My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 159

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 159

Chapter 159: A Real Married Couple Di Baijun turned as red as a tomato right away, and she almost burst into laughter.

She couldn’t help but pound his chest hard with her hand a couple of times.

Then, she grumbled softly, “You rascal.

” Wang Hu had a fairly smug smile on his face.

It wasn’t like he couldn’t tell what Silly Girl was thinking.

She had known a long time ago that she couldn’t beat him.

She just wanted to hit him a couple of times to vent a bit of her frustrations while also enjoying the battle to the fullest.

He naturally had to maintain an assertive stance and prevent himself from losing during battle.

However, during private moments like these, he didn’t need to be so particular.

If Silly Girl wanted to hit him, then she could just do so.

He tightened his grip around her hand and struck his chest neither too hard nor too lightly with her little hand another couple of times.

He said gently, “Don’t be so silly in the future.

We’re husband and wife; how can we fight with each other to the point that we run out of strength? That’s so dangerous.

” Di Baijun was rather indignant.

However, her bashfulness prevented her from saying anything at the moment.

She could only snort softly to express her opinion of “I’m not silly.

You’re the silly one.

” .



“We can spar with each other anytime you want in the future.

It’s even less of a problem if you just want to hit me.

I’ll let you hit me anytime you want.

This is a promise for life,” said Wang Hu gently.

Di Baijun—whose face was still buried—was so embarrassed, yet she couldn’t help but smile either.

Barely managing to keep herself in control, she scoffed, “How glib.

” “This is our promise to each other for life.

How can you say that I’m being glib?” Wang Hu straightened his expression and said seriously Unable to say anything in response, Di Baijun could only pound his chest a couple of times with her little fist to express what she found hard to do with words.

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COM A smile formed on Wang Hu’s face.

Then, he quickly suppressed it and maintained a serious—in fact, even more serious than before—expression as he said, “No, this won’t do.

I must make a promise—our promise of a lifetime—with you.

” Then, he raised her chin and gazed at her ruby lips before kissing her.

Even though they had already kissed quite a few times, Wang Hu nevertheless lost himself every time they kissed.

The sort of bliss that felt as if the whole world was his… was something that single people wouldn’t understand or be able to imagine.

Even if one wasn’t single, without true love, they still wouldn’t be able to feel it.

Di Baijun gave it a little struggle before she stopped moving.

It was just that her face, from which the crimson red color had only just faded a little, became as red as a tomato again.

Her eyes were shut tightly, and she was completely in a passive position.

It was only after a long while that Wang Hu finally released her lips a little.

As he gazed at her captivating and exquisite countenance, an incredible impulse surged up within him.

All thoughts of looking at things from a long-term perspective, planning properly, doing this first and doing that next, and whatnot… were tossed right out of his mind.

He wanted it now.

He said softly, “Baijun, you still owe me something from back then when I broke through to the Third Realm first.

” Di Baijun—who had recovered from her daze—hastily lowered her head, not quite daring to look at the rascal in front of her.

She whispered, “Tell me, then.

” Wang Hu leaned toward Silly Girl’s ear and said gently, “How about we give Big Treasure and Little Treasure a younger brother and a younger sister?” Taken aback, Di Baijun couldn’t quite react.

By the time she could, even her neck was close to flushing crimson.

That rascal! Even her breathing couldn’t help but become heavy, and she clenched her fists tight.

Just as she was lost as to how she should respond, the gentle voice rang out again.

“Can you give me your everything, Baijun? I love you.

I love Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

I love this family.

“Trust me.

I will definitely use everything I can to protect our family.

” Wang Hu hugged Silly Girl tightly and said in the sincerest voice he could muster.

Then, he waited patiently.

He waited for a very long time until the delicate figure in his arms spoke in a voice so soft it was barely audible while trembling lightly.

“Haven’t I already given it to you a long time ago?” Instantly, it was as though Wang Hu’s face had lit up.

His hold on her tightened even further.

… Half a day later, in a certain area of the dinosaur world, Wang Hu rested on a clean stone bed with Silly Girl in his arms.

There was content, as well as a sort of total assurance, on his face.

It was a sort of assurance that came from having a family and feeling that everything now truly belonged to him.

Silly Girl truly belonged to him, Wang Hu, now.

The moment he thought of it, Wang Hu felt like bursting into laughter.

He felt like bursting into blissful, happy laughter that came right from the heart.

He knew that his family and his wife were truly his now.

