My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 24

My Fierce Tigress Wife - Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Effect of Dinosaur Meat Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Of course, ‘not easy to deal with’ actually meant that he spent more time dealing with it.

It didn’t matter much that he spent more time dealing with it, considering the rewards he obtained.

Looking at the mountain of a corpse, he didn’t rush to eat it but dragged it back to his original world as it would be safer.

This dinosaur might be heavy, but dragging it for a few hundred meters did not mean anything to Wang Hu.

He dragged it back to his original world and went back to the dinosaur world to camouflage the place.

No matter what, he did not wish for the dinosaurs to find the passage between the two worlds and enter the original world.

Luckily, the passage through to the dinosaur world was rather concealed by the trees so, generally, no dinosaurs would enter.

He returned to the original world, looked at the dinosaur corpse, and fell deep in thought.

There was no doubt that the dinosaur world was dangerous, but it was also a kind of fate if he thought of it the other way.

There would not be a lack of the most important aspect, food.

He only needed to risk his life.




His gaze was cold, without any fear.

He had to risk something to get something; he was used to it.

He looked at the passage between the two worlds and sized up this valley.

This place was rather secluded; humans shouldn’t come to such a place.

He thought for a few seconds before he decided to move to this place.

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COM He only needed to risk his life to gain so much advantage.

What was there to be afraid of? He was confident that he wouldn’t lose.

If he didn’t dare to risk his life now, it would only come back to kill him.

Once he decided, he started to find a suitable place.

They shouldn’t be too close to the passage in case the powerful dinosaurs stumbled out; neither should they be too far away so they could always keep tabs on this place and dominate this area.

It was best to stay somewhere higher since the dinosaurs were not as good at climbing mountains as the tigers.

An hour later, he found a suitable cave a few miles away in the mid-point of a mountain.

He stood at the entrance of the cave and could see the passage clearly from there.

It could not be more appropriate.

He dragged that dinosaur’s corpse into the cave without eating it, in case the blood attracted other animals when he left.

He returned to his old home about 100 miles away.

It took him about one hour.

He didn’t say much as he brought his family to this new home.

Di Baijun’s eyes became serious the second she saw that dinosaur corpse in the cave.

Uncertainty flashed in her eyes.

Wang Hu saw it and smiled.

“Baijun, this is a huge discovery of mine.

There is a place where we can enter another world.

There are many such animals like this there so we don’t need to worry about food anymore.

” Wang Hu did not hide anything from her as there was no need to do so.

Di Baijun frowned.

 Another world! However, she did not ask anything.

She walked up to drag the dinosaur meat out of the cave and ate it.

A flash of surprise appeared in her eyes with the first mouthful.

It then revealed surprise after some thought.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure were eating as well.

They seemed to have tasted something exotic as they ate very happily.

Little Treasure even took the time to cry out.

“Daddy, it’s delicious.

Come and eat it!” Big Treasure cried out as well, which shocked Wang Hu a little.

The silly girl did not eat anything he hunted ever since she regained consciousness other than the two weeks when she was exhausted after activating Big Treasure and Little Treasure’s bloodline.

He did not care about Big Treasure and Little Treasures’ words as they found anything new delicious.

Di Baijun didn’t continue eating.

She turned towards Wang Hu seriously.

“What is the situation in the other world?” Wang Hu shook his head and looked at the passage between the two worlds a few miles away.

“The passage is just there.

I’m not very sure about the situation in the other world either.

I only saw many huge animals like this in that world.

“Some a few meters tall, even a dozen meters tall.

” Di Baijun looked at it and growled after thinking.

“Look after Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

” She went arrogantly to the passage after she spoke, without eating another mouthful.

Wang Hu calmed down.

That was his silly wife, but he was still a little worried.

“That world is very dangerous.

Let’s go together.

” She sneered without looking back.

Wang Hu did not mind this reply.

His words only meant to caution her.

She could keep her life many times better than him with her mental attack and other trump cards.

Wang Hu started to eat after he saw the silly girl disappear into the passage to the dinosaur world.

He bit off a huge chunk, chewing, and nodded happily.

Not bad, it really tasted rather good.

It was chewy with a certain fragrance.

It was actually delicious.

This dinosaur weighed at least three tons and was enough for him and the two children to eat for a few days.

That was enough for Wang Hu to have more time and food to cultivate.

After devouring a few tens of kilograms of meat, he saw the two little guys still eating and started cultivating at the side.

