My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 163

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 163

Chapter 163: As Servants and Slaves The appearance of the Demon King of Nowhere morphed onto the projection of the palm.

On the projection, the Demon King’s face contorted in anger, and it growled soundlessly.

The projection shot into Wang Hu’s body.

Meanwhile, the body of the Demon King of Nowhere lay limply on the ground, and its soul had left the body.

Traces of amusement appeared across Wang Hu’s eyes before it was closed.

At the same time, there was a ball of soul energy attacking his soul frenziedly.

Wang Hu focused his consciousness on his brain and said calmly, “If you were the original soul from Demon King of Nowhere’s original body, I might be more cautious… however, you are nothing but a broken limb.

“You can’t do anything to me.

” The Extreme Defense Wall of Dao did not only just defend his body; it also defended his soul.

It defended all facets, leaving no dead angles.

The power of the soul was only at the peak of the Third Realm.

Unless Wang Hu’s own divine power or physical stamina was insufficient, there was no way it could hurt him at all.

Growl~! A furious growl blasted in Wang Hu’s mind, and it continued to attack relentlessly, ignoring what was said.




Wang Hu remained still and allowed it to attack.

This was the Demon King’s last ruse.

He found out from the searching of the demon’s soul that the clone was not easy to create.

Apart from various treasures, it also required the Demon King of Nowhere to split a part of its soul power.

The greater the fragment of the soul power, the stronger the will of the clone and the greater the burden would be on the demon’s original body.

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COM If the soul power fragment was to be destroyed, it would be a huge blow to the original body, and the body would not be able to recover from it easily.

Of course, the soul power fragment was not that easily destroyed.

If the clone died, the soul would not perish and would automatically return to the original body.

Wang Hu was somewhat confident that he would be able to destroy the soul power that rose from the dead body before it returned to its original body.

However, he had more confidence in destroying the soul power if it had entered his body on its own accord.

Hence, Wang Hu infuriated the Demon King on purpose, and the Demon King obviously hated him now, so much so that it would rather risk injuring its original body and soul to kill him.

It was also due to the opponent being just a fragment of the Demon King’s soul power.

Its willpower was not that strong, as can be seen from how it turned completely demonic just by being humiliated by him.

Now, it was in his home ground.

Of course, Wang Hu called the shots here.

After allowing it to attack for a while, his oceanic divine power was roused, and it crashed towards the fragment of Demon King’s soul power in waves.

Not long after, the soul power fragment was completely destroyed, only leaving behind an aggrieved and irate bellow.

“I will be back!” Wang Hu said with contempt, “I will be waiting for you.

” As he finished, he opened his eyes and looked at the soulless, lifeless body that emanated a strong power.

Wang Hu looked pleased.

This was a treasure.

His divine senses swept across the body and retrieved a black space bag from the body.

Afterward, he stored the body away.

Meanwhile… Far away in the Deep Abyss… In a magnificent palace, the Demon King of Nowhere—who was recuperating in seclusion after splitting away part of its soul—suddenly changed expressions.

His breathing suddenly became rugged, appearing to have sustained a huge blow.

He immediately felt enraged.

“Who? Who is it? How was that world able to destroy my clone? “Are there some hidden secrets?” He muttered to himself and became even more cautious.

Then, he activated all of his power to carefully sense his soul.

That soul fragment may be destroyed and could not transmit back any information, but at Demon King’s current level, he would still be able to sense some things through the telepathy of souls as long as the opponent did not surpass him in terms of power.

After a while, the Demon King of Nowhere furrowed his brows.

He could only sense a strong sense of hatred and a desire to kill.

“What’s going on?” The worlds were separated, so it would be normal to sense very few things, but why was there only a feeling of hatred? Who was capable of infuriating me to such an extent? There is a faint figure… who is this figure? What exactly did he do?! The more he wondered, the more anxious he became.

He was shocked that there was a being capable of infuriating him to such an extent.

The feeling he sensed was hatred so strong that it would not dissipate unless the opponent died, almost to the point where it would rather mutually perish together with the opponent.

Just thinking about it made him seethe with anger, yet he didn’t even know who the opponent was or what they did to him.

He could only see a very blurry figure.

Who was it?! What did they do to me?! He was confused and distressed.

He tried to focus and sense more carefully, but he still did not receive any more useful information.

