Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 138

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 138

Chapter 138: The Days of Immortals Just as Su Xing had called for everyone to take their seats, an orange streak of light flew over and landed on the Sunset Peak.

It was Zhuang Changhe.

He had made all the arrangements, but he still could not resist coming to the Sunset Peak to take a look.

“Haha! Is there no one willing to come out to welcome me?” “It’s better to come at the right time than to not come at all, Sect Leader!” While they were talking, Su Xing came out to welcome them with a smile.

Zhuang Changhe had been coming to the Sunset Peak quite frequently these days, almost more often than he had ever been in the past ten years.

If it were not for the various things that happened on the Sunset Peak, he would not have come up to the peak for days and days.

“Eh? Martial Nephew Su Xing, why do I feel that the spiritual energy on the Sunset Peak has become a bit denser?” Zhuang Changhe stopped in his tracks and looked around in amazement.

With one breath and one exhale, he felt the dense spiritual energy seep into his heart and spleen.

Even without taking the initiative to absorb and refine it, he could faintly increase his strength already! Su Xing smiled and did not say anything.




Ever since he had become a Human Immortal, the spiritual gathering array of the upper heaven rank of the Sunset Peak had already transformed into the Immortal Level.

This was only the beginning.

After a while, the Sunset Peak would become a natural paradise.

“Sect Master, it’s just time for dinner.

Please come in!” Zhuang Changhe glanced at the scene in the kitchen and a black line appeared on his forehead.

Junior Martial Nephew Su Xing was so obsessed with his appetite.

No wonder he was overtaken by his Junior Martial Sisters.

The so-called artistic conception was probably just a coincidence.

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COM Zhuang Changhe sighed helplessly and walked straight in.

At this time, everyone had already started to enjoy their lunch.

No wonder only Su Xing came out just now.

It turned out that they were all eating happily inside.

What was even more unexpected was that Bai Xueling was among them.

There was also quite a number of people on the Sunset Peak.

Not only was there quite a number, there seemed to be an additional girl.

Cultivators did not eat grain? Zhuang Changhe fell into deep doubt.

He even forgot to prepare the words when he came.

“Senior Brother, you’re here.

” Bai Xueling took out a handkerchief and gently brushed it across her red lips.

Then, she put the handkerchief away.

It seemed that she had almost finished eating.

“Hahaha! Junior Sister Ling’er is really different from the rest.

Only by experiencing things in the mortal world can she comprehend the true essence of cultivation.

It really makes Senior Brother feel inferior!” Everyone: “…” You can make yourself look so high and mighty just by eating something.

It seems that Zhuang Changhe’s ability to become the Sect Master was not without reason.

This flattery was quite good! However, Bai Xueling’s face did not show much emotion.

She was as indifferent as usual.

Zhuang Changhe swept his gaze across the table.

Only then did he see clearly what the delicious food that everyone was eating was about.

His expression began to become a little surprised.

“Eh! This is a ninth-grade king fish, this is a tenth-grade eight-treasure fish, and this is a half-Immortal level spiritual medicine…” The more he read, the more exaggerated the expression on Zhuang Changhe’s face became.

“Junior Sister, what a grand gesture.

” “You’re mistaken.

This is done by Little Star, it has nothing to do with me.

” “This is done by Junior Nephew?” Under Zhuang Changhe’s astonished gaze, Su Xing smiled and nodded.

“Junior Martial Sister has just passed the tribulation, please give her some nourishment.

” At first, he thought that cultivators were supposed to be high and mighty, so it was impossible for them to eat such mundane things.

However, looking at the high-end ingredients in front of him, Zhuang Changhe changed his mind in the next moment.

Ingredients that had already reached the spirit level were no longer simple ingredients.

The blood essence and spiritual power contained in them were great nourishment for cultivators.

With such a rich spiritual energy environment and such extravagant delicacies, it was no wonder that the forces of the people on Sunset Peak had risen so quickly.

It wasn’t too much to say that these were the days of Immortals! Hehe, how could he put it down frankly if he did not pick it up.

Thinking about it, it had been decades since this Sect Master had enjoyed the food of the mortal world.

Today, he could just treat it as if he were reminiscing about the past! Zhuang Changhe picked up the chopsticks that Su Xing handed over and reached for a piece of spicy fish head on the table.

Hmm? This texture? This taste! It melted in the mouth, spicy but not choking, leaving a lingering fragrance on the lips and teeth! It was truly delicious to the extreme.

