My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 160

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Big and Round Bear Dong Pingtao did not continue to speak as well, and he waited patiently.

Beside him, Di Baijun—who felt a little displeased just now—looked solemnly.

The Deep Abyss launched an invasion.

She knew how disastrous the matter was.

The most serious thing was not how many powerful beings from the Deep Abyss have invaded since there were limits in place at the world passage.

Even if the numbers were larger, as long as the combat power of the demons was not overpowering, humans could still handle it.

The most urgent thing was that they couldn’t locate those powerful beings from the Deep Abyss at all.

If they were to enter the cities one by one, the humans couldn’t possibly use a nuclear weapon against each Third Realm and then sacrificing innumerable innocent citizens in the process.

Even for small countries, they wouldn’t survive if the frequency was too high, much less for major countries.

With this in mind, it raised a very important issue.

If the number of Third Realms was high enough, yet they still continue to drag it out and don’t want to fight head-on, was Russia capable of dragging it longer than the Deep Abyss? Would Russia withstand the invasion by the Deep Abyss? .



Now, the Deep Abyss did not choose to fight head-on, which meant that the situation in Russia was headed in the worst direction possible.

That was why Dong Pingtao said that the situation was bad.

If Russia lost to the Deep Abyss, which would lead to a successful invasion; it would cause huge destruction to Earth.

The situation in the world would definitely be changed in inconceivable ways.

There was no doubt that the tiger species would also be hugely affected.

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COM Hence, the human counties would not allow Russia to be invaded by the Deep Abyss.

The best way to deal with the invisible Third Realms from the Deep Abyss was equally strong Third Realms at the moment.

If technology and normal humans were unable to detect the invaders from the Deep Abyss, at least the Third Realms had a chance of detecting them.

However, Russia did not have enough Third Realms now, not even China.

They were not even confident of guaranteeing their own lives when faced with those mysterious Third Realms from the Deep Abyss.

Hence, Dong Pingtao made the call himself.

It sounded a little complicated, but it was actually not.

Wang Hu, Dong Pingtao, and Di Baijun were clear about the various situations.

The purpose of the call was to ask Wang Hu to join the fight.

After being silent for half a minute, Wang Hu said with a calm and serious voice, “Tell me a condition that can convince me.

” ‘A condition that can convince me’, not a reason.

The reasons were aplenty such as the tiger territory would also be implicated since it was neighboring Russia, they were allies, and so on.

Anyone could come up with a bunch of reasons that could not be refuted.

However, simple reasons were not enough for Wang Hu.

If everything was up to reasons or norms, then would that mean that Wang Hu had to be a savior every time Russia encountered a huge crisis? Must Wang Hu also save the other major countries if they also faced a similar crisis? That was not practical or possible.

Hence, he said condition, not reason.

Dong Pingtao was also clear about this.

He said while sounding slightly relieved, “I already spoke to the leader of Russia.

He is ready to speak with you anytime.

” “Okay,” Wang Hu replied and ended the call.

He was not surprised.

It was a situation of life-and-death for Russia; hence, speaking to the Russian leader was only logical.

Dong Pingtao only acted as a medium to earn his trust.

“The Divine Body Realm may be nothing, but the Deep Abyss is not to be underestimated.

Although the invaders would be restricted by the world passage and their strength would not exceed the First Floor, they cannot be underestimated,” Di Baijun said.

Even though she appeared to be contemptuous of the Deep Abyss when she met the phantasm demoness previously, she would not let her guard down when they were really facing the Deep Abyss.

“Don’t worry, I have…” Before Wang Hu could finish, his phone rang.

He picked up the call calmly, and a uniquely accented Mandarin was heard over the phone.

“Your Excellency, hello.

I am the leader of Russia, I’m sure you already know my purpose of calling.

“We have prepared a huge present for you and the tiger species to show our gratitude.

” The tone was very polite, yet Wang Hu was still unmoved.

They were asking for a favor, being polite was only the bare minimum.


” The cold tone made Bay feel unwittingly nervous.

Even though he already tried to regulate his emotions many times, it was impossible to truly calm down when faced with the possible destruction of his home and country.

His heavy breathing that could not be contained exposed his nervousness and graveness.

He said solemnly, “Yes, Your Excellency.