There was only hatred and anger.

It was endless.

It made him feel even more awful.

Could it be that the opponent slapped me in front of everyone? He couldn’t help but think.

No, that should not be the only thing.

Then, what else? Did they beat me continuously a few more times? As he thought of these, palpable anger began burning in him.

No, that’s not all.

Who is that? What did they do to me? What did they do to me?! The more he thought, the more furious he got; the more furious he was, the further he thought.

He fell into a vicious cycle.

His increasingly strong anger activated an incredibly powerful aura that spread out in all directions.

Everywhere the aura traveled to, innumerable amounts of demon soldiers and demon generals knelt down in horror.

Just as the rage of the Demon King of Nowhere hit the sky, Wang Hu began to collect the other war spoils.

He already got the most valuable war spoil, but he would not let go of the others as well.

With a slam, he smashed two demon generals and threw them on the ground.

With another slam, he smashed two other demon generals.

His speed was so fast that it surprised the Third Realms of other human countries, and they quickly hastened their speed.

This was a hard-to-come-by opportunity.

On the other hand, the demon generals who had been distracted and lost their fighting spirit were left with only horror after the clone of the Demon King died.

They lost all their courage to fight.

All of them started to run away after the last shackle to hold them back disappeared.

Wang Hu and the human Third Realms chased after them.

Omm! A low hum was sounded, and the surrounding skies suddenly lit up in golden lines that appeared to be some pattern of containment, which obstructed the demon generals from escaping.

This was the new ability that he learned from Silly Girl: Control and Restraint.

Initially, it was set up by Wang Hu to prevent the clone of the Demon King from escaping.

It was supposed to stall him if he tried to escape.

As a result, the humans attacked first, while Wang Hu appeared slightly later.

Once the Restraint was activated, the speed of the demon generals was slowed down slightly, and this slight decrease in speed resulted in their imminent death.

Suddenly, a demon general knelt down in the direction of Wang Hu.

“King! Demon Slave Baji is willing to pledge allegiance to my lord, as a servant and slave.

” His petrified voice immediately filled the battleground, and it even drowned out the sounds of cries and blasts.

As soon as the voice was heard, it immediately inspired three other demon generals into kneeling down.

The humans hesitated to kill them.

The demon generals were surrendering to Wang Hu; what if Wang Hu was interested in these Third Realm slaves? Some of them did not dare to attack as a result.

However, the others immediately pounced and attacked with all their might, refusing their opponents the opportunity to kneel and surrender.

No matter what, killing came first.

Whatever they killed would become their valuable war spoils.

Now was the time to fight and kill.

As long as these demon generals did not get the chance to express their surrender, the humans assumed that Wang Hu would not say a thing even if they were killed.

At this point, Wang Hu was indeed tempted.

These demon generals may be nothing.

Their potential was extremely limited and probably would not get to improve their power if they didn’t come across an opportunity.

However, they were Third Realms, which was extremely rare on Earth currently.

More so in his Tiger King’s Cave… They would still be very useful.

He hesitated for a second and first smashed the 10-odd demon generals who were still escaping.

He looked at the other demon generals and said sternly, “Manage those demon soldiers properly.

” Once he spoke, the four kneeling demon generals were delighted.

This meant that Wang Hu agreed.

The human Third Realms also understood, and they became even more anxious to pounce and kill the remaining demon generals with all their might.

The four demon generals immediately stood up and gathered the running, terrified demon soldiers.

After the battle and the attack from the human Third Realms, what was left of the 30,000 demon troops were just about 10,000.

Under the management of the four demon generals, they quickly quieted down, stopped running, and stood there in fear.

As demon soldiers, they did not have any option to choose.

Meanwhile, Wang Hu was collecting his gains.

After he accepted these demons from the Deep Abyss, there might be some trouble, but in comparison, their usefulness would be stronger.

He was also confident that he could control these demons.

The demon species upheld the principle of the strong being superior, and it was all the more the case for the demons of the Deep Abyss.

In the Deep Abyss, there was no order.

Instead, there was only one rule: the strong were superior.

Submit to the strong, exploit the weak.

It was a rule that was ingrained into their blood and soul.

Wang Hu believed that these demon generals had wholeheartedly submitted to him.

He was also confident that he could control them.

