Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 137

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 137

Chapter 137: The Plan Against the Demon Race In the Great Hall of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect.

At this moment, Zhuang Changhe was discussing with the sect masters of the various sects about how to deal with the demon race.

The atmosphere of the scene was very strange, as if everyone had a strange expression on their faces.

When they heard Zhuang Changhe’s suggestion, the six sect masters thought for a moment and agreed on it.

“Sect Master Zhuang’s plan is very strict.

Our Clear Water Sect is the first to agree!” After Yin Buping finished speaking, a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes.


Such a plan is the best solution for the situation in the Eastern Wastelands.

Not only would it curb the arrogance of the demon race, but it can also temporarily alleviate the current passive situation.

” “Do you really think it’s feasible?” Zhuang Changhe confirmed again.

“Sect Master Zhuang’s plan is very brilliant.

I think it’s feasible.

” Yin Buping and the others nodded in unison, their expressions very serious.

It was strange.

When had these old foxes become so easy to talk to? .



Zhuang Changhe shook his head in confusion.

However, they did not speak nonsense.

This plan was the best method to follow now.

After all, they could not watch the other sects and civilians being massacred.

It was time for them, the big sects, to take action! At this moment, Yan Jiu, the Sect Master of the Swallow Cloud Sect sighed.

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COM “It’s a pity that the other three sects have fallen.

Otherwise, it would be more convenient for us to do things.

” With a long sigh, the hall fell into silence.

The ten big sects of the past had long since become the seven big sects.

The six people in front of them represented the big sects, and with Zhuang Changhe as the only seven big sects, the remaining three sects were no longer there.

After the incident in the Mystic Realm, the White Sun Sect had completely surrendered to the demons in order to avoid being punished by the righteous path.

Now, they had become the minions of the demons.

As for the other two sects, they had been betrayed by the White Sun Sect.

They were tragically exterminated by the demons and burned to the ground.

Now, the ten major sects had become the seven major sects.

Although their foundations were still there, it was difficult for them to take care of the entire Eastern Wastelands.

After all, the largest Clear Water Sect only had tens of thousands of disciples.

Even if the seven great sects sent out all their disciples, it would still be merely a drop in the bucket for the current situation.

Fortunately, in the entire Eastern Wastelands, other than the sects and forces, there were also some secular empires and imperial forces.

And one of the plans that Zhuang Changhe proposed was to use these secular empires and forces to kill the demon race together.

With the birth of the demons, the entire East continent was still in turmoil.

The few people present were the sect masters of the largest sects, so they naturally could not sit idly by.

Although there would inevitably be open and hidden conflicts between the major sects, no one dared to escalate the conflicts.

After all, if they continued to lose, no one would be able to control the demons.

After confirming the specific implementation plan, Yin Buping and the others planned to leave.

Just like that, after the sect masters finalized their plans, they hurriedly left with their accompanying disciples.

After the few of them left, Zhuang Changhe wanted to go to the Sunset Peak, but he suddenly returned to his armchair.

“Mo Yuanqing has just passed the Heavenly Tribulation, so he must need time to recuperate.

It’s not appropriate to disturb him rashly.

Let’s handle the matters of the demon race first.

” “Someone come!” “Get the chief seats and the inner sect elders to gather in the main hall.

Tell them that there are important matters to settle!” “Yes, sect master!” A disciple responded and entered.

He then cupped his fists and left.

… On the Sunset Peak.

What a peaceful and quiet scene.

Those who did not know would never have guessed that this place was almost visited by the Heavenly Tribulation just now.

Su Xing was currently busy in the kitchen.

Only Bai Xueling and the others were left standing around Mo Yuanqing to check on him.

Xue Jian smiled as she turned around and said while helping to add firewood to the stove.

“Brother Su Xing, I heard from Ling’er how good your cooking skills are.

I can finally experience it.

” Su Xing was slightly stunned.

“This girl still knows how to say nice things about me.

The sun has really risen from the West.

” “Senior Brother Su Xing, what are you talking about? When has Ling’er ever stopped thinking about Senior Brother!” Shen Yaoling poked her head in from outside the door with a look of reproach on her face.

