I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 52

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Chapter 52: Plans to mine uranium! When the radiation value reaches 0.

25, it will cause irreversible damage to the human body.

However, at this time, the Japanese researchers led by Zhiren Yada had arrived at the side of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

The radiation value would not rise.

At this time, Will Quake’s voice came from his communicator, “Mr.

Zhiren Yada, have you detected the reason why the land you’re on can’t grow vegetation?” “Yes, there’s radiation here!”Jizhiko Yada said.

“What’s the radiation value? Can people enter?” Will Quake asked again.

Listening to the voice on the communicator, Jizhiko Yada replied, “Mr.

Will Quake, the radiation value here is 0.

24 ΜSV/h.

you can enter.

” Even though Zhiren Yada was dissatisfied with the people from other countries and asked them to go to this place, he still answered truthfully.

“Thank you for your hard work, Mr.


We’ll go now.

” Will Quake said.

Then, they prepared to go down to the basin.

On the bare land, Blake looked at the group of people under his feet as if he had always looked at ants.




He naturally saw that this was the Japanese research team.

But this time, Blake did not glare at them.

That was because he needed them at the moment.

Then, he pointed at the ground in front of him and then pointed at his mouth.

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COM This meaning was very easy to understand.

He wanted to treat the ore in front of him.


Zhiren Yada, what does this action of Super Tyrannosaurus Blake mean?” In the Japanese research team, a middle-aged researcher did not understand Blake’s meaning.

After all, Blake was now a Tyrannosaurus rex.

It was not so convenient to express the meaning between two species.

“It should be.

Does it want to eat these ores?” Zhiren Yada said with some uncertainty.

After all, there were no creatures on earth that ate ores.

However, he still tried to ask Blake in English, “Are you going to eat these ores?” Blake nodded.

“Hiss!” After getting the answer, Zhiren Yada couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air.

A Super Tyrannosaurus wanted to eat ores? It’s nearly crazy.

It was also an opportunity for Blake to stop hating the Japanese scientific research team.

As long as Blake stopped hating them, they would be able to get close to and study Blake.

Then, he used the radiation monitor to examine these ores.

“Beep, detection complete.

The current geology is: Sandstone-type uranium ore.

” Soon, the results of the examination were out.

The radiation monitor let out a notification sound.

“It’s actually a natural uranium ore deposit? !” Zhiren Yada was somewhat shocked.

What was even more shocking was that the Super Tyrannosaurus rex, Blake, actually wanted to eat these uranium ores? ? ? Even though they hadn’t been purified, they couldn’t be eaten! Zhiren Yada raised his head and looked up at the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake At this moment, he suddenly felt that he couldn’t use a creature like the Tyrannosaurus to look at Blake.

Instead, he had to use a creature like Godzilla to look at Blake.

After all, if Blake could absorb lasers or missiles, then he might be able to absorb radiation as well? This was the process of Godzilla’s evolution! At this moment, the scientific research teams from all over the world had arrived.

“Have you checked this place? What is the substance that is emitting radiation, Mr.

Zhiren Yada? Also, what is the situation now?” Will Quake walked in front and asked.

“The geology of this place is a sandstone-type uranium deposit.

Super Tyrannosaurus Blake wants to eat these unpurified uranium ores.

” Zhiren Yada said.

“What? Want to eat these uranium ores? There’s a huge amount of radiation here!” Carol Garcia exclaimed.

“Perhaps, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake won’t care about the radiation.

Or, to some extent, the radiation can help it.

” “After all, even our lasers can’t hurt it.

Instead, it can absorb it.

” Will Quake calmed down a lot and analyzed from the side.

“But these materials are uranium ores! Even if Blake can absorb lasers, can he still absorb the uranium radiation?” Carol Garcia asked with uncertainty.

This time, Will Quake was also a little uncertain.

Carol Garcia was right.

The radiation from uranium ores was not like other things.

In the sky, Blake looked at these humans hesitating and getting impatient.

He decided to show them that he was not afraid of the radiation of uranium ore.

He dug out a large piece of uranium ore.

Then, he pinched it hard.

Dust kept falling from the sky.

Soon, there was only a black ore left in Blake’s hand.

Then, Bu Lai could directly swallow this black ore.

[ Ding! Congratulations to host for swallowing uranium ore, evolution level increased by 1 point.

] Listening to the system’s voice, Blake felt helpless.

After working for half a day, his evolution level only increased by 1 point? Previously, it was calculated as a percentage.

This time, he directly used points.

This meant that the evolution that this black ore had brought to him was so small that it could be ignored.

He hadn’t expected it to evolve much, but this time, it was just a demonstration for these people.

“This? ? ?” Seeing Blake eat the black ore, everyone present’s expressions changed slightly.

The Super Tyrannosaurus rex, Blake, could actually swallow uranium ore? ! “I know.

The Super Tyrannosaurus rex isn’t a human after all.

These highly radioactive uranium elements are dangerous to humans, but to Blake, they’re probably food.

” “Just like how lasers and missiles are useless against Blake!” “That’s why the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake asked us to purify these uranium ores and give them to him to eat.

” When Will Quake saw Blake eat the ores, he instantly understood that Blake was not afraid of these uranium elements! “So it’s really not afraid of uranium elements!” Carol Garcia’s eyes widened.

Then, she said to Blake, “Starting tomorrow, there will be top researchers from the United States of America coming here to mine the uranium ores and give them to you to purify and eat.

” The reason it was tomorrow was because he had come in a hurry today and didn’t bring any mining tools.

So he could only wait until tomorrow to mine.