I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 82

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Chapter 82: Intercepting Nukes on Claws? Three minutes was enough for Galgado! In fact, two can do! She tightly controlled it and flew to another place! Time passed by the second.


At this time.

In front of the Winged Dragon Valley of the Wind God.

Blake had already figured out how to use the interference.

There were two ways.

One was to attack in a straight line, using his head to shoot out an invisible electromagnetic beam! Although Blake did not know why, he used his head to shoot it out.

However, the power was extremely strong.

If the opponent was within his attack range, then the first way of attack could directly destroy the opponent’s equipment.




The second method was to launch an invisible electromagnetic force field through the dorsal fin of his back.

As long as it entered his electromagnetic force field, all electromagnetic devices would fail.

As for the power, it would depend on the strength that he emitted.

Compared to the first method, it was definitely a little inferior.

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COM Blake narrowed his eyes, his eyes already locked onto the three missiles that were flying towards him.

Blake could shoot them down now.

But he was not in a hurry, because he still needed to run over to eat them.

He might as well wait here until he reached the range of his electromagnetic force field.

Then he could eat them effortlessly! Blake narrowed his eyes and sat directly in front of the wind god Pterosaur Valley, waiting for the missiles to approach.

At this time.

At the Round Table.

Yoshiki was also staring at the screen.

Professor Gus Turner was also waiting quietly.

Everyone held their breath.

In the temporary base in prehistoric times.

Galgado was also leading his team to do crazy work.

The decoding was 80% complete! A green progress bar was proceeding at a slow but steady speed.

“Estimated time is one minute.

” Galgado muttered and continued to increase the deciphering speed.

But at this moment, a sudden change occurred! “Lady Galgado, for some reason, fugu 666 suddenly increased its speed!” “We should be able to reach the valley within 50 seconds! !” One of the researchers under Galgado suddenly stood up and shouted.

“What? ! !” Galgado’s pupils suddenly contracted! She hurriedly rushed to the front of the researcher and stared at the screen in front of him.

Looking at the data on the screen, her expression became somewhat solemn.

This was something she had not expected.

In order to hit the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, the Japanese had directly used nuclear elements to accelerate twice! This was a complete waste of elemental energy! “Activate Plan B!” Galgado took a deep breath and said.

Although her expression was solemn, it did not reach the point of panic.

She had already thought of all the scenarios that would happen with the missile! The previous two minutes of decoding was just a budget.

Now, she had to break the budget! Within half a minute, she had to decipher the opponent’s Fugu 666.

“Activate Quantum 911 decoder!” Galgado said all kinds of things.

“Yes!” Quantum 911 decoder.

This was the trump card that Galgado brought to prehistoric times.

He didn’t expect it to be used so quickly.

Originally, this decoder was used to decode prehistoric quantum signals.

Now, it was naturally converted to decode Hercules’ operating signals.

Quantum deciphering was naturally millions of times faster than a normal supercomputer.

However, the time needed to adjust it was about 30 seconds! Therefore, Galgado did not dare to delay any longer.

10 seconds had passed! In the wind god Pterosaur Valley, Blake looked at the nuclear bomb that was constantly approaching him.

20 seconds had passed.

“It has entered the electromagnetic field’s range!” Blake could keenly sense that the missile had entered the range of his release.

Then, he would come down! “Electromagnetic force field, release!” The dorsal fin on Blake’s back suddenly began to release an extremely strong electromagnetic force field in all directions with Blake as the center point! And this action naturally cut off the Quantum 911 decoder on Galgado’s side! “What? ! ! !” “The signal disappeared! !” Galgado almost cursed out loud! How could this be possible? Unless there was a super energy signal machine that could surpass his Quantum 911 decoder! Otherwise, it would be impossible to cut off his signal! ! In this prehistoric era.

How could he use such a powerful electromagnetic field to interfere with the signal! “Galgado, what’s wrong? ? ?” Will Quake had always been by Galgado’s side.

He had never seen Galgado lose her composure like this! “My quantum 911 signal has been cut off! !” Galgado said with a dark face.

“What? ! ! It Can’t be, could it be that something has gone wrong with your 911?” Will Quake was also getting anxious at this time.

If this failed, what would happen to Blake? Blake was about to suffer a nuclear attack from Fugu 666! ! “Quantum 911 was the final model after 911 experiments! !” “It’s the world’s top quantum technology product! Even other big countries are nothing! !” “And there’s only one way to cut off my quantum 911 signal!” “That’s to use this set of extremely strong electromagnetic interference that surpasses mine to cut it off! Otherwise, it’s absolutely impossible!” Galgado said heavily.

Just as he was preparing to check if there was really something wrong with his quantum machine, the surrounding researchers all cried out in surprise! “F * CK, F * ck! ! ! Did you guys see that?” “The Super Tyrannosaurus Blake caught the Fugu missile!” “Good guy, as expected of Blake.

As expected of the prehistoric king, Blakeis awesome! ! !” “Isn’t this the work of Academician Galgado’s research team? !” Hearing the excited voices of the people around them, Galgado, Will Quake, and the others were dumbfounded! ! What? ? We have contributed to the deciphering? ! ! Damn it! The quantum deciphering signal was forcefully cut off! “Wait!” Will Quake quickly looked in Blake’s direction.

The time they had just wasted was far more than ten seconds, but the three Fugu missiles did not explode? ! ! ! Furthermore, it was actually in Blake’s hands? !