My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 25

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 25

Chapter 25: I’m Your Husband After All Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Di Baijun retorted immediately.

“Why would this noble one need you to worry?” “This noble one will never forgive you if Big Treasure and Little Treasure met with an accident.

” She walked towards the passage in cold arrogance, with her head held up in the air.

Wang Hu watched her back figure, unable to understand but preferred not to think about it anymore as he walked out of the passage nonchalantly.

He has become accustomed to all kinds of ruthless words from the silly girl.

Anyway, if it was true, then he would lose.

Di Baijun walked ahead and breathed a sigh of relief that the bastard didn’t say anything.




Immediately, she became even more annoyed.

She actually did something so dumb, being so pissed off with this bastard.

It was all because of this bastard.

One day, she would settle all the accounts together.

When she returned to her new home, everything was fine.

After all, Wang Hu had been away for a few minutes.

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COM Wang Hu immediately told Di Baijun of his discovery seeing that Big Treasure and Little Treasure were okay.

“Baijun, this meat is very good for cultivation.

You have probably already discovered it.

We will eat this kind of food in the future.

” Di Baijun glanced at Wang Hu and said coldly.

“Those who bear just a bit of bloodline left by a bastard dragon from their clan, who doesn’t know how to cultivate, are only suitable to become my Tiger Clan’s food.

” Wang Hu was surprised.

Dragon bloodline! Those dinosaurs were actually from the dragon bloodline! Immediately, he felt a little heavy, his mind turned, and he asked in doubt.

“What is the Dragon Clan? Is there a strong presence in that world?” After a moment of silence, Di Baijun said impatiently.

“Just a bunch of creepy crawlies.

As for that world, with scarce spiritual energy and no understanding of cultivation methods, they would be blessed to even be able to reach the second realm.

” Wang Hu ignored the first sentence.

This silly girl had obviously not been on good terms with the Dragon Clan before, and now there was no need to care.

The important thing was in the latter sentence.

In the world of dinosaurs, the strongest was just nearing the second realm.

“Is there any difference between the first realm and the second realm?” Di Baijun was about to speak when she inadvertently saw the remaining dinosaur meat from the corner of her eyes.

She suddenly felt flustered.

She turned and walked into the cave without a second thought.

“You’re not allowed to come in.

” Wang Hu didn’t manage to react.

Why did she suddenly become angry? He didn’t understand and could only reflect upon himself.

This tiger lady must have gone mad again.

After eating a few big mouthfuls of dinosaur meat, he continued to practice.

As his body became stronger.

The amount of time he could practice had also increased.

He could not cultivate for long previously because he was limited by food.

In just a few hours, he had fallen in love with the feeling of eating dinosaur meat.

He could eat at will when he was hungry during cultivation because there was a lot of meat.

There was no need to worry about not having enough meat in a short time.

In the next three days, he cultivated and ate meat most of the time.

His sleeping time was reduced.

On this day, Wang Hu suddenly felt something was wrong as he saw the silly girl set off again to the dinosaur world.

That was because, for the past three days, the silly girl had gone to the world of dinosaurs every day.

He originally thought that she was going to explore the world of dinosaurs.

However, thinking about it, she didn’t bring back food even once, which was obviously abnormal.

The dinosaurs were generally very large except for a few.

Even if they were relatively small, they could not be eaten all at once and would definitely be brought back.

As always, she would definitely bring back to the two little guys to eat as long as there were leftovers.

She did not state it clearly, but there was a meaning to compare with him.

She would let the two little guys eat the food she caught as long as she did catch some.

In the past three days, she did not bring back any food.

Obviously, there was only one possibility.

She wasn’t successful in hunting for food.

Think about it, those dinosaurs were all so big, and the size of the silly girl was relatively small today.

She probably could not use the mental attacks too many times either.

If she didn’t encounter a relatively smaller dinosaur, it would indeed be difficult for the silly girl to catch food with the size and vitality of a dinosaur.

Even Wang Hu himself got lucky when he met a dinosaur about his size so that he could easily prey on it.

After he understood this, he thought back to the time when this silly girl stayed in the dinosaur world until it was almost dark on the first day.

His eyes became a little weird and funny.

Could this silly girl be embarrassed to come out because she didn’t manage to catch food on that day? Yes, that must be the case with her personality.

No wonder it felt so strange to him that day.

She was really pissed off and embarrassed.

Another question came to mind suddenly.

That silly girl hadn’t caught any food in the dinosaur world for the past three days, and the passage had been within his sight.

The silly girl was too embarrassed to hunt in the main world… so could she have not eaten anything for the past three, no, four days? The corners of his eyes twitched.

The more he thought about it, the more likely it was.

After thinking about it, he took the remaining dinosaur meat and rushed to the passage seeing that the two little guys were still sleeping.

