My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 84

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Peak-Level Transformation Realm After quickly saying all these, the other end of the phone call turned silent as though he was waiting for Wang Hu’s questions and reply.

Wang Hu blinked.

The sudden news had astonished him.

The next instant, he started to secretly curse that bunch of Russians.

They really had a death wish, didn’t they? Ever since the eruption of the alternate world incident, every country had been trying its best to publicize how dangerous alternate worlds were.

Yet, these goons had actually still dared to enter without permission.

To be honest, though, he also understood that these things were bound to happen.

Everyone wished for fortuitous encounters.

Had he been the one to encounter such an incident, he would also have gone in out of curiosity.

The problem was that they had actually brought him trouble.

He calmed himself down and thought about it carefully.

It wasn’t strange that those few alternate world experts had entered his territory.

Due to spiritual energy density level issues, the spiritual energy density level in China was much higher than in Russia.

It was as though the difference between a river and the ocean.

Given how near it was to the world passage, they would definitely head there.

Secondly, those alternate world experts were very strong.

China didn’t have any intention to fight them right away either; this didn’t align with their state policies.

Now that the area had become his territory—even if they did intend to deal with those experts, it was normal that they would inform him lest it gave rise to any misunderstandings.




At the same time, dragging him along would also mean an additional layer of insurance.

After all, he was strong.

In that case, he would definitely need to care about this issue.

Disregarding whether those alternate world experts would hurt the tigers or not or whether the tigers would be affected in the event that they and China came to blows or not; the fact that someone had entered his home meant that he had to care about the issue no matter what.

This was the stance that the master of the area had to take.

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COM On top of that, he even had to personally go over to take a look because Old Third and Jun Wen weren’t quite strong enough yet.

Should anything untoward happen, it would be too late for regrets.

Although a lot of thoughts had run through his mind, only a total of a dozen or so seconds had passed.

Wang Hu said coldly in Mandarin, “Alright.

I’ll go and take a look.

” On the other end of the phone call, Li Tong heaved a sigh of relief.

With the Tiger King around, no matter what, even if negotiations were to fail; one could at least consider the issue about their safety resolved.

With some gratitude in his voice, he said, “Thank you, Your Excellency.

Our men will go over to your place later.

I hope Your Excellency can refrain from attacking them too rashly when we get there.

They may not necessarily be our enemies.

” “I want a copy of all the information related to the alternate world that China gets after this.

” Wang Hu listed his condition.


” Li Tong agreed right away.

Considering how near the world passage was to the Tiger King’s territory, it was normal that he would want a copy.

“Send their locations to me first after you find them.

” Then, he hung up without saying anything else.

A frowning Wang Hu mused for a moment before he cursed inwardly.

Why was there so much ridiculous nonsense going on? Li Tong sent him their locations after he waited for a few minutes.

Wang Hu filed them away in his memory.

When he realized where they were, he found out that they were only 100-odd kilometers away from him.

They were very close to where he was so he didn’t need to wait for the Chinese to bring him there.

After thinking about it a little, he sent a text message to Li Tong.

He informed Silly Girl about it, and then he activated Extreme Agility Time once again and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Ten minutes or so later, Wang Hu reached the location that Li Tong had sent to him.

He easily found the alternate world experts after searching around for a while.

They were obviously different from the animal species on Earth.

Armored and on all fours, they stood at a shoulder height of roughly six meters and spoke an entirely incomprehensible language.

There were a total of three of them.

Wang Hu took a couple of glances and lost all interest in them.

They were nothing special in terms of strength to him and completely differed from his expectations of them possibly being peak-level Transformation Realm experts.

He thought for a moment and decided not to attack.

In fact, he didn’t even show himself and continued to observe them from the shadows as he waited for the Chinese to arrive instead.

He didn’t have to wait long.

About ten minutes later, a helicopter flew over from afar.

Several kilometers away, six figures jumped off the helicopter and raced toward the three alternate world experts.

Li Tong was one of them.

Wang Hu, who still had no intentions to reveal himself, continued to watch just like that.

Soon, the two groups made contact.

A sense of wariness and caution pervaded the atmosphere as the two sides began to communicate with each other.

Wang Hu quickly lost interest as he listened.

The two parties were saying nothing more than just superficial-level things.

Neither had any intention to attack, and both displayed a fairly civil attitude.

In the end, Li Tong and the other five humans actually personally sent the three alternate world experts back to their own world.

This somewhat differed from what he had originally expected.

He came to terms with it after he thought briefly about it, though.

The Chinese didn’t wish to easily cause any conflicts.

No matter what the three alternate world experts’ thoughts really were, they didn’t have any confidence in facing six experts of the same level as themselves.

Coupled with the fact that the other party would definitely have even more experts at hand, of course, they wouldn’t want to rashly come to blows either.

