My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 40

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 40

Chapter 40: The Love Story behind the Tiger King and the Tiger Queen Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Di Baijun played with the mobile phone as usual after Big Treasure and Little Treasure fell asleep.

Solving Tetris with great operational speed and power… A trace of joy gathered in her eyes as if she was quite content.

A few minutes later, she puffed her lips and quit the game angrily when the damned squares reached the top.

She calmed her emotions after more than 10 seconds and wanted to watch some videos as usual.

Suddenly, the phone vibrated, and a push notification of news came through.

She glanced randomly at the title which made her unable to look away.

‘Congratulations to our country for establishing an agreement with the Northern Tiger King for peaceful coexistence.

’ .



Wasn’t this place the North? How dare any tiger claim the title of ‘Tiger King’ in her territory? She instinctively became domineering and pissed off.

How dare anyone claim to be a Tiger King when this Noble Paragon was here? Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM That tiger must have a death wish.

However, the next moment, something came to her mind, and she opened the news.

Her lips curled immediately because the first picture that appeared was of that bastard.

It was indeed that bastard! Hmph, idiot.

You could have just named him Tiger King; why did you write Northern Tiger King? She did not know how the humans photographed that bastard, but the picture did not seem all that unpleasant.

She stared at the photo before swiping upwards.

Paragraphs of text appeared in her eyes.

‘Recently, my country and the Northern Tiger King have reached an agreement to coexist peacefully.

The two sides conducted friendly exchanges and finally reached a series of agreements.

‘The friendly relations between the tigers and our country have been furthered.

‘Speaking of the Northern Tiger King, I believe many people are familiar with it.

This is the Tiger King living in the North of our country.

‘It had absolutely dominated the mountains and forests before the awakening of spiritual power… and was the prestigious King of Beasts…’ Di Baijun sneered; how could that bastard be so worthy of praise? However, she felt uncomfortable immediately because she remembered being forced to… She gritted her teeth, suppressed her emotions, and continued to read.

‘…it was living in the North, which was why the netizens had named it the Northern Tiger King.

‘For several years, the Northern Tiger King has been loved by many netizens.

Many netizens even believe that the Northern Tiger King is unbeatable on land…’ Di Baijun curled her lips.

 Bastard… ‘…since the awakening of spiritual power, the Northern Tiger King’s strength had also increased by the day, becoming the first powerhouse in our country to achieve the second realm, which is legendary.

‘It was one step ahead of our national treasure, Gungun the Giant Panda.

‘Upon achieving the second realm, the Northern Tiger King and Gungun’s intellect is no lower than that of humans.

‘Therefore, my country has reached an agreement with the Tiger King and Gungun to coexist peacefully and friendly.

‘The Tiger King’s family and Gungun will be good friends and important guests of our country…’ Di Baijun was startled, and she clenched her teeth when she saw the term ‘Tiger King’s family’.

These stupid human beings… how dare they… how dare they… She suddenly realized that she and the bastard were a family in the eyes of those humans.

Irritation spread all over her body in an instant, and she had the urge to smash the phone in front of her.

She barely controlled her emotion as she swiped up.

‘…next, I will introduce the Tiger King’s family in detail.

‘There was no need to introduce the Tiger King.

Next would be the Tiger Queen…’ Di Baijun’s palm slammed down, and cracks appeared on the ground when she saw those irritating words.

Damn those stupid humans.

‘…look at the picture of Tiger Queen.

Do you think she is very beautiful, noble, and domineering? ‘That’s right, this is the Tiger Queen.

There is no other tiger in the tiger clan that is more beautiful than the Tiger Queen, and the Tiger Queen is also strong and has achieved the second realm…’ Di Baijun held her breath and continued to watch.

‘…speaking about the Tiger Queen and the Tiger King, there is really a very romantic love story that I have to talk about.

‘The Tiger King might be invincible in the mountains and forests, but he had never taken a partner or had any children.

‘Until the appearance of the Tiger Queen.

Then, as if it was fate, the Tiger King and the Tiger Queen met, and they formed a happy family.

‘We don’t know their love story, but it must be very romantic, making the Tiger King completely different from other tigers and very family-oriented…’ Di Baijun stared at this paragraph blankly… suddenly, a little confused.

Her whole body trembled suddenly, eyes red, as she gasped heavily.

Shameless and despicable… Damn human beings, how dare you insult this noble one so much? If this noble one did not exact revenge, this noble one would not be fit to be a tiger.

She lifted her tiger palm, wanting to smash the damn phone.

However, her curiosity stopped her.

She hesitated and gritted her teeth.

She would decide after she was done reading.

‘…why do we say that Tiger King is very family-oriented? As we all know, in the tiger tribe, males do not take care of their children, and their children are raised by the females alone.

‘However, it was not the case for the Tiger King.

He takes care of their crystallization of love with the Tiger Queen.

‘I think everyone knows it.

They are the two children of the Tiger King, our Tiger Prince and Tiger Princess…’ Baijun’s lips were bulging as her upper and lower teeth collided strongly.

Crystallization of love? Very good.