As for the future, whether these demon generals would betray him when faced with the Demon King of Nowhere or even stronger demons from the Deep Abyss, he was not worried at all.

As long as they were on Earth, he had absolute confidence.

They were merely just four demon generals and about 10,000 demon soldiers.

It might not be long until they are completely gone.

There would be the best cannon fodder… and tools.

Wang Hu emitted his divine power to purify the divine bodies of the dead demon generals.

Although he was late to attack, the number of demon generals that died in his hands still reached more than 50.

It was fruitful.

Once he finished, the humans also ended their battle.

In the process, two other demon generals managed to seize the opportunity to kneel and surrender to Wang Hu.

The humans whom they fought felt regretful, but they did not continue to attack.

Naturally, Wang Hu accepted these two demon generals.

The battle officially ended.

Apart from those who surrendered to Wang Hu, all the invaders from Deep Abyss perished.

As for the human countries, apart from some minor injuries, there were no fatalities.

“Your Excellency, did the invaders split their troops up?” The leader of the Russian teams asked respectfully.

He looked at the six demon generals that surrendered, the question obviously directed at them.

“These are all the invaders.

When you go back, tell your leader that I have completed what I promised.

“I will be waiting for what he promised in return,” Wang Hu said coolly.

“Yes, I will,” that Russian Third Realm quickly replied as his expression turned bright.

It was great news that these were all the invaders.

The crisis was evaded.

As for what the leader promised, he did not want to think about it now.

Wang Hu did not speak further.

He looked at the demon soldiers and instructed, “Carry 10,000 corpses and leave.

” Then, he turned around and left in the direction of the Tiger King’s Cave; his speed was not quick.

The six demon generals quickly yelled.

“Each of you, carry one body—move!” Under the supervision of the six demon generals, the demon soldiers moved quickly.

The 10,000 demon soldiers carried about 10,000 corpses and quickly followed after Wang Hu.

After they left, the humans began collecting their own war spoils.

Afterward, their attention was put on the corpses of the remaining 10,000 demon soldiers.

These were also very useful.

They did not oppose Wang Hu taking half of it.

After all, the biggest reason why they could gain such a huge victory was Wang Hu.

Moreover, even if they had opinions about it, who dared to voice it? “Russia will organize these bodies quickly and divide it to everyone,” the leader of the Russian team said aloud, and his attitude was very earnest.

“I think that’s unnecessary.

Let’s just split it up here,” a Third Realm from India said with a smile, and then he looked at the Chinese.

“Yes, let’s just split it up here.

We don’t have to trouble Russia to organize,” Dong Yuhao said seriously.

The Russians had no other choice.

They might be in their own country, but they lacked people and were far fewer in numbers than the 30-odd from China.

With no other choice left, they could only agree.

They did not speak further, and the Third Realms began to collect the bodies by themselves.

At the same time, they also supervised each other.

Far away in the Russian capital, the Chinese capital, and others… The group of senior government officials finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The crisis was finally over.

No one dared to imagine what the consequences would be if Russia was occupied by the invaders from the Deep Abyss.

Fortunately, they crushed the invasion this time.

However, they were relieved only for a short while, and they turned solemn again.

After relaying a few instructions, the video meeting with different countries was held once more.

“Congratulations Mr.


We crushed the ploy by the Deep Abyss invaders this time,” the leader of India, Te Bajing, spoke first.

Bay only nodded and did not express any pleasure.

He paused and solemnly said, “Gentlemen, we cannot hesitate anymore.

This time, it’s Russia; who will it be next time? “The special abilities and spells of the alternate worlds have progressed for innumerable amounts of years.

But our technology has only developed for decades or for a hundred years, and our cultivation only started less than 10 years ago.

“This time, the Deep Abyss invaders were able to hide themselves from Russia and entered the Earth.

But who would it be next time? “We need to work together in all aspects now.

At least, we have to come up with a solution for this problem ASAP.

” After he finished, everyone was silent.

A few seconds later, Bay looked at Dong Pingtao.


Dong, the spiritual energy density is the highest in China.

It’s already at the fifth stage of the Third Realm.

“Your country is actually the most dangerous.

As for Tiger King, he’s still ultimately the king of tigers and does not belong to China.

Furthermore, he’s only one being.

“By then, even if you paid a huge price to ask him to help, how much would you also stand to lose? “Are you still hesitating?”