“No matter what the outcome is, we will give you the 300,000-square-kilometer land near the tiger territory.

“At the same time, Russia will also come forward and gather all the tiger species from all over the world and bring them to your territory after everything is done.

“Russia promises you one instance where we will do everything we can for you, including a war that involves the use of nuclear weapons, as long as the Tiger King requires it.

“We are willing to provide free medical services to the tiger species forever.

If Your Excellency has more requests, please name it as you wish.

” Wang Hu pondered for more than 10 seconds.

His voice was monotonous, and he said coldly, “I want to choose the land myself.

I want 500,000 square kilometers.

“As well as material supplies worth 200 billion yuan.

” Bay did not hesitate.

He just paused for a moment and nodded, “Okay, We agree to everything.

” Wang Hu was pleased.

He said calmly, “Tomorrow at 8 o’clock, let me know where I should go.

” Bay hesitated for a while.

The current situation was dire; coming now would be best.

However, he still did not oppose and said solemnly, “Alright.

” The phone ended.

In Bay’s office, a middle-aged man couldn’t help but say, “Leader, wouldn’t 500,000 square kilometers be too much?” Bay’s expression immediately turned grave.

He was silent for a while before turning to look at the man coldly.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Fool! Don’t you know what the situation in Russia is like now? “Did you think that those damned invaders from the Deep Abyss are here to joke and have a good time with you? “If Russia was gone, the Tiger King could simply have all the land that he wants.

“He is a tiger, not a human.

Would the way of humans work when negotiating with him? “Would he agree if we used the way of humans? “If we don’t satiate him, he could jolly well just wait for Russia to be crippled or even completely destroyed to take action.

Who could do anything to him? “You are a fool!” The man lowered his head from being reprimanded and did not dare to look at Bay at all.

After giving a hard reprimanding, Bay seemed to have also released some pent-up emotions.

He composed himself and said seriously, “Press them again.

They must not let go of any traces and find out where those damned Deep Abyss invaders are.

“Even if they can’t find them, they must also identify their rough position.

” “Understood.

” In the Tiger King’s Cave… Wang Hu put down the phone, and his brows were slightly frowned.

Di Baijun suddenly said, “Did we ask for too little land?” Wang Hu’s thought process was interrupted.

He was dazed for a moment before giving a light chuckle and said, “It’s not little at all.

The Russian territory is constantly expanding now, and if we don’t help, we might get more land in the future.

But that is just a possibility after all, and working with humans is inevitable.

“It’s okay if we asked for more.

But if we did not help, then neither of us would appreciate it nor be unaffected.

” This was a decision that he made long ago.

If he was not offered corresponding benefits, then he would not help.

This was what it meant by a fair collaboration on equal standing and not just some fighter.

Status was brought about by actual power.

As time passed and the frequency of him helping increased, all the countries were already aware and have acknowledged his status.

The exchange this time was an embodiment of his status, where Dong Pingtao acted as a medium and he was offered a piece of the pie in exchange for his help.

Silly Girl felt it was a little mainly because he was ambitious.

At the same time, Russia also had a huge territory, and the Deep Abyss was truly hard to deal with.

Most importantly, it was just a casual remark.

As expected, upon hearing the explanation from Wang Hu, Di Baijun did not say anything more and agreed.

The subject topic changed, and Di Baijun said gravely, “Though the invaders from the Deep Abyss would not be that strong due to the limits of the world passage, some of their methods are really mysterious.

Don’t let your guard down.

” Other than this, she was not worried.

This rascal was very powerful now.

Even she could not surpass him within a short period.

As long as the rascal was not careless, he would not be in much trouble dealing with a bunch of Demon Generals who were at most at the First Floor.

Wang Hu nodded, and he smiled confidently.

“Don’t worry.

These Demon Generals are nothing.

” As he said, he placed his arms around Silly Girl’s shoulders.

He thought about the aftereffects of this battle.

The Northern region might no longer be peaceful anymore.

On this night, while Wang Hu was still in the Tiger King’s Cave, a huge amount of powerful cultivators set off in planes from China to head to Russia.

Among them were cultivators from China and cultivators from other countries, who were cultivating in China.

All of them were in the Third Realm.

Second Realms no longer served much use in the fight with the Deep Abyss currently.