The silly girl’s smell was obvious when he entered the world of the dinosaurs.

He put the remaining dinosaur meat not far away, following the smell to search for her, and found her only about two miles away.

“Why are you here? What about Big Treasure and Little Treasure?” Di Baijun naturally spotted Wang Hu immediately and roared with displeasure.

Wang Hu looked at her carefully and found the fatigue in her eyes inadvertently.

He shook his head speechlessly.

This idiot was really hopeless.

Lucky that she met him; otherwise, how could she survive? “The food is almost finished.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure’s appetites are getting bigger.

These animals are difficult to hunt.

I’m not confident I will be able to hunt them.

“So Baijun, for Big Treasure and Little Treasure, let’s hunt together.

We will definitely be able to eat more food with you helping me.

” The tone was gentle as always and honest.

Di Baijun’s first reaction was to look around, and a feeling of guilty conscience surged.

The next moment, there was suspicion as she squinted at Wang Hu.

This bastard didn’t say this because he knew I hadn’t caught any prey in the past few days, right? She dismissed this thought immediately as soon as it came out.

This bastard was so stupid.

How could he say these things even if he knew it? Yes, these creepy crawlies here do possess some strength.

With the current strength of this bastard, it would indeed be difficult for him to be an opponent.

He only asked for her help because Big Treasure and Little Treasure were likely to starve.

After thinking about that, she calmed down and hesitated.

This bastard was so hateful and damned.

How could she join hands with him? However, Big Treasure and Little Treasure… Wang Hu saw her hesitation and found it funny.

 This foolish fellow… What could he do? He was her husband after all.

“Baijun, please promise me, Big Treasure and Little Treasure cannot go hungry.

” The balance in Di Baijun’s heart fell to one side.

She raised his head slightly, still arrogant.

Her head turned to the side.

“This noble one will reluctantly promise you for the sake of Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

” “Baijun, thank you, you are really a good mother of Big Treasure and Little Treasure, the head of our family.

” Wang Hu said with a joyful and honest smile.

Di Baijun’s eyes condensed, and a dangerous aura permeated.

“Don’t mention the word ‘family’.

” “Sorry, Baijun, I said something wrong again.

” Wang Hu said with realization.

Di Baijun gritted her teeth and was reminded of the one thing she was most reluctant to face, giving her the urge to bite this bastard to death.

“Baijun, let’s go hunting.

” “How many times have I told you, don’t call this noble one Baijun.

” Di Baijun roared angrily.

“Alright, I remember now, Baijun, I’ll listen to everything you say.

” Wang Hu turned and led the way, his eyes narrowed with a smile, and he spoke honestly.

Di Baijun felt even breathing was getting a little difficult.

She regretted it and shouldn’t agree to this bastard.

However, thinking about Big Treasure, Little Treasure, and her supreme dignified Tiger Clan, how could she eat her words up? She could only get angry and follow behind, staring coldly at the damn bastard in front of her.

After a few steps, Wang Hu put away his teasing thoughts and carefully looked for his prey.

He was far from reaching the time when he could drop his caution in this dinosaur world.

Twenty minutes later, they were still within two miles of the passage.

After all, safety came first.

During the period, Di Baijun also went out of the passage, returned home, and looked at Big Treasure and Little Treasure before going back and forth for about ten minutes.

Everything was precautionary.

A few minutes later, Wang Hu’s eyes were joyful.

He looked at the dinosaur not far away, thought about it quickly, and signaled to the silly girl to approach quietly.

It was about 2.

3 meters tall at the shoulders and about four meters long.

It was herbivorous and could be hunted.

Di Baijun was taken aback for a moment and went into hiding, but she felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.

This was the smallest creepy crawly she had encountered over the past four days.

She encountered it once this bastard came.

She approached carefully while enduring this unhappiness.

After more than thirty meters away, they saw that dinosaur stopped and looked around a little uneasily.

Wang Hu knew that he couldn’t get closer.

After giving Di Baijun a wink and motioning for her to cooperate, his eyes became cold.

In a silent breath, he opened his tiger mouth— For the first time, the domineering roar sounded in this world, full of majesty.

That dinosaur had never heard such a sound but was instinctively frightened, turned around, and ran away.

At this moment, Wang Hu—who rushed out with the roar—really looked like a gust of wind and caught up to it in a blink of an eye.

He slammed into it abruptly with all his might like a tank.

It was like using a rock to hit an egg without any hesitation.

At the very moment when he collided, Wang Hu’s big mouth bit the opponent’s neck accurately and severely.

The collision, the sound of falling to the ground, and the cry of pain were entangled as Wang Hu overturned the opponent to the ground, biting his neck and pressing on the opponent.