I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 81

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Chapter 81: Blake’s New Skills In prehistoric times.

Galgado had also created many strange devices.

Carol Garcia and the others didn’t understand what these devices were.

In comparison, it was more interesting to study Tyrannosaurus Blake.

In the next second.

Carol Garcia and the others looked at the wind god Pterosaur Valley, located 100 kilometers away.

Wind god Pterosaur Valley.

The Super Tyrannosaurus Blake had already swallowed 600 kilograms of uranium 235.

The energy in his body was also increasing.

[ Ding! Extreme radiation detected! Beginning absorption… ] [ Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining 3% evolution points.

] .



[ Ding! Monster King template, 26% ! ] And this was only the beginning! Blake could sense uranium being continuously absorbed in his stomach.

Then, they were converted into energy and evolution points! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM [ Ding! Extremely strong radiation energy detected! Beginning absorption… ] [ Ding! … ] Because Blake had already strengthened his absorption speed previously.

Therefore, after 15 minutes, the 600 kilograms of uranium 235 had been completely absorbed by Blake! ! Next, it was naturally the violent path of evolution! … … … … … … “Fugu 666, ready!” “Loading station activated!!” “Firing angle corrected!” “Bio-thermal sensing activated.

Target: Super Tyrannosaurus Blake!” “Heat locked.

Over! !” “Launch commencing! !” “Estimated launch time: 10 minutes.

” “Current preparation time: 9 minutes and 59 seconds!” Just as the time had reached 10 minutes.

Three Fugu 666 thermal cruise nuclear bombs were instantly ignited! The powerful thrusters spewed out a large amount of flames.

If one looked carefully, one could see that there were five Mach rings behind the thrusters! And this was only the initial speed! This alone is indicative of the determination of the Japanese.

At the Round Table meeting.

Yoshiki Nojima saw that the three fugu 666 had entered the firing state.

He could not help but burst into laughter.

“Hahahaha, Professor Gus Turner, how is it? This time, under these three nuclear bombs, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake is probably doomed!” Hearing Yoshiki Nojima’s words, professor Gus Turner laughed and said, “Not necessarily!” “It’s not like you haven’t experienced Blake’s various mysterious methods.

What if the launch fails?” When Yoshiki Nojima heard this, he immediately laughed a few times, “Hahaha, fail? That’s a puffer fish! There’s no such thing as failure!” Professor Gus Turner smiled but didn’t say anything.

He believed in his own country’s researchers.

Prehistoric times.

Wind god Pterosaur Valley.

[ Ding! All high radiation absorbed! ] [ Ding! Congratulations to the host for increasing the evolution rate by 10% ! ] [ Ding! Monster King Template Progress: 36% ! ] [ Ding! Congratulations, host, for obtaining a skill: super uranium radiation! ] [ super uranium radiation: able to release extremely strong uranium radiation, the core temperature of the radiation is 1,000,000 degrees! ] [ Ding! Congratulations, host, for obtaining a skill: electromagnetic interference! ] [ electromagnetic interference: the host can release extremely strong electromagnetic interference signals, be able to specify a direction to interfere with all electromagnetic equipment, or be able to directly release electromagnetic force fields! ] Blake could not help but squint his eyes, feeling extremely satisfied.

This electromagnetic interference skill was good.

This way, he did not have to worry about the other party using electromagnetic signal weapons! Moreover, Blake knew that as long as it was a large-scale combat missile, all of them had electromagnetic equipment.

[ Ding! Next Skill: Red Lotus Helix Hotline (this skill can only be used after entering the half-red Lotus State)] [ Red Lotus Helix HotLine: after the user enters the Red Lotus Apocalypse, the user can consume hundreds of times the energy of the Red Lotus helix hot line by consuming the energy in his body.

Then, the user can shoot out a powerful red lotus helix hot line from his mouth! ] [ Ding! When the king of monsters template is unlocked to 50% , the user will be able to obtain the half-red lotus state and Red Lotus Helix HotLine! ] Blake felt his body becoming stronger and stronger.

Then, he asked in his mind.

“How many states does the Red Lotus have?” Although Blake knew some of Godzilla’s skills, they only looked alike.

Moreover, his current state had already surpassed Godzilla.

Therefore, he had to ask this question clearly.

[ Ding! There are four types of Red Lotus mode.

They are arranged as follows.

] [ half-red Lotus mode, quasi-red Lotus mode, high-red Lotus mode, ultimate Red Lotus mode.

] Blake could not help but gulp.

Although she did not quite understand it, it was definitely awesome.

“Check my current attributes.

” Then, Blake began to check his current attributes.

After all, after eating so many good things, Blake felt that his body had changed a lot.

[ system host: Blake ] [ gender: Male ] [ unlocked template: Super Tyrannosaurus Rex (100%)] [ current body statistics: height 300 meters, weight 500,000 tons, body length 450 meters, average running speed 9,000 kilometers per hour, bite force 2,000,000 newtons, Hammer Force 300,000 Newtons ] [ characteristics: absorbs energy from food, absorbs energy from radiation, absorbs nuclear energy, absorbs energy from lasers, absorbs energy from explosions ] [ skills: atomic breath, spiral radiation, energy ray from dorsal fin, super uranium hotline, electromagnetic interference ] Perfect! Blake nodded his head in satisfaction, extremely satisfied with his current attributes.

“Huh?” Blake suddenly sensed three extremely strong radiation sources appearing in the distant sky.

Although it was a little worse than the uranium element that he had eaten previously, it was almost there! Is it that group of disgusting fellows again.


The corner of Blake’s mouth cracked into a smile.

It was just nice that he could use his new skill now! After that, Blake began to silently activate the new skill that he had just obtained.

At the same time.

A temporary base 100 kilometers away! Galgado was also preparing to activate his signal decoder.

“The other party’s puffer fish has been detected!” The researcher said hurriedly.

“Begin to decode!” Galgado’s expression became extremely serious.

“We only have about three minutes now.

According to the current speed of puffer fish 666, we will arrive at the canyon where Blake is in three minutes!” “Yes!” Then, Galgado led his team and began to move!