My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 41

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 41

Chapter 41: A Married Couple should Fight with Each Other more Often Di Baijun, who had been using the cell phone for over a month, knew what was going on, of course—she had actually been goddamn banned from posting.

B*stards! Those goddamn b*stards! They should just go to hell! All of them! All those ignorant, foolish humans ought to go to hell! Li Tong should also go to hell! That a*shole should also go to hell! “Ha, that person’s been defeated so easily!” “That person had looked like a troublemaker that’s difficult to deal with.

Little did I think that they’d be so weak!” “That’s a retard, alright.

What does the fact that the Tiger King has such a loving family have to do with them?” “They’re probably just green with envy.

It’s so strange that they’re so envious of even a tiger, though.

What a weirdo.

” “And they’re even using the pronoun ‘this Noble One’, too.

What the heck is ‘this Noble One’? Why don’t you just call yourself ‘This Noble One has a King and a Prince’ instead?” … .



All sorts of different comments had emerged again.

Meanwhile, in the capital where the planning team was… Li Tong read through the comments in detail and secretly nodded to himself.

A satisfied Li Tong then said, “Yeah, let’s carry on like this.

We must dispel the public’s unfavorable way of thinking.

While we needn’t pay any heed to some negative comments, those that stay strong and firm must be severely dealt with.

For example, this person that calls themselves ‘This Noble One has a Big Treasure and a Little Treasure’ has been babbling and posting a lot of nonsense.

They must be banned.

” A smiling middle-aged man beside him replied with a nod, “Don’t worry, Senior Official Li, we understand.

” Then, he frowned a little and asked, “Senior Official Li, will there be any problems if the Northern Tiger King and his wife see that we’ve written the article like this? After all, the love between them is purely our own speculation.

” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Li Tong cast a glance at him and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, no matter what, what we’re doing is still singing praises about their relationship.

They won’t mind even if there are some differences.

” The middle-aged man nodded and said confidently, “To be honest, the situation with the Northern Tiger King’s family is indeed great story material.

The love between the Tiger King and the Tiger Queen and the birth of the two tiger cubs can easily gain favor from the public.

“This is just the first step.

News following up on them will be subsequently published in succession.

We’ll guide the public opinion until the public completely accepts the Tiger King and his family and sees them as China’s friends and neighbors.

” Li Tong nodded and said in approval, “Yeah, we’ll do just that.

We’ll focus on the love between the Tiger King and the Tiger Queen, as well as on the cubs.

When the public accepts the Tiger King and his family and sees them as friends and when the Tiger King and his family see that we—the Chinese—are so friendly, they’ll naturally form an even more favorable impression of us.

” “Yeah.

” … In front of the cell phone, a pair of reddish eyes noticed several responses again.

Upon seeing the comment that ‘A Novelist is an Even Bigger Fool’ posted, Di Baijun could no longer tolerate it anymore.

She raised her paw and smacked the ground mercilessly before turning her head to glare at the culprit that had caused all of this.

It’s all that jerk’s fault! Roar~! “You jerk, come over here and fight with me.

” Wang Hu was still in a state of bafflement when he heard Di Baijun’s words that seemingly contained endless emotions.

There was fury, frustration, ire, and a sliver of aggrieved sadness.

Had someone online upset Silly Girl? What kind of grievance could it be that actually drove her this mad? Besides, it had already been more than a month.

Hadn’t Silly Girl come to realize that all those people on the Internet were keyboard warriors and that one mustn’t stoop to their level? He became rather speechless as he wondered about it.

Then, he walked over, and in a gentle tone… Roar~! “What’s the matter, Baijun?” Di Baijun didn’t say anything.

At the sight of the jerk walking over, she became somewhat rash and impetuous, and she subconsciously flipped her paw over and smashed it against the cell phone, breaking it.

Wang Hu blinked a couple of times at the sight.

What’s going on? Is there something that she doesn’t want me to see? Roar~! “Hurry up!” After letting out an irritated roar that also gave off a strong sense of disdain, Di Baijun ran into the distance.

Wang Hu’s brows drew together slightly, but he nevertheless quickly followed after her.

Never mind, we’ll fight if that’s what she wants.

They could just talk again after the fight.

In any case, Silly Girl wouldn’t be able to hurt him anyway.

Moreover, he had been seriously thinking about something recently—physical contact was actually beneficial in deepening the bonds between two parties.

After thinking about it for a very long time, he had realized that the only possible way he could have any physical contact with Silly Girl was by fighting with her.

He had initially only been entertaining the thought, but perhaps he could give it a try now.

He didn’t fear being beaten up anyway.

As he thought about it, he suddenly started to somewhat look forward to it.

Di Baijun walked over to an empty area over a kilometer away.

From here, she could easily see the cave at one glance.

She stopped in her tracks and glared at Wang Hu as though she was steaming with fury all over.

In response, Wang Hu gave her an honest and guileless look that even contained some aggrieved sadness.

At the sight, Di Baijun became even more furious.

That jerk was the culprit that had caused everything, and yet he was behaving as if he wasn’t at fault and was oblivious of everything.

Roar~! “You jerk!” Di Baijun deliberately lowered her voice and let out a furious roar.

Then, she made use of the power of the wind and pounced toward Wang Hu.

Wang Hu’s mind operated at a high speed.

All of a sudden, he had a moment of inspiration.

Upon activation of Extreme Agility Time, Silly Girl—who had originally been moving at what looked like extremely high speed in his eyes—immediately didn’t seem fast anymore.

He could see every single move of hers clearly, and he felt as if she was completely in his control.

His thoughts became tense and serious.

When the tiger paw came smacking at his head, he immediately pounced forward with his whole body as though he had put every ounce of his strength into it.