Eh… Why was this girl so elusive! Su Xing did not continue, but asked casually.

“Oh right, Ling’er, how is your third Senior Sister?” “Senior Sister Mo Yuanqing! She is very good!” Shen Yaoling thought for a moment and added.

“Master checked her just now.

Apart from the slight improvement in her strength, everything else is normal!” Su Xing added more seasoning into the pot, indicating for Xue Jian to increase the firepower.

Since master said it was fine, then the problem should have been solved.

After all, his blood essence had reached the Immortal Level.

If he couldn’t even solve this small human emperor bloodline, then he even suspected that he had cultivated a fake human immortal realm.

“Oh, burn the oil in the pot!” Sizzle.

With the sound of ingredients entering the pot, Su Xing began to enter a state where he had nothing and no self.

A mysterious aura was born again.

As his wrist turned, the spatula made of black iron flew up and down in his hand.

“Spices, sauce, a little salt…” All kinds of spices seemed to have gained a new life under the spatula.

They kept jumping and writhing.

Su Xing seemed to be facing a strong enemy.

He was focused and serious.

It was said that a man who was focused on doing things, especially when he was focused on cooking, had boundless charm.

And at this moment, Su Xing had grasped this aspect perfectly.

Looking at Shen Yaoling and Xue’s eyes, one could see that they were overflowing with radiance for him.

Wow! Brother Su Xing was so amazing! Not only did he have a profound cultivation base, but he also knew how to cook.

He was simply the Prince Charming of the dreams for a group of young girls.

Shen Yaoling lowered her voice and said, “Hehe! How is it? Ling’er isn’t lying, right? is Senior Brother’s culinary skills also top-notch?” Staring at that gorgeous figure without blinking, the young girl Xue subconsciously nodded her head when she saw it.

“Hehe, I’ll go and call Senior Sister and the others over.

” Shen Yaoling smiled and slipped out of the kitchen.

No one knew what else she had thought of.

Time passed by slowly.

One set of extremely difficult and gorgeous martial arts techniques were displayed vividly by Su Xing’s hands.

A light blue flame rose from the pot, and the fragrance immediately assailed one’s nostrils.

The final white-braised fish tail was done.

Su Xing let out a light shout and slowly exhaled a mouthful of turbid air.

“All-fish feast, production complete!” The instant he opened the lid, a golden light appeared and a rich fragrance spread out, instantly extending for two to three miles.

“Beep, beep!” “Host’s selfless state has ended.

You have received a cultivation reward of 300 years and a critical hit of 10 times.

” “A total of 3,000 years of cultivation.

” F*ck! Just cooking a dish made him receive another 1,000 years of cultivation! You can still receive a reward in your selfless state? Su Xing hurriedly stopped what he was doing and closed his eyes to recall the feeling just now.

That wonderful feeling was like playing hide-and-seek with him.

When Su Xing was not paying attention, it would suddenly appear.

Now that he had calmed his heart down, the feeling was gone again.

Just as Su Xing still had some unfinished business, a few air-piercing sounds rang out one after another.

WHOOSH, WHOOSH, WHOOSH! When he turned his head back, a few figures had already walked in.

Su Yan’er, Mo Yuanqing, and Shen Yaoling followed behind Bai Xueling and slowly walked in.

Bai Xueling looked around and found that other than the table that was covered, there was nothing else unusual.

“Little Xing Xing, what strange thing are you doing this time? If it wasn’t for the golden light just now, this Sunset Peak would have another new legend.

” Su Xing smiled noncommittally.

The Sunset Peak, or rather, the entire Blackheaven Sword Sect, had been enveloped by the Black Tortoise Formation.

If he did not want to, no one would have noticed even if he had caused a ruckus on the Sunset Peak.

“Junior Sister has been asleep for many days and has just passed the heavenly tribulation.

Today, I specially made medicinal cuisine.

Everyone, come and have a taste!” “Eh? This is…” When Su Xing gestured for Xue Jian to remove the cloth on the table, a ball of golden light spread out.

A rich fragrance instantly filled the entire room.