I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 5

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Want to catch Tyrannosaurus Rex? ! Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation “If there really is a terrifying creature bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex in the valley, then we should go and explore it even more.

From the folded space to the Cretaceous era, isn’t our mission to explore prehistoric creatures?”Will Quaker narrowed his eyes slightly, he said to Zhiren Yada.

Zhiren Yada was speechless and could only nod.

Other than worrying about safety, Zhiren Yada actually didn’t mind following the group of tyrannosaurs into the valley.

However, from the roar just now, he felt that there might be something bigger and more terrifying than a Tyrannosaurus in the valley.

Zhiren Yada was worried about safety! With the current firepower brought by the scientific research team, killing one or two tyrannosaurs in an instant was not a problem.

Even more than a dozen tyrannosaurs could be killed.

“How about this! Let’s wait for the news from the modern world first.

If the scientific research labs of various countries decide that we need to capture a Tyrannosaurus, then we will start our actions.

” He spoke to the scientific research teams of various countries very seriously.

The scientific research teams of various countries hesitated for a few seconds before agreeing with what he said.




After all, they were only a few minutes away.

It would not take too much time.

It would take a longer time to catch up with the group of tyrannosaurs.

Compared to a few minutes of waiting, it was just a rest.

There was no need to rush.

It would be better to wait for the scientific research labs from all over the world to come to a consensus.

Walkley Arnold quickly looked around to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment.

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COM The Special Forces soldiers responsible for guarding the area quickly opened up a land where they could sit down and rest.

They also protected Carol Garcia, who was still recording the tyrannosaurs.

Ten tyrannosaurs were attacking the Baotaur.

They gradually formed a circle and surrounded a large group of Baotaur dragons.

There was only one gap in the circle, and it was aimed at the valley in the distance.

As a human, it was easy for them to see the intentions of the ten tyrannosaurs.

It was obvious that they were forcing the Baotaur Dragons to flee into the valley.

The botosaurs were not as intelligent as the tyrannosaurs.

When faced with the danger of being hunted, they could not think calmly.

As expected, they quickly fled into the distant valley.

The ten tyrannosaurus’ plan had succeeded! The group of botosaurs was chased away by the ten tyrannosaurs.

They were moving in an s-shaped curve, heading straight for the distant valley.

The scientists from all over the scientific research team were shocked.

Even the most senior biologist from the United States was shocked.

They did not expect that the Cretaceous period tyrannosaurus had such astonishing intelligence.

Tyrannosaurus rex was the dominant predator of the dinosaurs.

Now, it was also intelligent and organized to kill other dinosaurs.

How could it not be shocking? In the modern world, at the American Institute of Science, Gus Turner led a large group of scientists to look at the big screen.

Their mouths were wide open and full of shock.

Gus Turner was the first to open his mouth.

He was so shocked that his jaw almost fell to the ground.

Other than shock, it was still shock! As modern humans, none, not even scientific researchers had ever seen a living Tyrannosaurus rex.

What they usually saw were 3D reconstruction videos and sculptures of Tyrannosaurus’ Bones.

And they are looking at ten living tyrannosaurs.

The research value of ten tyrannosaurs definitely far exceeded the research value of thousands of Baotaur.

“I can’t believe I actually saw a Tyrannosaurus from the Cretaceous period!” “The research value of a Tyrannosaurus is definitely far greater than that of a Baotaur.

I have to capture one and study it properly.

Otherwise, I would have wasted the most natural research resources.

” “It would be a pity if we don’t capture one.

” The group of scientists discussed non-stop.

The entire scientific research room seemed to have exploded.

Everyone was discussing how to study a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

They were even discussing how to artificially hatch and raise a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gus Turner recovered from his shock and could not help but let out a long sigh.

Now that he had recovered from his shock, it was time to think about serious matters.

Gerstner immediately decided whether he should capture a Tyrannosaurus immediately.

A few seconds later, Gus Turner made up his mind and slammed his hands on the table again.

“Immediately contact Carol Garcia and tell her to tell Will Quake that he must capture a Tyrannosaurus no matter what! As for the Baotaur, he can wait for a while.

Secondly, before capturing a Tyrannosaurus, remember to try your best to find out where the Tyrannosaurus lives and record the living environment of the Tyrannosaurus,” Gus Turner said loudly, his voice drowned out all the scientists who were discussing.

The American scientists who were in the middle of the discussion quieted down one after another and immediately began to discuss in low voices about the potential value of the Tyrannosaurus.

Most believed that tyrannosaurs could be used for DNA research.

A small number believed that tyrannosaurs could be used for breeding and even for military purposes.

Gus Turner turned a deaf ear to this and continued to ponder his own matters.

[Inside a Chinese science lab] The situation was similar to that of the American science lab, where a large group of scientists were discussing how to deal with tyrannosaurs.

Most Chinese scientists believed that a Tyrannosaurus rex should be captured.

A small number of Chinese scientists believed that the Baotaur should be captured first, and then the more aggressive Tyrannosaurus rex should be captured.

Chinese scientists believed that a Tyrannosaurus rex could only be found by chance, and that if there was no absolute certainty of capture, it should not be disturbed.

But after a heated discussion, Chinese scientists decided to agree to capture a Tyrannosaurus rex and bring it back for research.

Scientists from Russia, India, and Japan also had the same cognitive thinking.

Finally, after a discussion among the leaders of the various countries, the scientists decided to send a message to Carol Garcia, ordering the scientific research team to strive to capture at least six tyrannosaurs.

Six tyrannosaurs, just allocated to the five major scientific research countries.

The United States could just allocate two of them! After a few minutes of delay, the viewers who were watching the live video became excited and started to post comments on the forums.

“Oh my God! It’s actually my favorite Tyrannosaurus.

It’s great to see a real Tyrannosaurus!”– An American comment “The United States is awesome! The scientific research team is awesome! I’ve seen a real Tyrannosaurus!”– An American comment “These tyrannosaurs must belong to the United States of America.

After they are captured, the United States of America will allocate the ownership of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

”– comments from a Chinese audience “Scientific researchers from all countries have contributed, so they deserve the corresponding amount of Tyrannosaurus rex.

The United States of America must not monopolize it!”– comments from a Russian audience “Compared to Tyrannosaurus rex, I still prefer Baotaur.

”– comments from an Indian audience “Yeah.

I feel that the Baotaur is cuter and looks very interesting.

”– a comment from a Japanese audience In a short time, the entire live broadcast forum’s website had reached four billion people.

Almost all the people around the world were watching the live broadcast and paying attention to the Tyrannosaurus rex.

It was already 3 am in the middle of the night in the United States.

Many people had already gone to bed, but they were woken up by their friends’ calls to watch the live broadcast.

At this moment, the entire world was shocked by these ten tyrannosaurs! However, no one knew that these ten tyrannosaurs were nothing at all.

Especially when compared to the super giant Tyrannosaurus Blake, they looked even smaller.

Unfortunately, Carol Garcia’s recording device was unable to transmit the dragon’s roar that came from the valley back to the modern world.

Therefore, even the scientists and scholars of various countries did not know that there might be even larger dinosaurs in the valley.