My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 85

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Breakthrough Begins One must admit that a complete legacy simply brought indescribably huge benefits.

Among the information that Silly Girl had given him was incredibly detailed information on how to break through to the Divine Body Realm: things he needed to take note of, an analysis of the Divine Body Realm’s profoundness, a strength classification system of the Divine Body Realm, the cultivation method for the Divine Body Realm, and so on.

Even bloodline legacies definitely wouldn’t get any more detailed than this.

As expected, his wife was his biggest cheat.

A joyful Wang Hu walked over to Silly Girl again and said confidently, “Baijun, I’ve finished looking through it.

It doesn’t seem that difficult either.

Let’s get ready to move.

” His claim that it wasn’t that difficult almost made Di Baijun choke.

She couldn’t help but sneer inwardly.

 Fine, I’m going to see how much longer you can keep on boasting.

She asked coldly, “Who are we bringing along?” “We’ll bring both Old Third and Su Ling.

With the two of them around, we’ll have an easier time with hunting.

We’ll have Jun Wen stay behind to guard the dinosaur world,” replied Wang Hu without any hesitation.

He had already thought about this a long time ago.

After they moved, he would have to go into seclusion for his breakthrough.

Silly Girl would have to protect the two little fellows at all times.

Thus, they would need someone else to do the hunting.

After thinking about it repeatedly, he felt that it was best to bring both Old Third and Su Ling.

Speaking of which, they should thank the northern animals for invading China.

Otherwise, it really wouldn’t be easy to sustain their appetite.




“Mm,” said Di Baijun as an agreement of some sort to his suggestion.

“Alright, we’ll leave tomorrow night,” said Wang Hu decisively.

Di Baijun raised an eyebrow.

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COM However, when she thought of how they had to do this fairly and justly to make that jerk give up completely, she gave tacit approval with an icy look on her face.

Never mind.

Even without those creepy crawlies, she would just reach peak-level Transformation Realm a few days later, that’s all.

It wasn’t a big deal.

Without saying anything else, Wang Hu went off to make preparations.

The next afternoon, Wang Hu gathered Su Ling, Old Third, and Jun Wen.

Roar~! “I have something important to do so my whole family needs to be away from some time.

Old Third, Su Ling, the two of you are to come along.

Jun Wen, you are to stay here and guard the passage to the dinosaur world.

” Wang Shan and the others were surprised.

Then, Wang Shan and Su Ling nodded and made sounds of acknowledgment.

Jun Wen also made a sound of acknowledgment as he contemplated.

Then, he asked calmly.

Roar~! “Is there anything you need me to do, my lord?” Roar~! “No, it’s fine.

Just look after the place properly and wait for my return,” replied Wang Hu calmly.

Jun Wen nodded.

Though puzzled, he didn’t press the issue but only continued to contemplate it.

That night, Wang Hu set off with his family.

Apart from a cell phone, he didn’t bring anything else with him.

Wang Hu brought Big Treasure with him, Silly Girl brought Little Treasure with her, and Old Third carried the cell phone.

They moved very quickly in the night, traveling 200 to 300 kilometers an hour.

Midway, Wang Hu hid both his cell phone—as well as Su Ling’s—somewhere.

Three hours later, after they ran for almost 1,000 kilometers, they arrived at the place that Wang Hu had prepared in advance a long time ago.

A few tall mountains converged in the quiet and secluded area.

Situated nearby Russia, the area contained ample food supplies.

There were four to five large caves nearby one another, which provided enough space for them to live in.

Roar~! “We’ll stay here for now.

Old Third, Su Ling, the two of you are to resume night hunts,” said Wang Hu.

Wang Shan and Su Ling nodded and set off shortly after.

The traveling just now had made them rather hungry, too.

As for Wang Hu, he tidied up one of the caves together with Di Baijun so that she and the two children could live there.

The two little fellows played at the side.

As she tidied up the area, a hint of unnaturalness came over Di Baijun’s expression.

She turned away from Wang Hu and said coldly and haughtily, “I’m telling you in advance, if anyone achieves fewer than six rebirths for the sake of a faster breakthrough, they shall be considered as having lost even if they are to break through first.

” Wang Hu blinked.

He glanced thoughtfully at Silly Girl and agreed.


” After a momentary pause, he said seriously, “Baijun, the reason why we came here to break through is, firstly, to prevent any impact from a war between the Hu County alternate world and China from affecting us.

Secondly, it’s also a precaution against China and humans.

“During my seclusion, should there really be any danger, do not hold back.

Wake me up right away.

” The reason why he had hidden away the cell phones while on the way there was exactly to act as a precaution.

It went back to the same thing: Wang Hu didn’t want to take any gamble; neither could he afford it.

In that case, he could only do the best that he could in the best possible way.

Di Baijun rolled her eyes and said dryly, “You don’t need to remind me.

You’d better just wait till you break through before talking about this.

You overestimate yourself.

” Wang Hu only smiled at her words.

He didn’t argue with her.

During the next two days, Wang Hu didn’t hurriedly try to break through.

Instead, he waited until he was sure that everything was fine… that they had sufficient and steady food supplies and that he didn’t have anything to worry about.

That night, Wang Hu went up to Silly Girl and said seriously, “Baijun, I think I can sense a breakthrough coming up.

I intend to give it a go so you have to be prepared for it.

