I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 6

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Shock, shock, more shock! Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation During the Cretaceous period, researchers who were resting looked at Carol Garcia almost every minute, waiting for her to tell them about the decisions made by the scientific research labs of various countries.

After Carol Garcia finished watching the recorded video, she quickly passed the video to Will Quake to watch as well.

Walkley Arnold immediately came over and read the order given by the American research scientist Gus Turner clearly.

He then sighed in disappointment.

Sure enough, they still had to catch the t-rex! The process of catching the t-rex was not difficult, but it was not completely without danger.

It was not easy to catch a T-rex.

After the three of them watched the video sent by various countries, they nodded in agreement.

They knew that the decision made by the scientific research labs of various countries was very reasonable.




First, they would record the growth environment of the t-rex, then they would think of ways to catch the T-rex.

Finally, they would catch the Baotaur if time permits.

Things had to be done step by step.

They could not take risks, even for the sake of scientific benefits.

Will Quake cleared his throat and coughed slightly.

Then, he said, “Since the scientific research teams from all over the world think that we should follow the Tyrannosaurus rex into the valley, we should rest for a while and continue to set off.

” Carol Garcia quickly put down the recording machine and took the time to rest.

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COM Walkley Arnold turned his head and signaled the special forces soldiers in charge of safety to check their weapons and not to drop the ball at the crucial moment of the battle.

The scientists of the scientific research teams from all over the world had almost finished resting.

They were all ready to go and began to move toward the valley.

Walkley Arnold personally protected Will Quake in the middle of the team.

Carol Garcia was also protected by Will Quake.

Both of them were very important people! As the leader of the American research team, Will Quake’s every word could decide the direction of the team’s next task.

Carol Garcia was responsible for the use of the recording machine, which was no less important than Will Quake.

After all, the video was also a very important research resource, so its importance could not be underestimated.

After another 30 minutes, the research team was about to enter the valley.

At the same time, in the depths of the valley, there was an empty grassland, and there was a huge Tyrannosaurus rex resting on its stomach.

The huge Tyrannosaurus Blake! This valley was the territory that Blake had found and occupied.

During the day, he would rest here and enjoy the offerings of many “Small” carnivorous dinosaurs.

In Blake’s eyes, “Small” included ordinary tyrannosaurs.

Tyrannosaurs were not small, but compared to a monster like Blake, they were.

Beside the Super Tyrannosaurus black, there were many carnivorous dinosaurs.

These carnivorous dinosaurs basically formed a team of ten.

They were responsible for hunting every day and returning to offer tributes to the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

At first, Blake did not think of taming other carnivorous dinosaurs.

But as time went by, Blake found that many ordinary tyrannosaurs would follow behind him and eat the remains of the dinosaurs that he usually ate.

Blake also found that when he opened up a habitat to rest, these ordinary tyrannosaurs would rest in a place that was neither too far nor too close.

It was as if they were his followers and thugs! After discovering this situation, Blake decided to tame these ordinary tyrannosaurs.

Every day, they would go out hunting for him, driving the vegetarian dinosaurs back and even raising them in captivity.

Of course, there were also some ordinary tyrannosaurs who did not obey Blake’s management.

But Blake never cared about these disobedient tyrannosaurs! If any ordinary Tyrannosaurus did not obey his orders, Blake would not hesitate to devour it, leaving no room for mercy.

Under such circumstances, Blake successfully tamed 50 tyrannosaurs.

Blake divided the 50 tyrannosaurs into five groups and took turns hunting each day, bringing back vegetarian dinosaurs as tribute for him.

In return, Blake allowed the 50 tyrannosaurs to rest near their habitat.

The habitat was created by the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

No carnivore dared to come and fight for territory.

In the Cretaceous dinosaur era, strength was the absolute majesty! Blake was larger than all the dinosaurs and had the strongest attack power.

Naturally, no dinosaur dared to challenge Blake.

Over time, Blake’s “Goons” team grew in number.

In addition to the 50 tamed tyrannosaurs, there were also a number of Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, mapuron, and Tyrannosaurus.

These carnivorous dinosaurs also regularly offered tributes in meat to Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

However, they were not as obedient as the 50 ordinary Tyrannosaurus Rex.

They also did not live in the core area of their habitat and would rest relatively far away.

So, Blake did not bother them.

Blake had just unlocked 100% of the Super Tyrannosaurus rex template, but had not yet unlocked the template of other dinosaur species, so he could not perfectly command other dinosaur species in terms of roar communication.

Seeing that there were 10 ordinary tyrannosaurs driving a group of Baotaur into the valley, Super Tyrannosaurus Black was overjoyed and immediately stood up.

Instead of directly eating these botosaurs, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake decided to personally drive the botosaurs to the valley basin behind.

Blake wanted to raise these botosaurs in captivity and turn the valley basin into a “Granary”! The importance of storing food is self-explanatory.

As a huge Super Tyrannosaurus, Blake definitely wanted to raise vegetarians and dinosaurs.

He couldn’t always go hunting when he was hungry.

Just like how humans needed refrigerators to keep food fresh, he couldn’t go to a fast food restaurant to buy hamburgers every time he was hungry.

Soon, Blake personally drove a group of Baotaur away from the valley.

Will Quake and his team led a team of scientists from all over the world from the top of the valley to the inner part of the valley.

Finally, they arrived at the inner part of the valley.

This was the place where the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake had just rested.

Now, Blake was driving a group of Baotaur deeper into the valley.

He had not returned yet.

The scientific researchers and special forces soldiers from all over the world looked at the scene in the valley.

They were so shocked that they did not know what to say.

Their minds were completely blank.

These are the only thoughts circulating among the researchers.

Even Carol Garcia was so shocked that she temporarily forgot to record the video.

Quickly coming back to her senses, Carol Garcia quickly adjusted the recording machine and transmitted the shocking scene to the modern world.

In the valley, there were actually more than ten tyrannosaurs! There were many tyrannosaurs here.

The initial estimate was that there were no less than thirty of them! Other than tyrannosaurus, there were many other carnivorous dinosaurs.

It was difficult to name them directly.

After all, scientists came from the future.

Today was the first time they saw a real dinosaur.

Usually, they would use the bones of various dinosaurs to reconstruct 3D images.

There would be some differences between a real dinosaur and a 3D dinosaur.

Although there wasn’t much difference, there were still some differences.

“This is… Too Amazing!” Walkley Arnold let out a sigh and marveled at the valley in front of him.

“How can there be so many tyrannosaurs?” “It’s really too amazing!” “If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.

” Scientific researchers from all over the world sighed and discussed.

They could no longer describe the excitement in their hearts with simple words.