Even though it sounded somewhat laughable, before Silly Girl gave herself to him, he had nevertheless felt rather insecure despite the fact that she had already acknowledged him.

Was it really because he was that big of a lecher that had led to him constantly thinking about doing it in the past? Of course not.

Apart from because Silly Girl was simply too beautiful, it was also because he wanted to truly confirm everything.

Given Silly Girl’s personality, once she gave him her everything, then that would mean that everything was really set in stone.

Even if she were to find out someday that he had said some white lies, he would still have some confidence.

It was safe now.

It really was safe now.

As he thought about it, he held her even more tightly.

“Hey, it’s time that we head back.

” It seemed like the force that he applied had woken Di Baijun up with a start.

Her eyes—which had originally been tightly shut—opened a smidgen, and she spoke softly.

Her voice carried a sense of bashfulness and a tinge of warning, seemingly saying: ‘Don’t make fun of me.

Otherwise, you’ll get it from me.

’ Wang Hu, who had a slightly lazy expression on his face, said with a smile, “There’s no hurry.

Let’s rest for a while more.

” After thinking about it, Di Baijun didn’t object.

They were already dressed anyway.

After resting for a while, Wang Hu couldn’t help but say blissfully, “You’re mine now, Baijun.

” Di Baijun really couldn’t quite stand it anymore.

She opened and rolled her eyes.

He had already said it so many times, yet he was still repeating it.

He had been saying it ever since they started doing it all the way till now.

She said disdainfully, “I know.

” Wang Hu fell silent for a while.

Suddenly, he felt rather surreal and sighed.

“Everything really feels like a dream.

” Close to nine years had passed since the very beginning when he met Silly Girl, all the way until the current state of perfection where the family became whole and flawless.

In the blink of an eye, nine years had passed, and everything had changed.

Looking back at it all suddenly, the change was so great that it gave him a sense of surrealism.

Nine years ago, would he have ever imagined that he would be what he was today? Of course not.

Back then, all he wanted was to give it one last shot and fulfill his dream of having a family.

Right now, he had everything.

The best and the most beautiful wife, adorable and clever kids, a pretty good career, and combat power that was invincible in the world… Hah.

Suddenly, Di Baijun also felt rather surreal.

It indeed felt like everything was a dream.

A dream that was just nine years in length, yet it felt more miraculous, illusory, and real than the thousands of years she had lived in the past.

To think that the day when she willingly married a mortal tiger had really come! As she thought about it, she pouted again.

It was all that rascal’s fault.

Her delicate brows furrowed slightly, and she said proudly, “Hmph, if you dare so much as to mistreat me or deceive me, I’ll definitely tear you into a million pieces.

” Wang Hu blinked.

Unafraid, he shifted slightly to face Silly Girl.

Then, he said gently with a smile, “Surely, certain kinds of deception don’t count?” Di Baijun’s eyes widened right away, and she couldn’t be bothered about being shy anymore.

She glared at the rascal and demanded hostilely, “Have you really deceived me before?” “The ‘certain kinds’ that I’m referring to are, for example, if I want to give you a surprise,” replied Wang Hu calmly.

Upon seeing that Silly Girl was still glaring at him doubtfully, he went on.

“For example, I certainly need Spirit Stones for my cultivation.

However, to leave them all for you, Big Treasure, and Little Treasure; I end up saying that I don’t need them.

Are you still going to tear me into a million pieces for a lie like this?” Di Baijun couldn’t sustain her fierce expression anymore, and she rolled her eyes.

Nevertheless, she said forcefully, “Even so, you’re not allowed to lie to me.

” A smiling Wang Hu put his other arm around her as well and said sincerely and determinedly, “Rest assured, Baijun.

I promise, even if I do keep things a secret from you, it’ll definitely be for your own good and for the good of our family.

Don’t ever blame me, okay?” Di Baijun snorted lightly, too embarrassed to say anything else.

You rascal.

What else am I supposed to say when you’ve already said it all? At the sight, Wang Hu didn’t say anything else either.

Once enough time passed, even if Silly Girl were to find out, what would she be able to do anyway? One must admit that having confidence really was great.


After staying quiet for a while, Wang Hu—who was in a fantastic mood—couldn’t stop himself again.

He got into a chatty mood and said, “Do you know that I’ve imagined this scene for such a long time, Baijun? At last, it’s finally come true.

” The moment Di Baijun heard his smug voice that was filled with triumph and arrogance, she pretended to be dissatisfied and snorted lightly.

“You lucked out.

” “You can’t say that either.

