I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 53

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Chapter 53: Eyeing Tsuyoshi Yamada The American researchers? Blake was slightly taken aback.

This was not possible.

After all, there was radiation in the mining of uranium ore.

Although some of it could be withstood with radiation-proof clothing, it could not be completely withstood.

Moreover, the work of mining was dirty and tiring.

Thankfully, there was free labor in front of him, so naturally, he did not need his own country’s personnel to mine.

Then, he pointed at the American scientific research team and shook his head.

Then, he pointed at the Japanese scientific research team and nodded.

“This… What?” For a moment, Will Quake was a little confused.

What did the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake mean? “You mean to not let the American scientists to do the mining, but let the Japanese people mine?” Carol Garcia saw Blake’s actions and tried to ask.

As soon as she said this, the Japanese researchers’ expressions changed.

Everyone knew that mining was a dirty and tiring job, and there was also radiation.

How could they be allowed to do this job? But unexpectedly, Blake nodded and asked the Japanese people to do the mining.

Then, he pointed at the American researchers and then pointed at his mouth.

“After the Japanese people mine the ore, let our people purify it and then give it to you to eat?” Carol Garcia asked again.




Blake heard it and nodded immediately.

It was more comfortable to communicate with Carol Garcia.

If he wasn’t in the T-rex state, he would have had a deep communication with Carol Garcia.

After seeing Blake nod his head, Carol Garcia looked at the Japanese scientific research team.

“Why? Why should we only let our people mine ores? Baka, we are not convinced!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “Exactly, this is absolutely impossible.

The giant beast doesn’t care about our Japanese people at all!” “Baka, it’s impossible for us to mine ores.

Super t-rex Blake, just give up on this idea!” “That’s right.

We came to the Jurassic period for scientific research, not to be its labor force.

” At this moment, within the Japanese scientific research camp.

There was already some commotion.

When a few people saw that Super Tyrannosaurus Blake only allowed people from their own country to mine, they immediately felt an imbalance in their hearts.

Seeing this, Blake sneered and started to resist.

How dare they not follow his instructions? It seemed that he was too merciful to them.

A few days ago, after the Japanese sent out their bombers, he only killed their fighter planes, he didn’t do anything to these researchers.

Now it seemed that he was too gentle? Thinking of this, Blake’s eyes turned cold.

It seemed that it was necessary to teach them a lesson.

“We have to resist.

Why should only our Japanese suffer or be treated like this!” “Carol Garcia, did you collude with Blake to mess with us!” “We are not convinced!” On the ground, the Japanese scientists were still clamoring.

“We are not digging this mine!” Tsuyoshi Yamada was one of the more radical researchers.

He was already very dissatisfied with the number of times Will Quake asked them to cut wood for the Super Tyrannosaurus rex.

This time, it was even more ridiculous.

They were actually going to let them mine uranium, a huge amount of radiation? As researchers, in modern society, their food and accommodation were all extremely luxurious.

When have they ever done such a job? Hence, he naturally would not do mining work! As his clamor grew louder, Blake’s gaze slowly landed on him.

He stopped moving! Instantly, the hair on Tsuyoshi Yamada’s body stood on end and was enveloped by a chill.

He felt as though he was being targeted by a prehistoric beast.

In reality, he was being targeted by a prehistoric beast.

“Boom!” “Boom!” Blake’s huge body walked over.

The loud rumbling sound and the intense vibration caused Tsuyoshi Yamada to be unable to stand properly.

He directly collapsed onto the ground.

His words were stuck in his throat and he could not utter a single word.

A deep fear appeared on his face.

At this moment, Tsuyoshi Yamada’s heart was on the verge of collapse.

There were so many people shouting.

Why was he being targeted! ! This scene was transmitted to modern society through the recording machine.

It was witnessed by the higher-ups of the Japanese nation.

“Quick, quickly connect me to the United States of America and Contact Professor Gus Turner!” When the high-ranking Japanese official, Yougui Noshima, saw this scene, he immediately got someone to contact the United States of America.

Very soon, he was contacted.


Yougui Noshima, if there’s nothing important, let’s end it.

We still have to do scientific research.

” Even though Yoshiki was a high-ranking official in Japan, Professor Gus Turner did not give him much time.

“Nothing important? Did you guys watch the live broadcast again? Now, the Super Tyrannosaurus is going to attack humans!” Yoshiki said.

If the Super Tyrannosaurus was really allowed to kill the scientists in their own country, with so many people around the world watching, it would create a major public outcry.

“Oh, so that’s how it is.

I thought it was something.


Yoshiaki, let me correct you.

It wasn’t the Super Tyrannosaurus that made a move against humans, but it made a move against your people.

” “Also, it was you who provoked it first.

Let alone a prehistoric behemoth, even if you were provoked, what would you choose to do?” “Therefore, the moment you give the order to send the bombers to the Cretaceous period, you must be prepared for your country to be treated by the Super Tyrannosaurus rex in any way.

” Professor Gus Turner said slowly.

After listening to his words, Yougui Noshima didn’t know what to say.

The current situation in the Cretaceous period.

It could be said that it was all his fault.

At this moment, Blake had already arrived in front of Tsuyoshi Yamada.

Looking at this ant-like fellow, Blake’s mouth was wide open.

Did these humans really think that he was a docile giant beast? Looking at this human who was paralyzed by him, Blake was thinking about how to deal with him.

Slapping him into meat paste? That would be too dirty.

The meat paste would stick to his body.

After all, this guy was a human.

If the meat paste stuck to his body, he would be disgusted.

Eat It? It was even more impossible.

Although he was now a Tyrannosaurus rex, his soul was a human.

How could he eat his own kind? It was too disgusting! Using atomic breath? It was too wasteful.

Then, he decided to use the energy of nuclear fusion in his body.

With this thought in mind, Blake slowly reached out with one hand towards Tsuyoshi Yamada.

“No, no, don’t come over.

Don’t come over!” At this moment, Tsuyoshi Yamada felt that death was about to descend.

Looking at the huge forelimbs of the Super Tyrannosaurus rex Blake, he cried out in a mental breakdown.

At this moment, everyone in the basin felt fear! After all, a member of the same species that had entered the Cretaceous period was about to be killed by this prehistoric behemoth.