He was surprised after he started cultivating.

He could feel a hot flow of energy in his stomach mixing with the spiritual power in his body to strengthen his body in no time.

It seemed like its effect was no worse than spiritual power.

His thought started to gather as he looked at the corpse.

He couldn’t help but think of the silly girl’s unusual behavior.

Di Baijun could feel everything change in front of her, a totally different environment after she passed through the passage.

She had increased her alertness to the maximum, walked about 10 steps, and saw that type of animal faraway.

She stopped without approaching, observing her surroundings.

Surprise and happiness appeared gradually with her confirmation.

As expected, this world must be left behind by some wretched dragon tribe.

These animals had faint hints of the dragon bloodline.

Its level of spiritual power was not even on par with the current China so there should not be many very strong existences here.

Such a world was, without a doubt, a great finding for Big Treasure, Little Treasure, and her.

Her spirits were lifted.

With this world, her speed of preliminary cultivation would definitely increase more than twice.

It would also be great nourishment for Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

After a short while, she calmed down and suddenly frowned.

With her current strength and size, it seemed to be rather difficult for her to hunt without using her mental attack.

However, if she were to use the mental attack… Her frown was even deeper now.

She gritted and explored the world.

Di Baijun was fighting a dinosaur much bigger than her at about two meters tall.

Her eyes flashed, making that dinosaur lose its consciousness.

Di Baijun took the opportunity to bite its neck, trying to bring it to the ground.

She roared in pain.

This huge dinosaur shook its body.

It did not fall but shook violently and brought Di Baijun down forcefully.

Its neck was too thick.

She only managed to bite somewhere that wasn’t vital.

It also woke from the pain.

Of course, Di Baijun did not go all out either.

This was just a hunt.

She naturally did not go all out.

Another roar of warning came, and this dinosaur escaped.

Di Baijun gritted her teeth unwillingly but did not chase.

That was because she had already used her mental attack thrice but could not do anything to it.

She could not use it again.

It was better for her not to use it more than four times a day.

She still needed to reserve the last attack to ensure she could return.

Therefore, she could only watch as the other party escaped.

She gazed all around, unwillingly.

She didn’t manage to hunt for food even though that bastard managed to.

She became agitated when that thought crossed her mind.

She had an impulse not to leave if she didn’t manage to hunt for food.

However, her rationality got the better of her in the end.

This place was still too dangerous for her.

She shouldn’t stay too long.

Di Baijun came to the passage but stopped with her eyes determined.

No, she could not return just like that.

Wouldn’t that bastard laugh at her if this noble one did not manage to hunt for food successfully? She stopped moving with that thought.

She decided after observing for a while.

This was the passage where she could exit at any time.

Would there be suitable prey that would come near if she were to wait here? She went a few dozen meters away and started waiting.

She waited until night fell.

At home, Wang Hu started experimenting when he found the effects of this dinosaur meat.

He was drunk on happiness on what he found.

He ate a few mouthfuls of meat from time to time.

In a few hours, he could feel his body strengthen considerably, equivalent to the effect condensed from a few days.

The two little guys ate to their full and fell asleep after they were tired from playing when night fell.

That was when Wang Hu realized that the silly girl had yet to return.

He started worrying.

This silly girl wouldn’t really be in trouble, right? He looked at the two little guys sleeping peacefully and felt that there should be no problem for the time being so he quickly dashed through the passage of the two worlds.

He reached the passage in less than two minutes.

His eyes scanned around once he reached the other world when he saw that silly girl’s familiar beautiful body waiting behind a tree, as though she was waiting for something.

He relaxed but was a little confused.

What was this silly girl doing? However, no matter what, it didn’t matter as long as she was alright.

Di Baijun was shocked at Wang Hu’s sudden appearance.

She turned her head to glare at him and growled coldly.

“What are you doing here?” Wang Hu blinked.

He didn’t know if he had heard wrongly, but he felt that this silly girl was embarrassed and ashamed to face him.

He looked at the silly girl suspiciously and obtained an icy reply.

“What about Big Treasure and Little Treasure? Why did you leave them alone?” Wang Hu was even more suspicious now.

That feeling had grown stronger now.

This silly girl seemed to be trying to change the topic.

He thought about it and did not mind it.

He roared gently as usual.

“Baijun, I was worried when you didn’t return for so long so I came here to look for you.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure are now fast asleep, and nothing will happen to them.

Let’s head back.