” Taken aback, a look of astonishment surfaced in Di Baijun’s eyes.

She was about to say that he must be mistaken when the jerk turned around, walked away, and went deep into the cave; his every movement brimming with a unique sense of domineeringness.

It was as if the iron wall standing between him and the Divine Body Realm couldn’t stop him at all.

For a moment, Di Baijun felt her thoughts becoming somewhat jumbled up.

Surely, that jerk wasn’t really about to break through, right? Besides, how could that be? How could it possibly be that easy? That jerk must be mistaken.

Yes, that must be it.

She had only been lost in her thoughts for about half a minute when her expression suddenly froze and became filled with disbelief.

Her eyes widened big and round, and even her breathing stopped.

How could this be?! That jerk… how could he possibly break through this quickly?! This didn’t make sense! Yet, the spiritual energy suddenly stirring restlessly and rushing into the cave as though streams and rivers returning to the sea, as well as the changed aura in the cave… were both telling her something with no uncertain terms—that jerk had really broken through! The gates to the Divine Body Realm had only held him back for two days.

Suddenly, she thought back again to how he had broken through overnight in the beginning.

Her mind was in a complete mess.

Did bottlenecks not exist for that jerk at all? She stayed in a daze for a brief moment before another thought occurred to her.

 I wonder how many times that jerk will remold his body.

Should it be too few… A hint of worry and irritation arose in her.

… Inside the cave, Wang Hu quietly laid down.

He mentally checked the number, and it had been reduced by four points.

The next moment, his hologram in the Map of the Universe gave off a dazzling light.

His consciousness arrived at the inexplicable, indescribable place once more, and he experienced for himself a great metamorphosis.

Blood Qi surged powerfully, carrying the will of his soul, as he appeared outside his body according to some kind of unique rhythm and made contact with spiritual energy.

A mysterious and profound change took place in the three kinds of power, resulting in the appearance of an all-new kind of power.

It was filled with a mysterious profoundness, great strength, and a sense of inconceivability.

The Blood Qi gradually lessened while the all-new power grew further and further.

When it reached a certain extent, it surged toward Wang Hu.

At once, from his fur to his organs, his bones and marrow, his soul, and every part inside and outside his body—everywhere that the power passed by started to undergo a thorough cleansing.

An infinite amount of impurities was expelled from his body, and excess bones were also squeezed out.

A change was taking place in his inherent body structure.

As the metamorphosis took place, his body became stronger and stronger.

The all-new power also grew along with it and continued to actuate the metamorphosis.

It was as though the process mutually reinforced each other.

An unknown amount of time later, the first metamorphosis concluded.

His body had become smaller, but as spiritual energy went into him, it quickly resumed its original state.

The second metamorphosis began.

It continued the same way.

The all-new power cleansed his body a second time, this time even more deeply.

The same thing happened like the first time.

After it ended and his body that had shrunk returned to its original state, the third metamorphosis began.

It was as if a reincarnation cycle.

The third round, fourth round, fifth round, sixth round… For six consecutive rounds, every bit of impurity in his body was completely expelled.

The seventh round started.

This was unlike the previous six rounds.

The previous six rounds were mainly to expel the impurities in his body, with body modification being secondary.

The seventh round, however, was a molding process that seemed to aim to mold his body into a Dao-like existence.

Tiny yet profound changes were taking place in some parts of his body.

Something as though the aura of Dao formed in his entire body.

An unknown amount of time later, the seventh round ended, and the eighth started.

Like the seventh round, it was also a molding process, except more in-depth.

The Dao aura became stronger by more than twice the original intensity.

One could vaguely feel the level of perfection forming.

After another unknown amount of time, the eighth round ended, and the ninth began.

The all-new power had already reached a certain degree of concentration.

It surged and thoroughly integrated itself with Wang Hu’s entire body, resulting in an immensely mysterious and profound molding process.

In the instant that it ended, a perfection-level body was thoroughly formed.

Every part of the entire body was perfectly linked with one another without a hint of anything extra or amiss.

It was as though the Dao itself, which made intelligent beings find it incredibly beautiful, perfect, and flawless.

The Divine Body Realm was thoroughly completed.

When Wang Hu came back to reality, he felt an inexplicable kind of sensation in him.

So… that was the Divine Body Realm! It was indescribably powerful! Before he could think of anything else, yet another kind of personal experience began for him.

One round, two rounds, three rounds… Even Wang Hu himself didn’t know how many times he experienced it exactly.

All he knew was that every detail of the breakthrough had become as though imprinted in the depths of his soul and grew familiar beyond familiar to him.

It was at this point that the real breakthrough began.

Wang Hu truly and personally took charge of the process this time.

Blood Qi carrying his will surged and merged with the spiritual energy from the outside world, metamorphosing into that all-new kind of power before returning to his body again.

Using the method that had now become so practiced that it was almost instinctive to him, the first metamorphosis began.

From the outside to the inside, his fur, flesh and blood, nerves, bones, organs, claws, and soul… Impurity expulsion and a mysterious and profound body modification began to take place.

Blood waste, bone remains, dirt, and old fur were expelled from his body bit by bit while some changes also simultaneously took place.

He felt that he was rapidly becoming stronger and stronger little by little.

A fearsome aura also started to brew within him like a volcano accumulating strength bit by bit and becoming increasingly powerful and terrifying.