My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 164

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 164

Chapter 164: All Kinds of Spoils The invasion by the Deep Abyss this time truly terrified Bay.

Up till now, the terror that he felt did not subside; in fact, it was still increasingly incessantly.

Although the invasion was resolved, that was not the end of everything.

The world passage leading to the Deep Abyss was still there.

This time, they managed to hide themselves from the surveillance and invaded.

Next time, there might be another invasion… no, it’s not a ‘might’, but a ‘will’.

They didn’t know when the demons would launch the invasion the next time.

As the spiritual energy density of the world increased, the prowess of invaders by the Deep Abyss would also increase, and Russia would be in more and more danger.

Bay’s mood would not be lightened up if this problem was not resolved.

He would not get a good night’s sleep.

Hence, he decided to raise this question personally and suggest a collaboration.

With Russia’s own research capacities and cultivation abilities, it would take an unimaginably long amount of time before they could come up with a solution.

Only by cooperating with other countries would there be a faster way.

As Bay changed the subject to China, the other leaders also looked at Dong Pingtao.




Dong Pingtao’s expression turned even more serious and seemed to be in agreement with what Bay said.

He was silent for a while before he slowly said, “It’s a must that all the countries work together in researching a solution to resolve this problem.

“All of our countries will face dire consequences if we cannot identify and detect invaders from alternate worlds accurately.

“I agree with Bay’s suggestion that we should collaborate through research and cultivation and come up with a solution for this huge problem.

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COM Bay nodded, and the three other leaders looked at each other.

They had no other opinions, and this matter was decided on quickly.

Bay paused for a moment, and he continued to say with a solemn expression, “Gentlemen, all of us are aware of the problem now.

“Russia may face another invasion by the Deep Abyss any time.

Does anyone have a way to increase the strength of surveillance?” As he said, he looked questioningly at the men through the monitor, especially at Dong Pingtao and Te Bajing.

It had actually been a while since Tiger King reminded them and when they discovered this problem.

All the countries have been researching this problem.

The solutions that Russia developed might be useless, but it didn’t mean that the research of other countries’ would also be useless.

Especially China and India.

First, agree on collaborating, then ask about it right away… Losing face was unimportant now.

“China has found some ways.

I will show some of them to Mr.

Bay afterward,” Dong Pingtao said without hesitation.

“Same for India,” Te Bajing also said.

The other two also followed with a similar response.

“I thank everyone so much,” Bay said sincerely, regardless of whether the other four countries were sharing everything that they had or not.

“Alright, everyone, let’s discuss the old problem,” Te Bajing said.

Immediately, everyone’s expression turned more serious.

“The world situation has developed to this point now, and many small and medium countries are increasingly displeased.

“Many of their senior government officials are unwilling to relinquish control, and their countries are experiencing even more social upheaval.

“Without a doubt, this is a waste of our humans’ power.

We cannot continue to leave it be,” Te Bajing said solemnly.

After a round of unaggressive yet very solemn debate, there was still no solution to the question that Te Bajing raised.

The few countries still could not come to an agreement.

The conference ended without a conclusion again after countless rounds of discussions on previous occasions.

In the capital of China, Dong Pingtao ended the video conference.

He pondered for a while before dialing a number.

“What is the progress of the Warning Formation now?” “Leader, out of the three stages of the Warning Formation that we obtained from the Zhang Dingguo tomb, we shall be able to fully understand the second stage in another month.

“We also have sufficient materials.

By then, we can set up the second stage of the Warning Formation at all the alternate world passages.

“Based on what the legacy says, the second stage Warning Formation is able to detect power intensity of all Third Realms and low-level Fourth Realms.

” Over the phone, an old voice said with confidence.

Dong Pingtao’s expression lightened up slightly, and he said seriously, “Good, all of you have done a good job.

” “This is what we are required to do,” the same voice said with a smile.

Dong Pingtao did not continue to say much about this subject, and the person over the phone also did not require such courtesy or encouragement from him.

He said seriously, “Later, the few major countries will be working together to research the problem of monitoring the world passage.

“I also promised Russia to share some relevant things.

“We can share some basic stuff with them.

” “Yes, Leader.

I understand,” the person over the phone said with a knowing smile.

The phone call ended, and Dong Pingtao finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He couldn’t help but exclaim to himself: these legacies were so useful.

Else, China wouldn’t be this calm right now.

He really hoped that there were more, but the increase in spiritual energy density that accompanied every tomb discovery also made him worried.

