Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 239

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 239

Chapter 239: A Rare and Grand Event   “Dong!” “Dong!” “Dong!” .


“The trial is about to begin.

Quickly pack up the things in the venue and check to see if there is any disclosure.

” “Yes, elder Lei!” Along with the melodious sound of the copper bell being struck, hundreds of young disciples methodically inspected the venue under Lei Mingyuan’s arrangement.

The seating arrangement, the seating arrangement between the various factions, tea, and a series of spirit fruits.


“Elder, everything has been prepared.

” “En, got it.

Go to the main hall and report to the sect master.

Prepare to send disciples to the mountain gate to lead the way for the guests!” .



Lei Mingyuan swept a glance and felt that there were no more problems, so he got the disciples to start preparing for the rest of the matters.

“Yes, elder lei.

” Today, the mysterious Sky Sword sect was more lively than usual.

Because half a month ago, an explosive news had spread throughout the east continent.

They had come here to verify the authenticity of the news.

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COM The invited guests, apart from the members of the six great sects, were also some highly respected cultivators from the east continent.

Almost all the nearby factions had come.

Due to the large number of people, Zhuang Changhe had temporarily changed the venue of the meeting to the vast nine peaks training ground.

This should be a rare and prosperous time in the east barren in the past hundred years.

“The clear water sect has arrived!” A powerful voice came from the entrance of the square.

Yin buping led a few elders and a young man in white followed behind him.

They were the first group of people to arrive at the mysterious Heavenly Sword sect.

After explaining the situation to the disciples guarding the mountain.


, they followed the disciples waiting for the mysterious Heavenly Sword sect to the square.

“Sect master, why haven’t we seen that person?” The second elder of the clear water sect immediately started looking around as soon as he took his seat.

It seemed like he was looking for someone, but he didn’t find anything after looking around.

“Don’t be afraid.

Since sect master Zhuang Guangfa invited all the major powers here, he must have made full preparations.

The person who should appear will appear at that time.

” “Be patient.

” “Sect master is right.

Let’s drink some tea and wait.

” At this moment, another elder nodded.

“Sect master, that’s old man Yan from the Yan Yun sect.

He’s here too.

” “Yes, I see him!” Yin Yijun’s gaze also looked towards the entrance.

He saw a group of cultivators in Daoist robes walking towards him, followed by a few burly men.

Such a strange combination was something only the Yan Yun sect could do.

The old Daoist dressed in cloth walking at the front was the old man Yan mentioned by the second elder.

This person was also an old man from the Yan Yun sect.

His seniority in the Yan Yun sect was extremely high.

It was said that the previous sect master even addressed him as martial uncle when he saw him.

His conduct was both good and evil.

His conduct was also without any rules or rules.

He was an existence that was difficult to define.

It seemed that after the previous sect master of the Yan Cloud sect disappeared, the current sect master had asked him to take over.

It was unknown how the higher-ups of the Yan Cloud sect could ask him to take action.

Yin Yijun did not hide his aura, so old man Yan also noticed his gaze.

Then, the two gazes suddenly collided.

The gazes of both parties disappeared as a trace of surprise appeared in their eyes.

“Sect leader Yin, how have you been?” “Haha, fellow Daoist Yan, long time no see!” Upon hearing this, Yin Yijun stood up with a smile and bowed as a form of greeting.

A disciple of the mysterious Heavenly Sword sect led the group of people from the Yan Cloud sect to the seats next to Yin Yijun and the others.

Following that, people entered one after another.

Before long, the square was filled with people.

With the arrival of the few remaining sects, the trial of the traitors officially began.

“Welcome, sect leader!” Lei Ming shouted in the direction of the Great Hall.

His cultivation at the great completion stage spread out with a thick aura.

“Hahaha! Fellow Daoists, sorry for the wait.

” At this moment, a hearty laughter suddenly reverberated from all directions.

“Today is the trial conference of our Blackheaven Sword sect.

Everyone, thank you for coming!” Zhuang Changhe slowly walked onto the high platform.

As his voice fell, the entire nine peaks cultivation square was in an uproar.

Everyone’s gazes simultaneously turned to look at the towering figure on the high platform.

“Sigh! Back then, the sect leaders of the six great sects came to our Blackheaven Sword sect to discuss the great plan of eliminating demons and defending the Dao.

Halfway back, they were ambushed by evil people on the way back, and their whereabouts are still unknown…” “Every time I think of this, my heart aches and I feel extremely guilty.

” “Just a few days ago, the two culprits had already fallen into the hands of My Blackheaven Sword sect.

Today’s trial is to invite all the heroes in the world to witness it!”! “My Blackheaven Sword sect will never tolerate a single demon, nor will we let go of any evil cultivator who defected to the demon race.


“As long as our Blackheaven Sword sect exists, we will kill any demon we encounter, and we will kill any evil we encounter.

We will never allow the demon race to continue harming the innocent!” Beautiful! Zhuang Changhe’s words were not only beautiful, but also inspiring.

The cultivators below the high platform could not help but cheer.

They all wanted to fight the demon race, as if they were thinking of the moment when their blood boiled.

“Men, bring those two traitors up.

” After a round of noise, Lei Laoliu, the leader of the Thunder Peak, led two figures in ragged clothes, covered in blood, to the original high platform in the middle.

When the two miserable figures were brought to the high platform, they did not move at all, as if they had already fainted.

Under the high platform, a group of people wearing plain-colored long robes embroidered with the symbol of the Red Sun suddenly erupted with a powerful aura of a cultivator.

It was none other than a group of people from the selfless sect.

The leader of the selfless sect, a middle-aged man named Daoist Xuan Guang, was currently staring intently at the two lifeless figures on the platform.

There seemed to be veins popping up on his face, and a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

“Eh? ? ? What’s going on?” “Sect master Xuan Guang, What’s wrong with you?” Faced with Daoist Xuan Guang’s intense reaction, the accompanying elders were all confused.

None of them could figure out why the new sect master had lost his composure.

“Sect master, this is the trial conference.

So many forces are watching.

Calm down and quickly withdraw your aura!” Daoist Xuan Guang took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the strange feeling in his heart.

The people who could attend the trial assembly this time were at least elders.

They had already sensed the aura of cultivation that Daoist Xuan Guang revealed just now.

Although they didn’t show anything on their faces, they couldn’t help but use voice transmission techniques to discuss in private.

“What kind of epilepsy did that Daoist Xuan Guang have? How could he lose his composure in such a serious situation? He has really lost all face of the selfless sect.

” “Eh, elder Wang, do you think that old Daoist Xuan Guang knows the two traitors on the stage? That’s why he couldn’t control his emotions.

” “Eh? ? ?” “We can eat whatever we want, but we can’t speak carelessly.

Our small sects can’t afford to provoke those big sects.

We must be careful with our words and actions.

” “…” Elsewhere.

Yin Yijun sensed something strange and frowned slightly.

His strength could be considered top-notch in the arena.

The private discussions of the crowd had all entered his ears at this moment.

And when he heard the discussion just now and looked at the two miserable figures on the stage, he actually felt a sense of familiarity.

Hehe! Had he already been discovered by that mystic light old priest? But this was also good.

This sect master had originally intended to publicize this matter to the public.

Right and wrong, right and wrong.