Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 94

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 94

Chapter 94: It Is Time To Descend The Mountain At this moment.

Shen Yaoling seemed to have noticed something as she exclaimed.

“Aiya!” “The beautiful master seems to have fallen into a disadvantageous position.

Is Ling’er seeing things?” Su Yan’er and the other two looked at each other and saw the strange look in each other’s eyes.

Even Mo Yuanqing, who had always had an indifferent expression, could not help but say, “Eh! It seems to be true.

” Bai Xueling felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

One wave had yet to be pacified, but another wave had risen! It must be known that at a certain stage of cultivation, a cultivator’s six senses would evolve to be exceptionally sharp.

At this moment, Bai Xueling had already heard the undisguised voices of Shen Yaoling and the others.

A faint sense of crisis began to spread in Bai Xueling’s heart.

She was their master.

How could she lose her imposing manner so easily? If her master really lost to her eldest disciple, how could she manage the affairs of the Sunset Peak in the future? Bai Xueling’s strong heart was immediately awoken.

She immediately took the initiative to wave her hand to signal.




“Alright, today’s… cough, cough, today’s sparring ends here.

” Although her heart had already stirred up a storm, due to the other female disciples who had just entered the sect watching from the side, Bai Xueling could only suppress the fluctuations in her heart and act as if she was a child that could be taught.

If she really lost to Su Xing in the same realm, then her master’s dignity would be completely gone.

Bai Xueling looked around and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Her master’s aura was revealed.

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COM She waved her hand and praised! “Although I haven’t used my full strength, you were able to block my telepathic sword that used up 50% of my strength.

Your cultivation progress is still barely enough, though.

” “Mm, not bad, not bad at all!” Su Xing also realized what his beautiful Master meant.

In front of his Junior Sisters, he still had to take his master’s face into consideration.

He smiled faintly and withdrew his power, then cupped his hands and said.

“It’s all because of master’s good training and disciple’s dull aptitude.

To have today’s achievements is just to stand on the shoulders of giants.

” Standing on the shoulders of a giant.

It turned out that Senior Brother Su Xing’s cultivation was taught by the beautiful Master.

In that case, they would have to consult their master in the future.

After witnessing the strange battle today, they naturally witnessed Su Xing’s powerful strength.

Su Yan’er and the other two had a look of understanding in their eyes.

Little Star was still on the right track.

It seemed that they would have to treat him better in the future.

As Bai Xueling digested Su Xing’s performance just now, she felt as if a stone had been lifted from her heart! Since he was fine, that was the best.

At this moment, Su Xing’s mind was already focused on the system’s reward.

The sound of a mission completion notification rang in her ears.

“Beep, beep!” “Congratulations to host for successfully completing the mission.

You have obtained 3,000 years of cultivation.

Do you wish to use it immediately?” [ note: after using it, host can enter the Human Immortal Realm.

At that time, the Heavenly Tribulation will be triggered.

Host, please find a suitable place to transcend the tribulation.

] … As soon as the battle ended, the three spectators entered the arena.

“Disciple Mo Yuanqing greets Master!” “Disciple Shen Yaoling greets Master!” “Greeting the Master!” “Get up! There’s no need to be so polite when there are no outsiders!” Bai Xueling, who was surrounded by the three women, had a wide smile on her face.

What happened today was really hard for her to calm down.

Apart from being surprised, she was also filled with relief! Not only could her eldest disciple Su Xing cultivate, but his cultivation level was even close to hers.

Now, she could be considered to be completely at ease.

A mortal’s lifespan was less than a hundred years, and he had already entered the Tribulation stage.

He had lived his entire life, and was willing to adventure with him.

As his teacher, his heart was at ease! As for his secrets? Who did not have some secrets? Since it was his opportunity, he could choose whether to say it or not! Not only did she think of something, the mist in her spirit eyes started to evaporate.

She raised her head to look at the sky and muttered.

“Hm! Where did the demonic wind come from at the back of the mountain? The sand has already blown into my eyes.

” “Master! There’s no wind here.

Besides, the sand can hide from a master with a high cultivation level!” “Senior Sister, why are you pulling me? Did Ling’er say something wrong?” Su Yan’er covered her forehead with her hand, sweating profusely.

Cough! Cough! “It’s nothing.

I just remembered some interesting things about your eldest Senior Brother!” When the girls heard about Su Xing, they immediately became spirited! “Senior Brother Su Xing, what was he like in the past?” “Was senior brother also this handsome in the past?” Bai Xueling recalled with a smile.

“Okay, then I’ll tell you about it…” It was said that three women played a game, and four women played mahjong.

At this time, the four of them were chatting passionately.

They completely ignored Su Xing.

However, Su Xing’s mind was completely focused on the system, so he didn’t pay much attention to these things.

The mission was completed, and he had obtained 3,000 cultivation points.

As long as he pressed the use button, he would be able to directly break through to the Human Immortal Realm.

However, now was not the best time to use it! After Su Xing broke through, he would face the Heavenly Tribulation.

The power of the Human Immortal Tribulation was not ordinary, so the risk of choosing to undergo the Heavenly Tribulation at the Sunset Peak was too great.

He had not left the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect for the past ten years, and now that his master had returned, it was time for him to go down the mountain and take a walk.

As his thoughts raced, Su Xing made a decision, “Master, I have something to do first.

” “Go! Go! Don’t disturb me and your Junior Sisters from discussing the Dao!” Bai Xueling seemed to be in the middle of a conversation and waved her hand without looking back.

Su Xing: “…” Are you guys discussing the Dao? Why do I faintly hear someone saying my name?! Amidst a burst of laughter, Bai Xueling continued.

“Don’t you guys not believe it.

There was once when your eldest Senior Brother slept until the sun was high in the sky and still hadn’t woken up.

Master, I went to lift the blanket to take a look.

Guess what happened…” Damn, he was really talking about his glorious deeds! Upon hearing this, Su Xing hurriedly interrupted, “Master, this disciple has something important to do this time.

I have to go down the mountain.

” “UH… Are you in a hurry now?” Su Xing could no longer suppress his breakthrough and nodded seriously.

Hearing that Su Xing did not seem to be joking, Bai Xueling and the others looked over in puzzlement.

“What’s wrong? Little Xing Xing, are you really leaving?” “Yes, Senior Brother Su Xing, master has just returned.

What matter do you have to leave the mountain for?” Mo Yuanqing: “Senior Brother, have a safe journey.

” Su Xing: “…” Although Su Yan’er didn’t say anything, there was a faint trace of worry in her eyes.

Among all the Junior Sisters, she was the first to arrive, and she had spent the most time with Su Xing.

Based on her understanding of Su Xing, if it were not for something important, he would not have the intention of leaving the Sunset Peak.

Chopping firewood, feeding the fish, and taking care of his Junior Sisters were his favorite daily life.

He suddenly announced that he was leaving.

Could it be… Su Yan’er’s gaze shifted back and forth between the beautiful master and Su Xing.

Cough, cough! “Don’t think too much.

I’m not leaving the Sect.

I just have some important matters that I have to take care of.

” “I’ll be back in a few days or at most half a month.

” Hearing this, the girls slowly let out a sigh of relief.

“Senior brother, Can Ling’er go with you?” Shen Yaoling suddenly ran in front of Su Xing.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with anticipation as she looked at Su Xing.

Su Xing and Bai Xueling’s firm voices sounded almost at the same time.