Bam! Amid the dull and muffled thwack of flesh slapping flesh, Di Baijun hadn’t even quite regained her senses when Wang Hu, who was bigger and possessed more physical strength than her, caught her in his arms and tackled her to the ground.

An intense impact and oppressive force assailed Di Baijun.

She, who needed to vent all her pent-up anger, didn’t give it much thought either.

She twisted her body back and forth as she tried furiously to gain the upper hand and even continuously smacked Wang Hu with her paws.

Wang Hu also had a very serious look on his countenance, and he seemed as if he was giving it his all and battling her wholeheartedly.

The two tigers were entangled with each other on the ground for over a minute.

At last, Di Baijun flung Wang Hu off.

The two of them respectively got back onto their feet and eyed each other hostilely.

Di Baijun became even more furious when she felt the dust on her back.

That jerk! Roar~! “Again!” Di Baijun took the initiative to pounce at Wang Hu for the second time.

Wang Hu’s eyes lit up at the depths, and he retreated a few steps in succession, successfully luring Silly Girl to continue going forward.

As though his mind couldn’t quite react yet after being smacked a few times in the head in a row, Wang Hu used everything he had to push Di Baijun down again.

Di Baijun gritted her teeth.

She had been careless for the second time.

The two enormous creatures rolled about and tussled with each other on the ground.

Even rocks as big as a human’s head broke and turned into dust after being crushed by their tussling bodies.

One by one, several holes formed on the ground, accompanied by dull, muffled startling sounds.

The two of them competed with each other in physical strength this time, causing their tussling to last even longer.

Whole two-odd minutes passed before they separated from each other and got back onto their feet.

Di Baijun only took a few seconds to recalibrate herself before she took the initiative to attack once more.

It seemed like she would never rest until she vented all her anger.

Wang Hu didn’t show any weakness at all.

Even though Di Baijun’s paw was constantly striking him, he would always push her down onto the ground after being struck a few times.

It seemed like he wanted to use this method to restrict Di Baijun whose agility and nimbleness had greatly increased after using the power of the wind—and he had succeeded.

Di Baijun couldn’t help but let out a cold snort one after another.

She had to admit that that jerk’s solution was indeed a good one.

He had also executed it very well, and he was always able to seize the opportune moment to push her onto the ground.

However, she didn’t take it to heart much, either.

She needed to vent her anger at the moment and needed to teach that jerk a good lesson.

Thus, she was indeed rather rash and had been underestimating her opponent in battle.

There was nothing strange about that.

Besides, so what even if that was the case? She was determined to teach that jerk a good lesson! Roar~! “Again!” The battle continued amid icy low roars.

More than half an hour later, the expanse of land had become as though it had gone through an earthquake and was in a state of utter chaos.

Holes and pits were everywhere.

Large rocks had turned into small rocks while small rocks had turned into broken stones and pebbles.

Huff! Both Di Baijun and Wang Hu were panting heavily.

Wrestling at full power was extremely draining even at their levels of strength.

Di Baijun glared fiercely at Wang Hu.

She felt much better now, upon which she could no longer stand the dust on herself, and she turned and ran to a water source.

At the sight of Silly Girl leaving, Wang Hu—who had a very hard time keeping his face straight—could no longer endure it any further.

His eyes narrowed into slits as a hint of pleasure revealed itself.

They were both tigers, but why did Silly Girl’s body simply feel so soft? This was simply so… simply so… Wang Hu couldn’t put it into words, but in this instant, he felt that battle was definitely a glorious and positive activity, especially when it was with Silly Girl.

A married couple fighting—no, battling with each other was an activity that not only allowed them to become stronger together but also facilitated their relationship with each other.

This was wonderful.

A married couple should always fight—no, battle with each other more often.

After reliving the memory in detail, Wang Hu shook off the dust on himself and walked toward the cave.

He had to watch over Big Treasure and Little Treasure and wait until Silly Girl was back before he went to take a bath.

Upon sensing that he had almost depleted half the Blood Qi in his body, Wang Hu couldn’t help but become curious—just how huge of injustice had Silly Girl suffered for her to fight so desperately? Even someone like him had been exhausted.

Of course, he was happy to be tired.

Although Silly Girl had beaten him up mercilessly, there was no way he would ever suffer a loss there, hehe.

The thought made him narrow his eyes happily again.

He felt like he had advanced by leaps and bounds again today.

However, he should still find out the reason behind Silly Girl’s anger.

He would get another cell phone from China later on.

Elsewhere… In the pool underneath the waterfall, Di Baijun sat in the water quietly as she spaced out a little.

After mercilessly beating up that jerk, she had already vented most of her fury and frustrations.

The intense rise and fall of emotions and the huge depletion of energy put her in no mood to give too much thought to other matters after taking a good bath.

A long while later, a look of longing surfaced in her eyes.

Father! Mother! Little Bai really misses you.

A hint of weakness that she had seldom ever experienced before welled up in Di Baijun.

A dozen or so seconds later, she gnashed her teeth in fury and smacked her paw against the water.

It’s all that jerk’s fault! I must beat him up frequently in the future.

I’ll beat him up every day! After calming herself down, her thoughts suddenly flew uncontrollably to Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

Thoughts of them madly occupied her mind.

She rushed over to the shore.

Blood Qi rose around her and evaporated the water on her.

Her coat of fur—which was so beautiful that it made one lost for words—appeared once more, fully exhibiting its elegant and noble magnificence.

Then, she ran home at the fastest speed she could muster and right into the cave.

As she gazed at the two snoring little figures, Di Baijun’s eyes curved a little and became awfully gentle.

Outside the cave, upon seeing that Silly Girl had returned, Wang Hu headed off to the water source to take a bath.

Then, he immediately got ready to go and request a new cell phone.