After wolfing down the food, Zhuang Changhe’s eyes immediately lit up! A moment later, the table of dishes was swept clean.

Burp~ Rays of multicolored light shone from Shen Yaoling and the others, almost illuminating the room into a whole new colorful world.

Shen Yaoling rubbed her small belly and said aggrievedly.

“Master, What’s wrong with Ling’er? Her stomach seems to be moving all the time?” Uh… What should she do? Should she tell her that this was just the result of eating too much? Bai Xueling and Zhuang Changhe were still fine.

With a turn of their spiritual power, they refined the energy they had absorbed.

“Alright, Junior Sister, you guys go back to your room and refine it.

” This was not just any usual food.

They had managed to obtain some ingredients that were on the path of cultivation! In addition, Su Xing had added some medicinal ingredients into it.

Its effect was not something that an ordinary medicinal pill could compare to.

In addition, this girl, Shen Yaoling, had been eating nonstop.

It would be strange if nothing happened.

Seeing that they were helping Shen Yaoling back to her room, Su Yan’er and Mo Yuanqing also went back to their rooms.

“Master, please take a seat first.

I’ll go make some tea for you!” Zhuang Changhe looked at Mo Yuanqing’s back as he left.

He wanted to say something, but in the end, he only nodded his head approvingly.

… He was full from the wine and food.

Su Xing tidied up briefly and began to boil some water to make tea.

His movements were fluid, and in the midst of the water, two cups of fragrant tea had already been served.

On the surface of the tea, white mist lingered, and there was a faint Dao rhythm flowing about it.

It was extremely strange.

The quality of the tea was not ordinary either.

The fragrance assailed his nostrils and seeped into his heart! “Martial Nephew Su Xing’s skills are good.

The tea is also good.

Not bad!” Zhuang Changhe praised.

Bai Xueling took a sip and nodded slightly.

Su Xing also picked up a cup of tea and sat quietly at the side.

It was not easy for this tea to produce Dao rhythm, but he only treated it as ordinary tea.

Zhuang Changhe also sipped the tea carefully.

The fragrant tea rolled down his throat, as if he had been cleansed by the Great Dao.

It was clean and refreshing, making one feel at ease.

His cultivation that had not moved for a long time actually had a faint feeling of fluctuation.

His originally chaotic thoughts and irritable mood were instantly calmed down because of this simple double tea.

“Ahh, so comfortable.

” Zhuang Changhe closed his eyes, savoring the aftertaste.

“Senior Brother, it can’t be that you’ve never drunk spirit tea before.

Little Star will pack some for your Grand Uncle-Master later!” Bai Xueling smiled, as if she was also amused by Zhuang Changhe’s exaggerated performance.

“Yes! Master!” Su Xing replied with a smile and refilled the empty teacup again.

“Since Sect Master likes it so much, Martial Nephew will prepare some for you to bring back later.

” As soon as he finished speaking, Zhuang Changhe’s eyes suddenly widened.

His expression was filled with surprise and joy.

When he turned around, he saw that Su Xing had already drunk four to five cups of tea in a row.

The master and disciple pair’s expressions were calm and did not show the slightest bit of unusual behavior.

Could it be that this worldly object could really raise one’s comprehension and cultivation? Was it because I was too corrupt?! Zhuang Changhe was stunned for a moment when he felt the bottleneck effect in his cultivation that he was about to move.

Then, he hurriedly stood up and said! “Junior Sister Ling’er, Junior Nephew Su Xing, I remembered that I still have some matters to attend to, so I’ll take my leave first!” “Oh right, recently, the disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect will be going down the mountain to participate in the elimination of the demons.

Junior Sister, how many people do you think the Sunset Peak can send down the mountain? We’ll gather in the square in three days!” As soon as he finished speaking, Zhuang Changhe left the Sunset Peak in a hurry.

Su Xing was not surprised by Zhuang Changhe’s words.

On the contrary, the light in Bai Xueling’s eyes seemed to have changed.

The demons had been born.

Now, the ten great sects were finally going to make a move! Bai Xueling nodded slightly and looked at the distant sky.

She had been assigned the mission of guarding the seal of the demons.

She was afraid that she would not be able to leave the sect for a short period of time.

The matters of the demons could only be handed over to Su Xing and the others to handle.

However, her disciples were not simple people! Bai Xueling pondered for a moment before standing up and walking into the room.