It was also obvious that Russia also discussed with other countries, and they would also be handsomely rewarded.

After all, being allies was a separate issue from helping, so rewards were still required.

This was the basic rule of doing things.

Of course, in comparison to what was promised to Wang Hu, the other countries would receive much less.

One reason was the difference in capabilities.

The second reason was they were all humans and in the same camp, so they asked for less.

The airplane traveled quickly, and they landed in Russia’s capital after three hours.

This was also the heart of Russia, the most important place.

Hence, the first stop of these Third Realms was here.

Once they arrived, they cooperated with Russia and started their mission.

At the same time, several hundred kilometers away from the Deep Abyss world passage… Forests at night were already desolate, but it suddenly appeared even more silent now.

It was as though everything in the vicinity had died.

“My lord, we are no longer in the surveillance range of those humans.

” A respectful sound transmitted across the air yet inaudible in this silent forest.

“Haha! This is such a wonderful world! A unique world passage.

In less than nine years, they have reached this point.

“My guess is right.

There is indeed a huge secret in this world; the painstaking efforts that I sacrificed to come here did not go to waste.

” A demonic sound was heard, and it was laced with excitement and anticipation.

“My lord is so wise.

You will definitely occupy this world and obtain the secrets of this world.

” A respectful voice immediately replied.

The demonic voice laughed and did not continue to speak.

He showed his contempt by not elaborating more.

The person speaking was not fit to make him say another sentence.

“My lord, what shall we do now?” The voice continued to ask carefully.

“Continue to explore the information of this world first,” the demonic voice said in an unassailable tone.


” Very soon, the eerie silence here disappeared, and it resumed to its original state.

… At the next day at 8 o’clock, Wang Hu received the call from Bay again, asking him to head to Russia’s capital.

Wang Hu rejected the offer of being fetched with a plane.

He informed Silly Girl and set off alone.

As he flew at a speed that would not affect his combat powers, he was also observing the environment in Russia.

From the request of asking him to go to Russia’s capital, he could tell that Russia has not detected the location of those Deep Abyss Third Realms yet, so he was not in a hurry.

It was necessary to look at the environment first since a huge plot of land would belong to him very soon.

If nothing surprising happened, there would be more that would become his in the future.

Russia, the round bear, was the best target they could reap benefits from.

They were big and round and had an existence of an alternate world like the Deep Abyss.

Some things were just fated to be.

Wang Hu spent most of the time last night thinking about this.

To put it unceremoniously, Wang Hu had his eyes on this big, round, and foolish bear.

He observed throughout his journey, and Wang Hu finally reached Russia’s capital in the evening.

Bay looked grateful as he welcomed Wang Hu.

After expressing his gratitude, he brought the topic to the subject.

“Your Excellency, so far, we already have some clues, but we still need some time to find those damned invaders from the Deep Abyss.

“So we need you to wait here for a while,” Bay was very humble, and he said courteously.

Wang Hu’s attitude was cold, and he merely responded with an ‘mmhm’.

Bay’s attitude turned even more humble.

Afterward, a Russian senior official led Wang Hu to his place of rest and asked him to wait for information.

As for asking the Tiger King to go and search for the powerful beings of the Deep Abyss like the other Third Realms did, they would definitely not do that; putting it another way, they would not dare.

Although they were all Third Realms, that did not mean they were the same.

Of course, they were different.

Wang Hu was a patient man.

He was even more patient with this big and round bear that he was eying.

He rested quietly for two days, and he refused all the visitations and dinner invitations during this period.

Two days later, Bay came in person anxiously at noon finally.

“Your Excellency, we have found the rough location of those Third Realms from the Deep Abyss.

It’s time for us to ask you to take action.

” Bay’s attitude was sincere, and he was even humbly pleading.

Wang Hu nodded, and Bay’s expression brightened.

He quickly told Wang Hu about the plan that they had come up with.

“Your Excellency, after we find the Third Realms from the Deep Abyss, we ask you to attract them to a place far away from the city.

“If Your Excellency thinks that the opponent was very powerful, you can let us know anytime, and we will cooperate with bombs and even nuclear weapons.

“We will look for the opportunity to exterminate all their manpower.

” As he said so, he looked expectantly at Wang Hu.

Wang Hu’s expression did not change, and he agreed calmly.