solemn as a mountain.

Dong Pingtao sighed softly.

This day had ultimately come after all.

He knew that nuclear weapons would eventually become outdated as their enemies became stronger and stronger.

After all, no matter how powerful nuclear weapons were, they still had their limitations and weaknesses—in other words, they must hit their targets to work.

No matter how powerful they were, it would still be useless if they missed.

Despite knowing that, when he personally witnessed the day arriving so soon, he nevertheless felt fatigue and a heavy weight on his heart.

The first expert like that had already appeared, and there would only be more of them in the future.

After a few seconds of silence, the look in his eyes turned fierce and deadly, and he ordered, “Exterminate him.

” In Russia and India, their respective senior officials also gave the same order.

“Start doing the calculations right away.

Cluster the missiles and lock on to the target from all directions.

” Grave and solemn voices rang out in some government departments.

At the explosion site, Jin Qiong let out a furious roar.

Lingering fear arose in him as he stared at the area where the center of the explosion had been.

It had been so close.

Had he not reacted in time, he really wouldn’t have been able to withstand the high temperatures in the center of the explosion.

Extreme fury surged up within him.

Thoughts sprung up in his mind at high speed.

He thought: It must have been the humans in this world.

They were the ones behind it.

Those bastards.

I almost fell for their tricks.

They’ve come for revenge.

He gnashed his teeth in fury; he had let down his guard.

The humans of this world weren’t strong, so he hadn’t expected that they would possess such powerful weapons.

Fortunately, they must have had reservations about the humans in that city previously, so they hadn’t attacked him with those weapons there.

Otherwise, given the circumstances of his battle with that damned beast at that point, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to get away from the center of the explosion in time.

No, this isn’t right.

How did they lock on to my position? Have they been monitoring me using some kind of method unbeknownst to me? He wondered to himself with lingering fear in his heart.

He looked around him and scanned his surroundings with his divine senses.

However, he didn’t find anything.

Not daring to dally any further here, he quickly flew ahead.

At the same time, he also lowered his position.

A few seconds later, the wary Jin Qiong felt the same sense of fear and trepidation again.

A streak of fire entered his vision, and he immediately flew to the side.

However, more streaks of fire entered his vision one after another right after.

His eyes widened—there wasn’t just one! The aura of death suffused his entire body, and he almost instinctively charged toward the ground in fear and horror.

As though breaking the heavens and shattering earth, explosions rang throughout several hundred kilometers of the area in succession.

Fire that rushed high into the sky and mushroom clouds that appeared one after another formed an extremely bright, resplendent, and astounding sight.

Innumerable South Koreans in the vicinity witnessed the sight.

Their eyes widened, and then… they didn’t know what happened after that anymore.

Various countries’ senior officials stared hard at the destructive sight.

Almost none of them cared about the impact that the move would bring to South Korea.

What they cared about more was whether the golden dragon was dead or not.

Although they were very confident because they had fired more than ten nuclear weapons in one go, they were nevertheless worried when they were up against miraculous special abilities and skills from another world.

At last, all the odd sights disappeared.

There was nothing left at the site.

Even the ground had been reduced by more than a dozen meters deep, and unique substances had formed.

“Send people there to investigate at once.

We must determine whether the golden dragon is alive or dead.

” Orders that were more or less the same were given in the various countries.

About 100 kilometers away from the explosion, a black figure seemed to exhaust all of its energy upon hearing the shocking explosions.

Unable to withstand it anymore, he threw up a mouthful of blood.

An enormous dragon then crashed heavily into the forest.

His breathing had weakened significantly by now.

Alarm and uncertainty filled him as he turned toward the explosions that had dyed even the horizon crimson in the distance.

What kind of Dharma treasure was that? It contained such fearsome power! He tried his best to recuperate for a while.

Then, unable to afford the leisure of thinking too deeply into it, he continued to flee into the distance.

Angry voices that turned the country upside down as they demanded explanations from the various countries and their own government filled South Korea.

At the same time, a great distance away in the ocean, the weakened Jin Qiong appeared in front of the world passage.

He turned around and glared hatefully in the direction of South Korea.

As he gnashed his teeth in fury, he spat out word after word.

“I’ll remember this, South Korea.

Just you wait.

I’ll definitely destroy all of you.

” Just a little more.

Just a little more, and he would have become utterly dead.

If he did not instinctively use his tunneling ability and dived underground at the end, he would have been killed by that terrifying high heat by now.

Even so, because he had still been a little too late, the explosions had still injured him.

After that, he could only use his Invisibility Spell and return all the way to the world passage without daring to dally even a moment more.

He had already gained an understanding of the humans in this world—while their combat power was lacking, their weapons were indeed powerful.

However, they also had a huge flaw.

He had also thought of a countermeasure.

Once he recovered, he would return and occupy this world right away, as well as take that damned beast’s life.

After letting out a cold, vicious snort, he dived straight into the world passage.

As for the various countries, they didn’t find anything even after searching for a couple of days.

On top of that, they couldn’t even be completely sure whether the golden dragon was alive or dead, and so they could only continue to investigate.

Apart from the golden dragon, there was also still the issue of the black dragon, as well as the world passage connected to their world.

As such, the various countries put in even more effort and searched the area in detail.

A day later, Wang Hu received a call from Li Aimin.

“Your Excellency, according to our investigations and tracking, the black dragon that caused the huge ruckus in South Korea a few days ago has highly likely entered your territory,” said Li Aimin directly after some pleasantries.

Wang Hu perked up.

To think that the black dragon had really come to his territory.

A hint of interest arose in him.

He was also rather curious about dragon flesh.


I’ll personally do something about it if you find him in my territory.

” “Rest assured, Your Excellency.

We’ll inform you right away once we find him in your territory,” replied Li Aimin at once.

Then, he paused for a moment and said, “When that happens, can Your Excellency let us know the location of the world passage whence the black dragon came from?” “Alright.

” Wang Hu agreed right away.

“Thank you very much in advance then, Your Excellency,” said Li Aimin with a smile.

A smiling Wang Hu looked at Silly Girl and said, “Our family may really be able to eat some dragon flesh this time.

” Di Baijun also revealed a smile as anticipation filled her eyes.

Within an hour after that, India and Russia also called Wang Hu in succession.

Both of them also had the same intentions.

Wang Hu also gave them the same answer.

Another two days later in China, a middle-aged man reported to an elderly official in the cabinet.

He sounded somewhat weirded out as he said, “Cabinet Elder Liu, according to our tracking, the black dragon has highly likely headed toward the Tiger King’s Cave.