Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 238

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 238

Chapter 238: The Open and Honest Su Xing   “Su Xing, you owe me an explanation.

” Su Yan ‘er raised her willow-like eyebrows slightly.

Then, she looked at the two ambiguous people on the bed and said.

Su Yan ‘er had already reserved su xing to become her empress’s male servant.

Now, it seemed that someone had already taken the initiative.

How could she not be angry.

Why? What else could it be? This was all a F * cking misunderstanding! Cough Cough! Gently placing Xue Jian on the bed, Su Xing let out a dry cough.

Then, under everyone’s watchful eyes, he covered Xue Jian with the blanket.

“Xue Jian saw that she had used up too much of her spiritual power, so let her have a good rest.

If there’s anything, let’s talk outside.

” “HMPH!” Su Yan ‘er snorted coldly.

In a flash, she appeared in a pavilion not far away.




She glanced at Xue Jian, who was breathing evenly on the bed, and then glanced at her senior brother.

Mo Yuanqing also left without saying a word.

At this moment, Shen yaoling quietly walked in front of Su Xing and whispered.

“Senior brother Su Xing, the next time you see Sister Xue, you’re not allowed to leave Ling ‘er behind…” Under Su Xing’s astonished expression, Shen yaoling swaggered out of the wooden house and even turned around to make a face at Su Xing.

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COM “Hehe! Senior brother Su Xing, don’t tell senior sister Yan ‘er that this is our little secret!” Uh.


Upon hearing this, a row of black lines suddenly appeared on Su Xing’s originally handsome face.

In the pavilion.

After Su Xing saw that Xue had settled down, he strode into the pavilion.

One, two, three.

Fortunately, junior sister Yiyi didn’t come.

“Junior sisters, sorry for the wait.

” As soon as he walked into the pavilion, Su Xing chose a seat and sat in front of the junior sisters.

Suddenly, Su Xing’s calm eyes landed on Su Yan ‘er and the others.

“Have you finished the cultivation arranged for today?” Everyone was stunned, then they shook their heads.

Cultivation was not that simple! Putting everything aside, Su Yan ‘er’s nine solitary swords had only barely reached the beginner level.

The rest of them were about the same level.

They were still thousands of miles away from completing their cultivation! “Senior brother Su Xing.

” “Yes, what’s the matter?” At this moment, Su Yan ‘er looked at Su Xing with a burning gaze.

There seemed to be tens of thousands of complicated emotions surging in her eyes.

In the end, it only turned into an incomplete question.

“Just now, you met sister Xue Jian.

You Two?” Upon hearing this, Su Xing smiled frankly.

“I, Su Xing, have always been aboveboard in my life.

I have never done anything that took advantage of others’danger.

Just now, Xue Jian fainted and was met by senior brother, so I brought her back to my room to settle her down.

” “It’s that simple?” “It’s that simple!” “Otherwise, what do you think?” “Since that’s the case, I believe in senior brother.

” “Does that mean that senior brother didn’t get intimate with sister Xue?” “Sigh! Looks like Ling ‘ER’s dream is going to fail!” Hearing the conversation between Su Xing and Su Yan ‘er, Shen yaoling couldn’t help but mutter.

What kind of vicious words were those.

For a moment, everyone couldn’t help but be shocked by Shen yaoling’s words.

What’s wrong with Junior Sister Ling ‘er? It was fine if it happened once or twice, but why did she always want to do it with senior brother Su Xing.

Could it be that between them? ? ? Thinking up to this point, Su Yan ‘er and Mo Yuanqing looked at each other and faintly felt that something was wrong.

Cough Cough! Suddenly, Su Xing changed the topic and said, “Your cultivation mission hasn’t been completed yet.

You should be punished for leaving without permission.

” “I was saving someone.

What if you guys messed it up? What if something dangerous happens?” “Look at junior sister Yiyi.

She has never been disturbed by the outside world.