It’s really impossible to have it both ways.

He sighed to himself and quickly pulled himself together to work on some things.

His willpower grew stronger despite the increasing age.

He was clear that China was still not developing fast enough at the end of the day.

If only they developed fast enough and had sufficiently strong cultivators… If they had a few cultivators who were as strong as the Tiger King, he would then have the confidence to wish for a new legacy tomb.

Unfortunately, China did not have those.

They also did not have enough Third Realm cultivators; there were less than 200 right now.

Sigh! However, based on the latest research, there were more and more geniuses appearing in China recently.

He believed that China would reach that amount of confidence one fine day.

… Wang Hu was aware of the infighting between the different countries.

They helped each other mutually, but they were also wary of one another.

However, he was not interested in this matter and had decided long ago that he would not care as long as he was not implicated.

Resolving the invasion of the Deep Abyss was a fruitful event.

After Wang Hu imprinted his divine power on the bodies of the six demon generals to control them, he left his address with them and returned to the Tiger King’s Cave by himself first.

The 10,000 demon soldiers traveled slowly; he did not want to move with them.

As to what the Russians would think about so many demons traveling through Russia, Wang Hu believed that they would keep a lookout and then pretend that nothing happened.

On his way back, he carefully checked out the environment in Russia, especially the land near his territory, and made some plans in his mind.

Afterward, he returned to the Tiger King’s Cave.

Once he returned home, he took a glance at the two little fellows who were still in the same good spirits despite not seeing him for two days.

He pursed his lips, feeling disappointed; he no longer wanted to talk to them.

He entered the cave directly, and before he entered the room, he said with a bright and cheerful voice, “Baijun, I’m back!” Di Baijun, who was seated on the bed with her legs crossed, already found out a while ago.

Only at the point when she discovered did she show her pleasure on her face; other than that, her face remained calm as though nothing happened.

When Wang Hu walked into the room, she finally opened her cool eyes and looked calmly at him to acknowledge that he’s back.

Wang Hu was used to it.

He walked to her directly, sat on the bed, and pulled her soft and nice-smelling body into a hug.

With a smile on his face, he said, “Let me tell you about all the things I gained this time.

” Di Baijun rolled her eyes but did not resist; she was already used to it.

Wang Hu shared everything with her, except for the part where he allowed the soul fragment of the Demon King to enter his body, which concerned the third stage of the Extreme Defense Wall of Dao.

As he said, he took out the little flag that he snatched from the Demon King and passed it to Silly Girl.

“Baijun, you can keep this.

” Di Baijun took a couple of looks at it and was completely disinterested.

She said with disdain, “These blood-soaked Dharma treasures that demons use are completely incompatible with us tigers.

” Wang Hu nodded.

He also thought the same.

He was not interested in Dharma treasures that were created with blood.

Although the tiger species were known to control life and death, the tigers represented the strength of vigor.

Sinister and heinous Dharma treasures like these were completely incompatible with his divine power and personality.

He only gave it to Silly Girl to see what she would say.

As expected, Silly Girl did not want it, so he said, “This is a middle-grade Dharma treasure; it would be a waste to destroy it.

Since we don’t want it, we can store it in the treasury first.

” Dharma artifacts and Dharma treasures were categorized into three grades: inferior-grade, middle-grade, and superior-grade.

A Dharma treasure was undoubtedly extremely useful.

It could increase the combat power of a cultivator by leaps.

A middle-grade Dharma treasure would be useful even for Wang Hu.

However, Wang Hu did not like a Dharma treasure like this.

Moreover, he was invincible on Earth, so he did not want to use it at all.

He was confident that he didn’t need it.

He also had a pride similar to Silly Girl’s: Don’t want it? Then, don’t use it.

At the same time, it could be seen from this middle-grade Dharma treasure that the Demon King of Nowhere was very well-prepared.

With this middle-grade Dharma treasure, in addition to his clone’s combat power, if not for Wang Hu; all the human countries might not be able to resist him easily.

Di Baijun nodded and took the little flag from him.

The treasury was built by them, and only the two of them could enter.

Currently, the most valuable items that were not in use were stored inside.

Then, Wang Hu took out the clone body of the Demon King of Nowhere.

Di Baijun’s eyes went bright.

She extended her hands and blanketed the body with her divine power.

After more than 10 seconds, the burly body disappeared and was left only with two items.

It was a piece of meat and a green orb as large as a child’s fist.

Mysterious and profound life energy emanated from the orb.