‘…look, aren’t our Tiger Prince and Tiger Princess the cutest? ‘Moreover, I want to tell everyone that they have already awakened their bloodline and have become little white tigers, with outstanding qualifications, and they will definitely inherit the strength and status of their parents, the Tiger King and Tiger Queen, in the future.

‘Today, the Tiger King and his family are living together very happily and have become good friends and distinguished guests of our country.

‘The cabinet has issued orders that no one is allowed to disturb the Tiger King and his family.

‘Let us work together to wish the Tiger King and his family happiness forever and everlasting friendship with our country.

‘Alright, that’s about it for today! Thank you, everyone! Let’s meet again in the next issue.

’ Di Baijun’s trembling body calmed down instead after she read the last line.

That anger, however, was getting scarier by the minute.

Her tiger palm swiped up again suddenly as if she had thought of something.

She felt a surge of unwillingness from the bottom of her heart.

She wanted to finish reading it.

She wanted to know how the comments fared.

At this moment, she had a stubbornness that—even if she knew she would die—she must know how she died and watch her own death with her own eyes.

“What the hell? The Northern Tiger King and Gungun are so awesome! The second realm! They were the first and second to break through, so strong!” “Sure enough, my Northern Tiger King is invincible.

Those who support lions and crocodiles, step out and look at how my Tiger King won over you all hands down.

” “Well, as the saying goes, people who weren’t from my tribe must harbor different intentions, but I have to say that the world has now changed drastically.

There are Gungun and the Tiger King.

Our country should make friends, not enemies—praises to the cabinet.

” “The Tiger King is so affectionate! The Tiger Queen is so happy! Only the Tiger Queen is worthy of the Tiger King, I wish they will stay in love forever.

” Di Baijun stared like a sharp sword.

She felt disgusted all over and suffered great humiliation.

She was unable to resist it any longer.

She clicked reply and typed with lightning speed.

“Stupid, that’s not even the Tiger King or Tiger Queen, and the North Tiger King is not worthy of her at all.

” She clicked send and viewed the other comments immediately.

“The tiger babies are so cute! The Tiger King loves the Tiger Queen so much.

The Tiger King is the best tiger and model among the tiger clan.

” Her tiger paws acted swiftly again.

“It’s ridiculous; they are not a pair at all! Stupid!” “The Tiger King and Tiger Queen made me believe in love again.

” “Idiot, that is not love.

” “The Tiger King and his family are so good-looking, mighty, domineering, cold, arrogant, and cute! We should make friends with such a family and give the cabinet a thumbs-up.

” “Stupid, they are not a family.

” “To be honest, the Tiger King and his family are too powerful.

Both the Tiger King and the Tiger Queen have entered the second realm.

There are not many people who broke through the second realm in this country! Well, Gungun is also amazing.

I didn’t expect it to break through to the second realm.

It really doesn’t make sense.

” “Stupid, they are not a family.

” “How long has the awakening of spiritual power been? The cabinet has just announced the cultivation system.

The Tiger King and his wife had reached the second realm.

They are very powerful.

I hope that my country, China, will always be friends with the Tiger King and his family.

I have become a fan of the Tiger King and his family.

“Look at the Tiger King’s domineering and mighty, look at the Tiger Queen’s arrogance and nobleness, look at the Tiger Prince and Princess’s cuteness! I declare… I am a diehard fan of the Tiger King and his family.

” “Stupid nympho, they are not husband and wife at all.

What do you mean by domineering and mighty; he’s just plain stupid.

” Di Baijun seemed to have turned into a female warrior instantly, replying aggressively and without showing any weakness… as if to vent all her anger, frustration, and shame on the Internet.

There were replies to her in no time.

The woman who loves you: “Haha, look at where this lunatic comes from! What’s your problem with the Tiger King’s family? Don’t sprout nonsense here.

” Di Baijun was about to bite back bitterly when replies one after another came all at once.

The one who reads the novel is a fool: “There is a lunatic who is envious of the love of the Tiger King and Tiger Queen, but unfortunately, you can’t get it.

” The one upstairs is a fool: “Yes, and you said the Tiger King and Tiger Queen are not in the same family? Where did the two tiger babies come from? You gave birth to them?” I love my wife: “Brother, there is no need to say anything else.

The Tiger King’s family is so good! Go somewhere else if you are jealous.

” F*ck off you: “Yes, go somewhere else if you are jealous.

” I love tigers: “Scram.

” Several dozen… up to hundreds of responses swarmed in.

Di Baijun looked on numbly and suddenly didn’t know how to respond.

She trembled again angrily.

These damn stupid humans, what do they know? She gritted her teeth with the power of the wind surging.

Her hands were as fast as lightning, still showing no weakness.

‘You stupid human beings, you don’t know anything.

You bimbos, ignorant fools pretending to understand, you are a bunch of rubbish! What Tiger Queen? It’s ridiculous—they are not a family at all.

’ She clicked send and prepared to copy and paste it all to the other comments.

She would never admit defeat.

After a second, her eyes were stagnant, but she realized that it could not be sent at all.