Is there any man in this world who’s as outstanding as I am? You’re lucky to have met me, too, Baijun.

“To borrow the Chinese’s words, we’re made for each other.

I was waiting for you, while you also came specially for me.

“Don’t you think so?” The more Wang Hu spoke, the more excited and the prouder he became.

“Yeah, right.

” Di Baijun couldn’t help but smack him when she heard his increasingly nonsensical claims.


” Wang Hu didn’t take it to heart.

“In any case, for this lifetime… no, for all eternity to come, you, Di Baijun, are mine.

No one can change that.

“We’re the most blissful husband and wife in the world.

Only I am worthy of you, and only you are worthy of me.

” His words, which sounded even smugger now, gave Di Baijun the urge to kick the jerk off the bed.

She remarked disdainfully, “I can’t be bothered with you.

” Wang Hu didn’t mind.

She was already his anyway.

At last, after Wang Hu yammered for another hour or so, Di Baijun thoroughly couldn’t stand it anymore.

She kicked the jerk off the bed and said huffily and haughtily, “We’re going back.

” Wang Hu didn’t get angry.

He knew that he had gotten somewhat complacent after thoroughly confirming their relationship, and he grew relaxed.

So what even if he had gotten complacent, though? He had indeed gotten complacent, but was there anyone who could do anything about him? How could he possibly not become complacent during moments like this where he should be complacent? Were these events that he should be happy about supposed to make him unhappy? Was he supposed to continue pretending and putting on an act? He had what it took to be complacent.

In any case, he wasn’t going to care anymore.

While he was still in a state of joy, he was going to let himself be complacent for a while.

They exited the dinosaur world and quietly returned to the room.

However, from this day onward, the animals discovered that their King’s mood seemed to have improved.

Even his attitude had become a little milder.

On the other hand, their Queen’s temper seemed to have worsened somewhat.

Sometimes, her countenance was so frosty that it could frighten an animal to death.

The situation only improved half a month later.

What they didn’t know was that their King had had his fill of complacency, and his frame of mind had stabilized.

Moreover, he felt that if he were to become even more complacent, Silly Girl might not allow him on the bed anymore.

Therefore, he stopped being complacent.

Now that the King wasn’t complacent anymore, the Queen naturally also stopped having such a frosty look on her face.

Everything seemed to go back on track.

However, things were naturally different on the inside now.

After breaking through in their relationship, Wang Hu and Silly Girl became completely close and intimate with each other.

The reservations between them disappeared, and they became a real married couple.

Putting aside everything else, Wang Hu had never felt as rooted to reality as he was currently feeling.

Even his cultivation had sped up a little.

In the short span of a month, his shoulder height increased by nearly one meter, going from slightly over 32 meters tall to slightly over 33 meters tall.

At his current stage, a speed like that was considered extremely quick.

After he had his fill of complacency and fulfilled all his wishes, Wang Hu cleared his mind and started to diligently cultivate at home and work toward the tigers’ growth and development.

In the blink of an eye, another month had passed.

That evening, just as he was about to discuss with Silly Girl about sleeping on the same bed, he received an unusually anxious phone call.

It was Dong Pingtao.

Wang Hu instantly dispelled all his other emotions and picked up the call.

“Your Excellency, something terrible has happened.

” Dong Pingtao started the phone call with that right away.

Although his usually calm and steady voice was still as calm and steady as ever, it also contained an unconcealable sense of gravity.

Wang Hu’s brows drew together lightly, though he didn’t say anything.

Dong Pingtao, who understood what he meant, went on.

“The Deep Abyss invaded just a moment ago.

“Their Third Realm cultivators got past Russia’s surveillance and managed to enter Earth.

At present, it is not known how many Third Realm invaders have entered China.

“We discovered the Deep Abyss’ invasion because of their vast numbers of Second Realm cultivators.

“All of them are skilled in techniques and special abilities like invisibility and so on.

Russia only managed to discover them because there were too many of them.

“Russia has already fired numerous missiles, as well as nuclear weapons, just now.

“However, they only managed to retain some demon soldiers’ carcasses in the end.

The Third Realm invaders don’t have any intention of warring with Russia at all.

“Russia is currently trying to expedite their search for Deep Abyss experts.

However, the situation is not looking good at all.

Nobody can be sure what exactly will happen.

We have to plan for the worst-case situation.

” The determination in his last sentence was as though he had already made up his mind to fight back at all costs.

Wang Hu’s frown deepened.

He stayed silent, still refraining from saying anything for the moment.