Thus, the current situation had naturally and justifiably come to be.

Wang Hu continued to stay in the shadows, following behind them from afar until he arrived at where the world passage was.

Several hundred Russian soldiers were already stationed here, and they were currently building a base.

Now that he knew where the world passage was, Wang Hu didn’t bother looking anymore and returned home.

On his way home, he thought about the possible impact that the world passage would bring.

By right, he wasn’t the one that discovered the world passage.

Neither was it in his official territory.

Thus, it didn’t concern him at all.

However, in actuality, the world passage was too near to his territory.

Moreover, it was even situated at the border between China and Russia.

Should anything really happen, it would likely affect him.

He had to think about it in advance.

When he got home, he informed Silly Girl about what had happened and also discussed it a little with Jun Wen.

Both of them felt that it was better to quietly observe the situation for now.

Wang Hu thought so as well.

In any case, no matter what… the ones the most affected, standing right at the forefront, and the most worried… were China and Russia.

He didn’t have to worry about it yet.

All he needed to do was just to be prepared to attack.

A few hours later, Li Tong called him again.

He gave him a rough explanation of what they knew while the details would be sent to him in the form of documents.

Wang Hu hung up and took a look at the documents.

Actually, China didn’t know much detailed information either.

After all, too little time had passed.

On top of that, a greater half even information that they had gotten from Russia.

The part that Wang Hu paid the most attention to… was the fact that Russia would be the one handling and dealing with the alternate world, whereas China was only authorized to monitor the situation.

This was even only because the world passage was too near to China and might become a threat to the country.

After thinking about it for a while, he put the issue aside for now.

The world passage hadn’t truly affected the tigers yet.

Russia was not to be underestimated either.

He could think about it again in the future instead.

For now, the most important thing was to attain peak-level Transformation Realm and break through to the Divine Body Realm.

He was almost there! He really was almost there! Thanks to his strong sense of anticipation, Wang Hu very quickly stopped thinking about the alternate world and focused wholeheartedly on cultivation.

This time, everything went very smoothly.

Two months later, the cultivating Wang Hu woke up one day.

In his eyes was extreme excitement… because he could no longer sense any sort of improvement.

Not only did he seem to have already reached his limit, but it even seemed as if there was a large mountain standing in the way of his improvement.

He took a mental look at the Map of the Universe, upon which his excitement grew even stronger; the hologram that had previously appeared had returned.

His hologram stood tall and towering in the boundless universe while the two light dots that represented his two special abilities adorned the hologram.

The number had reached 12.


With just a thought, he would be able to break through and completely break away from the worldly state.

He would be able to transform into the Great Dao body… in other words, the human appearance.

In addition, when that happened… Wang Hu suppressed the slight urge to immediately press it and slowly calmed his surging emotions.

It wasn’t time yet.

He had to make all the necessary preparations before he could begin the breakthrough.

He walked briskly over to Silly Girl who was also cultivating.

With great joy, he said, “Baijun, I’ve reached peak-level Transformation Realm.

” Di Baijun stopped her cultivation and glanced at him.

A hint of disappointment arose in her; she was a step too slow again.

That jerk was simply too fast! Then, she immediately erased all sense of her dejection.

This was just what was currently happening.

She would also reach peak-level Transformation Realm very soon and would even break through to the Divine Body Realm much earlier than the jerk.

On top of that, once she reached the Divine Body Realm, her cultivation speed would also be much faster than the jerk’s.

As she thought about it, she remarked indifferently, “Not bad, I guess.

” Wang Hu’s smile was as wide as ever.

He said seriously, “Don’t forget the agreement we made back then, Baijun.

” Slightly taken aback, she could help but feel the hint of forebodingness hidden in the depths of her heart appearing once more.

Right away, however, she said incredibly haughtily, “Naturally.

However, what you’re doing is nothing but just wishful thinking.

” Wang Hu didn’t argue with her.

Instead, he asked straightforwardly, “What about the breakthrough method?” By now, he no longer needed to provoke Silly Girl like what he had done back then to ask her for the cultivation method.

He could just ask her directly for it.

This was a direct reflection of the huge improvement in their relationship.

Di Baijun snorted lightly.

A soft glow then surfaced in her eyes.

With Wang Hu’s cooperation, large amounts of information surged into his mind.

“I wish you good luck in breaking through within a year.

” Di Baijun mocked him before she turned away and continued to cultivate.

She would also reach peak-level Transformation Realm in a maximum of ten days.

When that happened, she would break through after she stabilized her cultivation a little and deal that jerk a huge blow.

She would show him what ‘fast’ really was.


As for Wang Hu, he walked to the side and started to organize the vast amounts of information in his mind.

More than ten minutes later, he had completely understood how to break through to the Divine Body Realm, as well as what the Divine Body Realm was like.