“The Life-Giving Pearl,” Di Baijun said, feeling fascinated.

“This is an extraordinary treasure; no wonder he could create a clone despite only being at the Demon King Realm.

” Wang Hu continued to look at Silly Girl, motioning for her to keep on explaining.

Creating a clone was not simple.

Unless the creator was incredibly powerful, it usually required all kinds of treasures to maintain the vitality of the soul and flesh that were split away from the original body.

The clone of the Demon King of Nowhere was created using a piece of his flesh and this Life-Giving Pearl.

He was aware of all that, but he did not know about this Life-Giving Pearl.

“Life-Giving Pearl, as the name suggests, is a treasure that contains immense vitality.

“Its uses are numerous, but the main function is to heal injuries.

“If refined directly, it can also improve the combat power of a Third Realm by leaps,” Di Baijun explained.

Wang Hu’s smile widened.

It was a valuable item.

As expected of the spoil that he thought was most valuable.

He immediately said, “Then, Baijun, you can refine it directly.

” Di Baijun rolled her eyes and said, “What a waste.

There’s no need to be this anxious now.

“Keep it, just in case something happens.

” “Alright.

” Wang Hu did not mind.

He would not feel upset if Silly Girl did not use it.

Likewise, he also would not disagree if she wanted to keep it.

Silly Girl was also right.

Based on their current combat power, there was no need to be so anxious.

It might come in handy in the future.

Afterward, Wang Hu took out all the different space bags and started to organize his finds.

He killed more than 50 Third Realms, but they were obviously poor demons; only slightly more than 10 demons had space bags, and the items inside were scarce.

However, the space bag of the clone of the Demon King had many valuables.

The volume of the space bag was as huge as 5,000 cubic meters, and it had 1,000 kilograms of spirit stones and 2,500 kilograms of demonic stones.

Demonic stones were produced in the Deep Abyss.

It was a type of spirit stone, and the demonic energy it contained was most suitable for demons to absorb for cultivation.

Wang Hu tried absorbing energy from it and found out he could use it as well.

However, the effect was less than half of absorbing spirit stones since he also had to expel the demonic power that it also contained.

At least it served some use; it was still a valuable find.

Apart from the stones, there were also two inferior-grade Dharma treasures: a knife and a shield.

The remaining were just some miscellaneous items, and not many were useful.

The couple finished organizing the war spoils while feeling content.

At night, Wang Hu looked at Silly Girl’s beautiful face and became tempted.

He took another look at the two little fellows still running around in their room and frowned.

Then, he broke into a gentle smile and said, “Big Treasure, Little Treasure, it’s time for bed.

Come, Daddy will put you to sleep.

” “No, Big Treasure doesn’t want to sleep.

” Big Treasure shook his head and continued to play with Little Treasure.

Wang Hu frowned, and his tone became sterner.

“Be good, it’s time to sleep.

Come quickly! Listen to me.

” The two little fellows shook their heads in unison, and they did not stop playing, obviously not paying attention to what Wang Hu said.

Wang Hu’s hands were feeling an itch.

These two rascals were already at Transformation Realm; he should be able to beat them now, right? He hesitated for a while and resisted his urge.

These were his children, not his brothers; he should endure it for a few more years.

He turned and looked at Silly Girl to say, “Baijun, it’s time they go to sleep.

” Di Baijun’s eyes were moving slightly under her closed eyelids, showing her uneasiness.

It had been more than two months; how would she not know what this rascal was planning to do? Normally, this rascal would not let the two little fellows sleep so early.

He even had the audacity to ask me to instruct the two little fellows to go to bed.

Her face flushed, and she opened her eyes to glare at him.

Then, she turned her head away.

Wang Hu felt resigned.

He’s done it so many times that Silly Girl already knew what he was up to and was unwilling to cooperate with him.

The previous times, Silly Girl had instructed the two little fellows to go to sleep after he nudged her.

Wang Hu frowned and stared at the two little fellows as he thought of a way.

After a minute, he stood up to grab the two little fellows and said, “Big Treasure, Little Treasure, Daddy brought back something awesome for you this time.

Shall Daddy show it to you in your room?” The two little fellows’ eyes immediately turned bright, and they nodded their heads after a slight hesitation.


” Little Treasure’s young baby voice said expectantly.

Wang Hu smiled, and he carried the two little fellows to the room next door.

Di Baijun finally turned her head around and snorted.

Then, she seemed to think about something, and her face turned red again.