Only such a person can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

” On the other side, Li Yiyi, who was fishing by the lake, suddenly opened her eyes.

“Hey! I heard senior brother’s voice just now.

Is it an illusion?” Li Yiyi sensed it for a while, then shook her head and devoted herself to fishing and comprehending the concept.



“Senior brother, let me repeat it again.

I’m a person with high expectations.

I will not easily understand the mortal mind.

Do you understand what senior brother means?” “I understand!” “Hehe, Ling ‘ER also understands!” “…” Facing Shen yaoling’s forced admission, Su Xing only smiled.

“Alright, since it’s your first offense, I’ll let you off this time.

” “Now, do you have anything else to do? If there’s nothing else, you can go back and cultivate.

” “Spend more time on cultivation and less time thinking about other things!” When Su Yan ‘er and Mo Yuanqing heard this, their faces suddenly turned fiery hot.

Even though they had completely different temperaments, they both felt a little ashamed at the same time.

Embarrassing, it was really too embarrassing! Their senior brother was saving someone, and they actually thought of that.

“Senior brother, then we’ll take our leave.

” Su Yan ‘er pulled Mo Yuanqing up, and under Su Xing’s gaze, they quickly walked out of the pavilion and into the bamboo forest.

These two junior sisters, if they don’t cultivate properly, I really don’t know what they are thinking about all day long! Phew! Su Xing slowly let out a sigh of relief.

And at this moment, only Shen yaoling was left in the pavilion.

Su Xing turned his head and met a pair of beautiful, watery eyes.

Shen yaoling rested her chin on her hands and pouted as she sized up Su Xing’s face.

Every time she saw something, she couldn’t help but reveal a fascinated expression.

“Junior Sister Ling ‘er, is there anything else?” Senior brother was the first to break the awkward atmosphere and asked directly.

“Senior brother will prepare a medicinal bath for you guys later, so if you have something to say, just say it.

” “Can I really say anything?” Shen yaoling asked somewhat innocently.



Why did it feel like this girl’s words were strange? Could it be that she was having some strange thoughts again? Su Xing, who was originally a little relaxed, suddenly perked up.

My good junior sister! Don’t come up with any more tiger-like words.

Senior Brother’s mental endurance is weak, so I can’t withstand your test.

However, at this moment, Shen yaoling put away her playful expression and actually sighed inexplicably.

“Senior brother Su Xing, if… Ling ‘er is talking about if.

” “If Ling ‘er leaves, will senior brother Su Xing Miss Ling ‘er? The kind that you miss day and night.

” Feeling the sadness on his junior sister’s face, Su Xing was slightly stunned.

Leave? Was it something from last time? It seemed that Ling ‘er, this girl, also had a lot of secrets! It was a pity that the beautiful master was not around.

Perhaps she could know some things about junior sister Ling ‘ER.

Since that was the case, she might as well get straight to the point.

Thinking of this, Su Xing gently patted Shen Yaoling’s little head and smiled warmly.

“Junior Sister Ling ‘ER, can you tell senior brother why you left?” What! Hearing Su Xing’s words, Shen yaoling suddenly showed a trace of panic.

Her eyes avoided looking at the scene outside the pavilion.

“Senior brother, you know about it?” Su Xing nodded indifferently.

Then, the corners of his mouth curved into a smile as he looked at his junior sister.

Phew! Shen yaoling took a deep breath as if she was ready.

At this moment, a layer of mist faintly appeared in her beautiful eyes.

As her slightly red eyes flickered, all the grievances and helplessness were written in her eyes.

“SOB, sob, sob, senior brother Su Xing.

” “Ling ‘er doesn’t want to leave either.

However, Ling ‘ER is not a person of this east barren.

Time is almost up, and Ling ‘ER has no choice but to leave.

” “Because… because Ling ‘ER also can’t control it!” It? ? ? ? Hearing this, Su Xing’s interest was aroused by his junior sister’s mention of it.